Chapter 3 FemDom pt1

my phone went off, it was a text. it read "Be here at 7. You will have a cock ring on when you get here."

"yes Mistress" was my only reply.

after showering and preparing myself as i always do for Mistress, i pulled my cock and balls through a cock ring, one of many i owned. i dressed and left, heading to see Mistress.

i pulled up in the driveway and everything was very typical. the place was very dark and very quiet. as i exited my vehicle, my mind began to race. 'what will she do to me? what will she have in store for me this time?' my cock began to stiffen in my pants. i could only hear the sound of my breathing and my boots striking the pavement as i walked toward the door.

i rang the bell. the door opened. very dark inside as always. i could see no one.

"Come in." Mistress said. i did love the sound of her voice. i did as i was told and made my way through the door.

as soon a i was inside, the door shut behind me and some lights came on. i could hear Mistress from behind me.

"You know the drill bitch, take off your clothes and put them in the basket."

i began to turn around and was spanked for my dis-obedience.

"I did not say 'turn around', I said get naked and put your clothes in the basket. Understood bitch?"

"yes Mistress."

my cock was over half hard at this point. it nearly jumped out as i undid my pants.

when i was totally naked, Mistress brushed her hands over my butt cheeks.

"Do not turn around yet slut. I want you to put your hands on your head, as if you were a prisoner."

"yes Mistress." was what i said, as i did as i was told.

with my fingers interlocked and my hands on the back of my head, Mistress began to touch me. Mistress placed her hands on my ass again, and ran her hands up my body, around the front, to where her fingers found my nipples. Mistress gave them both a great pinch and twist. i let out a small moan.

"Mmmmmmmmm. I like it when sluts like you make those noises. I bet i can do it again"

Mistress reached for my nipples again, and in doing so pressed her body against mine. i quickly noticed that she seemed naked. i could feel her huge breasts and hard nipples against my back. i could feel her chin against me, and i could feel her rubber cock against my ass. Mistress pinched harder this time.


"Yesssss slut, that is a noise I like. Bend over for me bitch, bend from the waist. Do not remove your hands from you head."

i did not answer, i simply did as i was told.

Mistress placed the palm of her right hand on my right butt cheek and began to rub in small circles. Mistress quickly reared back and spanked my ass, hard.

"I love to spank a dirty slut." Mistress said just before connecting with my left side.

"That makes two. You will receive a total of ten. I want to hear you count them out slut."

Mistress began to spank each of my ass cheeks."

"three Mistress. four Mistress. five Mistress. six Mistress. seven Mistress. eight Mistress."

Mistress swung for number nine and it was not with her hand. it was a very ridged paddle of some sort. maybe made of wood. it took me by surprise and nearly knocked me off balance.

"Count it out bitch!"

"uhhh nine Mistress."

"I believe you have lost count bitch. I believe that to be number seven."

"yes Mistress. seven Mistress." i could already feel my right cheek getting warm and red.
"eight Mistress. nine Mistress" nine stung very badly, my knees nearly buckled from the pleasurable pain.
"ten Mistress." that one was the hardest of all

"You are such a good slut."

"thank you Mistress"

"Now show me what a good slut you are. Turn around and jerk off for me. I want to watch you cum."

as i turned, the first thing i noticed was that i was right. Mistress was naked (except for the huge cock hanging between her legs), i was then notified that i was in a state of shock.

"I know this might not be what you are used to bitch, but close your dropped jaw and do as i say."

"yes Mistress" i began to rub my cock with my right hand

"That's a good bitch, jerk your cock off for me. I want you to cum for me, and i want you to cum fast for me. You have my permission to do whatever you want to yourself to make that happen bitch. I want you to cum for me, but you may not cum without permission, understand bitch?"

"yes Mistress"

"Good bitch, now make that cock spit for me."

as i pumped my cock in and out of my right hand, my left hand found it's way to my left nipple. i pinched and twisted it.

"I know you like your nipples played with like a dirty slut." Mistress said.

i continued playing with my nipple until my left hand found its way to my balls. i began rubbing, and pulling, and squeezing my balls. this only made my cock throb and me jerk it harder. the cock ring i was wearing was causing great pressure on my cock and balls.

"Dirty CBT slut!" Mistress exclaimed.

i switched hands and began pumping my cock with my left hand. i leaned over and began giving myself some hard spanks on my ass with my right.

"Can't get enough of a spanked ass, huh slut?"

i answered with a harder spank on my already red and sensitive ass.

"I want you on your knees when you ask to cum bitch."

i got on my knees as soon as she spoke those words.

i looked into Mistress's eyes. i could feel the lust in her. i could feel how bad she wanted me to cum for her.

"Are you ready to cum yet slut?"

"no mistress, but i am very close."

i grabbed the ring with my left hand and pushed my cock outward. with my right hand i reared back and slapped my cock.

"You dirty cock slapper. Do that again."

i obliged Mistress's order and slapped my cock harder than the first.

"may i cum for you Mistress?"

"No bitch. Keep yourself on edge for a moment."

i resumed jerking off while Mistress disappeared into the shadows for a moment, only to quickly return with a small dish of some kind. it was round and very shallow. a spoon accompanied it. Mistress placed it in front of me on the floor, but kept the spoon in her hand.

"When I say you can, you will cum into this bowl. You will not spill a drop. Understand me slut?

"yes Mistress. may i cum for you now?" i wanted to explode.

"Slap your cock two more times, then you may cum for me bitch."

i reached back and slapped my cock HARD, twice in succession, and began jerking my cock with a feverish tempo. it only took a few pumps before i leaned forward, pointing my cock toward the bowl and emptied my balls into it. Mistress encouraged me the whole time.

"That's it bitch, get all that cum out of you. You're such a good cummer. Don't stop slut, get it all out."

i had an amazing orgasm, and surprised myself with the amount of cum that was in the bowl. i returned to the upright,on my knees position as Mistress came toward me and the bowl.

"Good job slut. You didn't spill any. I just hope that is enough."

'enough for what?' i thought to myself.

i would soon find out.

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1 year ago
im rock hard awesome thats my dream!!
1 year ago
You are a lucky slave.

I will turn to page 2 at once.

Thanx for sharing.
1 year ago
Looking forward to sexy part two
1 year ago
Very hot looking forward to part
1 year ago
Omg !!! Damn you tease... Waiting for part two..
1 year ago
Can't wait for end of story
1 year ago
can't wait to read about what she has in store for you
1 year ago
Great story.
1 year ago
Very hot scene. I look forward to reading the next part.
1 year ago
Do message me when you write the second part to this ;-)