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with my hands cuffed above me, and my balls somehow attached to the floor, i was in a very vulnerable position, and while i was not currently the object of her attention, Mistress knew it.
to say Mistress was otherwise entertained with girls tight asshole at the moment, was a huge understatement.
Mistress continued to pound away at girls tight asshole, and girl continued to wail in pain. i know that big rubber cock Mistress wears had to be stretching her tight asshole beyond what it was ready for. i knew the feeling well.
Mistress seemed to be on a mission in fucking girl in her tight asshole. Mistress did not break from the pace she started with for one moment. girl, to her credit, did not object (other than with her moaning) to Mistress shoving that huge cock in her asshole. Mistress talked dirty to girl off and on while she pounded that cock in her asshole.
"Take my big cock you filthy slut."
"I will rip this cock in and out of you when I want to slut."
"I am in charge here, you are just my fuck toy."
girl never once answered, i don't think she could.
as i watched over what seemed like a short period of time, i began to recover from the earth shattering orgasm i recently enjoyed. as i watched Mistress pound girl, my cock began to arise.
as the bl**d rushed to my cock, it created a slight pain with my balls. as the skin on my cock tightened, so did the skin on my balls. the more i watched Mistress pound girls asshole, the harder i got, the more pain i was in.
i let out a small moan due to the increasing pain in my balls. Mistress and girl both looked at me as if they had forgotten i was in the room.
Mistress bounced off of girl and made her way over to me quickly and shoved the cock that was just in girls asshole straight into my mouth and began fucking my face rather brutally.
"I didn't give you permission to cum in her asshole, and I didn't give you permission to make noise while I fuck her."
Mistress moved toward where the goodies were kept. Mistress returned with a ball gag and nipple clamps.
"I will give you something to moan about bitch boy. Then I will give you something to shut you the fuck up."
Mistress put the clamps on my nipples, and shoved the gag in my mouth.
"That ought to do it, now keep quiet while I finish off with this slut girl." Mistress said before slapping my cock and making her way back into girls asshole.
i had no choice but to do as i was told.
as soon as Mistress reentered girls asshole, i knew something different was going on. the look on girls face proved it to me. this time around, she was truly enjoying it.
girls moans were not of pain, but of pleasure. this only made my cock harder.
i began to thrust my hips back and fourth in a fucking motion, it was all i could do to feel somehow involved.
"Look at that bitch boy over there girl. Look at him struggle and look at his want. Rest assured bitch boy, I am not done with you."
This made my cock jump. i wanted more.
Mistress went back to giving girls asshole all it could handle, girl even managed to push back. this pleased Mistress.
"That's it you filthy piece of fuck meat, push back on my cock, push back on it hard. I want you to cum for me again."
girl pushed back on Mistress's cock taking it deeper and harder with every thrust. i could hear her moaning increasing, i knew it wouldn't be long.
girl's moaning increased to what i thought would be an explosive orgasm. i was right. when Mistress told girl to cum, she came with such power that it put her down again. Mistress drove her cock as deep as it would go in girl as she lay there on the floor. i could see a good puddle under her.
Mistress looked my way, and flashed an evil grin. my cock let a good glob of precum.
Mistress didn't say a word. Mistress merely waled over to me, squatted down behind me, and inserted 4 fingers in my asshole. i only knew it was four fingers because Mistress buried them up to her thumb. i could feel it against me. i had not anticipated as much and jumped somewhat, that is until my balls pulled me right back to the spot i was in.
"That's right bitch boy, it is your turn now."
Mistress fastly relieved me of my ball gag saying "I want to hear you moan like the fuck slut you are."
without warning, Mistress merely ripped the clamps off my nipples. i shrieked.
"I like your pain bitch boy. I think i want you in more pain. girl, get over here and get a few of your fingers in this bitches asshole with me."
girl slowly rose to her knees and crawled to me with a very similar look on her face as Mistress had.
"You were inside her bitch boy, now she will be inside you."
girl took, what i can only assume was two fingers, and slit them in my ass along with Mistress's four fingers. i felt like such a filled up slut.
"Look at the fuck hole on you bitch boy, look at it eat all these fingers. Your greedy hole deserved more, and it will get it."
Mistress removed her hand from my hole, girls fingers remained in me. Mistress firstly let my hands downward from whatever they were attached to above me, i was then uncuffed. Mistress then relieved my balls of all their bondage. girl was instructed to remover her fingers from me. i was released from the floor, and the restraint attached to my balls.
Mistress was behind me and reached between my legs grabbing my cock and balls in her hand, pulling them down and between my legs, behind me.
"Bend over bitch boy, I want your cock and balls behind you while i fill your boy fuck hole. Bend over and put your legs together."
i did as i was instructed and positioned myself, face down on the ground, arms out to the sides, and my legs together.
"Look at you, you filthy whore." Mistress said as she reached for my hard cock, giving it a few jerks.
"I like the look of this bitch boy, I think my balls will slam into yours when i fuck your ass. Let's find out shall we?"
"yes Mistress, please."
barley before i could finish the words Mistress had mounted me and was pressing the head of her huge rubber cock onto my asshole. very suddenly, but not surprisingly, Mistress was in me, all the way in me. i could feel her balls push against mine. my cock jumped, and when it did, a good drop of precum fell from my cock. it landed on the backs of my calves. Mistress held her cock in me for a brief moment, then began to pound my hole. Mistress used my hole with more ferocity then she had used girls asshole. i liked it that way. it made me feel like such a dirty slut.
Mistress pounded away at me for a good while. i wanted nothing more than to jerk my cock and cum, but as it was behind me (and i did not have permission) i was unable to even attempt it.
"Do you know how much i like giving your greedy fuck hole all of my cock bitch boy?"
"i hope every bit as much as i love taking it Mistress."
"Good fucking answer whore."
Mistress drove her cock into me harder and faster.
"I bet you'd like to cum, wouldn't you slut?"
"very much Mistress"
"Not yet ass slut, but soon."
Mistress removed her cock from my hole. i could feel that i was a gaping whore.
i felt something press against my asshole, i could tell it was not Mistress's cock, but i did not know what it was. soon it was in me
"I always wondered what you look like with somebody elses fist in you bitch boy. You got to fuck her, now she gets to fist fuck you. Use his hole slut girl."
i let out a moan. girl had a much smaller fist then Mistress did. it slid in and out of me with little problem, and Mistress knew it.
"Push it, push it deep in his hole bitch girl. I want to see how much of your arm we can make disappear in him."
girl pushed and took her fist to depths in me that i did not know she could reach. i wanted more.
"Punch fist his hole slut girl."
girl began removing her whole fist and "punching" it back into me. i am not sure i have ever felt like such a dirty piece of fuck meat before. i loved every second of this.
"Spread your legs now bitch boy, jerk your cock and show me your cum. i want to see it NOW!"
i was very happy to oblige. girl continued to punch fuck me as i jerked my cock. it did not take long for me to cum. girl shoved her fist deep in me when i came, i could feel my hole clenching around her. it was near enough to make me loose my balance
"DO NOT remove your fist from him, until he has cleaned his mess up."
i felt like a puppet trying to get into position to eat my cum off the floor. it may have been the best cum of mine i have ever eaten.
my clothes were thrown at me.
"Get dressed."
as i dressed, i wondered why girl was not dressing as well. my question was answered.
"I'm not through with you yet, get over there on your back, legs up and open." Mistress said to girl.
i was quickly ushered up the stairs and out the door, i could faintly hear girl moaning as i walked to my car.
when i reached to get my keys, there was something in my pocket. i removed it to see what it was.
Mistress again had given me a twenty dollar bill with nasty things written on it. things like 'i get fist fucked for money', i like being spanked, and 'i eat my cum on command'. i felt like a cheap used whore.

on my ride home, i could not help but think what girl was going through at that moment. my thoughts turned me on, i jerked off all the way to my home. i ate my cum before i pulled my pants up.

i felt like a dirty piece of fuck meat.

93% (12/1)
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5 months ago
Loving all the story so far but this and the preceding 2 parts have to be my favorite,so far anyway.
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Wonderful story!
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Very hot all 5 were amazing
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Hot damn!!! Will there be number 6? I wanna know about girl ...
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very enjoyable conclusion
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This is probably the hottest story I have every read the mistress is amazing turns the guy on for pain then fucks his ass then makes the girl fist his ass while eating his own cum sounds amazing