Chapter 3 FemDom pt3

my hands restrained out and to the floor, my ankles bound to a spreader bar, and my legs over my head was the perfect way for Mistress to shove her huge cock in me, and she was.

using only the cum from my cock she ordered i give to her earlier as lube, she pounded her huge cock in my cum soaked asshole.

"Your hard cock looks as if it may explode bitch"

"you are fucking me like such a good slut Mistress, it might."

Mistress buried her cock in me and held it there.

"Open your mouth bitch."

i did as i was told. Mistress grabbed my cock hard at the base, and gave it a very tight stroke. all the pre-cum that had been building in my cock came rushing at my awaiting mouth. Mistress released her grip on my cock as she spoke.

"DO NOT swallow that bitch. Keep it in your mouth until instructed otherwise. Do you understand slut?"

"yes Mistress." (there was not nearly enough to keep me from speaking.)

Mistress went back to pounding her cock balls deep into my asshole.

Mistress put both her hand on my ass and pushed while she removed her cock from me.

"Look at your gaping fuck hole. Your asshole gapes like a loose whore's pussy."

"please treat my asshole like a whore pussy Mistress."

"I thought you might say that slut. I bet these balls have another load of cum ready for me." Mistress said as she gave my tight ball bag a nice slap.

"i think so Mistress"

"And I bet you'd love to cum again, wouldn't you whore."

"desperately Mistress"

Mistress made her way over and released my hands form the floor, Mistress then handed me the bowl.

"All your cum in this. Do not spill a drop whore."

"gladly Mistress"

i held the dish in my left hand and began jerking my throbbing cock with my right. Mistress resumed filling my asshole with her huge rubber cock.

Mistress fucked me as i jerked my cock. i knew i was going to cum hard, and soon.

"Come on whore, get that cum out of those balls and that cock. I want it NOW!"

Mistress only had to pump her cock into me two more times, and i only had to jerk my cock five more times to release that cum from my balls. the orgasm was so intense that the "pumping" of the cum out of my cock, made the ring i was wearing that much tighter.

"That's my good whore. Get all of it out and into the bowl."

when i felt i had gotten it all out, Mistress took her cock out of my asshole, took the bowl from me and set in on the ground beside my head. Mistress then grabbed my hands and connected them to the spreader bar. i was a totally bound slut again.

i felt something very cold brush against my asshole. so cold it made me pucker.

"It might make your fuck hole pucker now, but once I shove it in you, it will keep your whore hole open."

Mistress hand a speculum in her hand.

without saying anything Mistress slid the cold steel toy in my ass and began to crank me open. i felt it max out in me.

"You filthy whore. I knew you were a loose slut, but I had no idea that i could open this speculum all the way inside you. Still have that pre-cum in your mouth whore?"

"yes Mistress"

"Good. Keep it there just a while longer."

Mistress reached for the bowl of cum and, without any warning, began to dump it out, into my held open hole. what ever did not fall at first, Mistress was sure to spoon out and into me, taking the last little bit on the spoon and feeding it to me.

"Now you are a double cum stuffed bitch. Swallow that cum in your mouth slut."

as soon as that cum left my mouth and was traveling down my throat, Mistress had the speculum out of me and her cock back inside me. pounding away at my asshole.

"Now your asshole is really like a whore's pussy. Loose and full of cum."

Mistress kept pounding away at my hole.

to be continued...

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