Next FemDom pt 1

my phone rang, it was her. i was not expecting this call.
"hello Mistress", i said, my voice crackling with the unexpectedness of the call.
"Get over to my place now bitch. Your presents is demanded."
"Mistress i cant..."
"NO EXCUSES BITCH! Twenty Minuets." and she hung up.
i didn't know if i would be able to get ready (and while i did not know what exactly was in store for me, i knew that whatever it was, i needed to be ready), and over there in time, but i had to try

i rang the bell. the door opened, still very dark in the home.
"Get your ass in here slut, I have plans for it" Mistress said.
i did as i was told without reply. before the door could close, i began removing my clothes to place them in the basket near the door as usual. Mistress seemed n a hurry and i would not deny her.

a few lights were turned on as the door clicked close, in front of me she stood. Mistress was wearing only a pair of black, thigh high, patent leather, high heeled boots, and a huge rubber cock. even thought i had had my mouth fucked, my face slapped, and my asshole filled with that cock, i still marveled at it's size, every time i saw it. same with Mistresses breasts. huge and perfectly shaped.

Mistress had something in her hand, i could not make out what it was. as soon as my bottoms were off enough to expose my cock, Mistress kneeled before me. i was a bit stunned, it was a rare thing to happen. in an instant, i knew what it was in her hand, as she began to put my cock and balls in some sort of a chastity device. a cock cage. within seconds, i was locked in. i continued to undress.

"On your knees" Mistress said. i did as i was told. as Mistress put a collar and leash on me, i felt my cock begin to grow. i let out a small moan from the pressure of the cock cage.

"I like you in a bit of pain. Now open your mouth." Mistress shoved that huge cock of hers in my mouth, grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth down on her cock while i gagged and struggled to take it all. my hands came up ever so slightly...
"DO NOT TOUCH ME BITCH!" Mistress said, as she pulled me even harder onto her cock
"You do not touch me until you are told to do so, did you forget bitch?" she removed the cock seemingly waiting for my answer.
"no M.." she shoved that cock back in my face, and began fucking my throat.
"Good slut, do not ever forget that."

Mistress fucked my face until my eyes watered.
"I love to make bitches cry with my cock." i could feel the tears rolling down my face. i could feel the mess my mouth was making on my chest and floor. i could feel my saliva cascade down the front of my body. i could feel my cock pressured inside the cage. i felt as if my cock were going to explode inside it. the harder she fucked my face, the harder my cock got, and Mistress knew it.

"First cock cage bitch?" Mistress removed her cock from my throat.
in a very weak voice i said "yes Mistress"
"MMMMMM, you can barely speak. i must have been deep in your throat with my cock." Mistress cock slapped me one time on each side of my face.
"Wait right here you rubber cock sucker." Mistress stepped out of the light for a brief moment, when she returned she had a plug in hand. not a huge plug, but a sizable one non the less. i had taken bigger, but this would fill me nicely.
without saying a work Mistress rubbed the plug on my face and chest. Mistress pushed me from behind, putting me on all fours and rather roughly shoved that plug in me.
"I like that your tears have lubed your asshole for me, you crying rubber cock slut. Stand up." Mistress gave my whole cock and balls a good slap, it almost brought me to my knees. Mistress grabbed my leash and tugged me toward the basement door. "Let's go have some fun, I have a small surprise for you."

i didn't know if i should be frightened, or excited. i would find out soon enough.

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2 years ago
Great start.
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
More I wanna find out