Next FemDom pt 3

Mistress pulled the plug from my asshole rather abruptly. without saying a word, Mistress grabbed girl by the collar, pulled her upright, and shoved the plug that was just in my ass into girls mouth (what of it would fit in her mouth). my cock jumped. it was such a turn on to know what a slut she was for Mistress.
"On your knees, both of you. Face each other." we did as we were told.
Mistress pushed girl down on her hands and knees in front of me, grabbed her by the back of the head, pulled the plug from her mouth, and pushed her face onto my cock. my cock penetrated her mouth as deep as Mistress wanted it to (which was all the way to my balls), and held her there. girl held on as long as she could before gagging on me and pulling off. Mistress did not relent. Mistress gave girl minimal time to recover before pushing her mouth back onto me. when girl gagged this time Mistress did not let her remove my cock from her mouth, instead he began to push and pull her mouth onto my cock in rhythm. girl fell in line very fast and was now face fucking my cock.
Mistress moved behind girl and began to strapon fuck her again. i could feel her moans in my balls. i let out one of my own.
"You are going to cum for me slut boy, all over her face and mouth, but not until I say. Understood?"
"yes Mistress"
"Good bitch boy."
Mistress tore into girl. Mistress's thrusts aided in girl taking my cock deeper in her mouth.
Mistress buried that huge rubber cock into girls worn out pussy and gave her ass a spank.
"Cum for you fucking slut, cum on my big cock." Mistress said. girl wasted no time, i could tell by her movement she was going to explode. Mistress held fast and pushed her cock deep into girl while she struggled to remain on her hands and knees. i wanted to cum like that so badly.
Mistress removed her cock from girl, stood up, made her way toward me and shoved that freshly cum covered rubber cock of hers deep into my throat.
"Both of my bitches are getting face fucked, just like i like."
i wanted nothing more than to unload my balls in girls throat, but i did not have permission.
Mistress reached down and juggled my balls a bit, pushing them so that they struck girls chin when she thrusted. Mistress then cock slapped me.
"Soon bitch boy, soon."
"yes Mistress."
Mistress resumed fucking girl from behind. i didn't know hoe much longer i could hold out.
Mistress suddenly ripped the plug from girls asshole and shoved it in my mouth.
"One good turn deserves another, isn't that right slut boy?" i shook my head. "You're ready to cum aren't you bitch boy?" again i shook my head. "Just a bit longer slut boy." i didn't know if i could make it much longer.
fastly, Mistress came from around the back side of girl and took a hand full of girls hair with a tight grip, and began slamming her face on my cock.
"When i remove his cock from your face, you keep your mouth and eyes open, understand me slut girl?" girl made a slight notion with her head. "And you let that cum fly from your balls, understand me bitch boy?" i shook my head yes, as my mouth was still holding on the the plug from girls asshole.
Mistress ripped girl off my cock and began jerking me off, pointing me at her face and mouth.
"Cum bitch boy, CUM NOW!" i didn't need any more order than that. i let my cum fly, Mistress jerked me off and pointed my cock at girls face, covering it with cum, Mistress then pushed girl back onto my cock hard, making my balls pump her mouth full of cum as well. i let out a muffled moan, Mistress reached for the plug, pulling it from my mouth.
"Open your mouth." Mistress said as she took me by the back of the head while she stood up.
"Spit his cum on his face slut girl, make sure it cascades down his face so that he can get most of it in his mouth." girl did as she was told and i had to take my own cumshot from her mouth. my cum oozing downward toward my ready, waiting, open, slutty mouth. i started to lick upwards on my face, i wanted to be a self cum slut for Mistress.
"Such a good cum slut boy, that's it, get it in your whore mouth you cum boy."
Mistress could not wait much longer and released girl and used that hand to smear my cum all over my face and down into my waiting mouth. Mistress then did the same to girl
"My two cum faced pieces of fuck meat, have bellies full of cum, just like every good slut should. Hmmmmm, what to do now, I am very far from being ready to release either of you for the night." Mistress sat down on a stool. " both of you come suck my cock while i ponder what is next for you both."

"yes Mistress"
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Hot story has me hard and envious
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So fucking hot!