FemDom pt 5

there i was, bent over. face down. on the floor. collared and leashed. my asshole plugged. my balls bound in a Humbler. Mistress was standing behind me, naked, except for that huge strapon cock she was wearing. Mistress had just told me she wanted to fuck me, Mistress always gets what she wants.
"push your fuck hole toward me slut, time to get that plug out of you and get my cock into you."
i did not answer, i simply did as i was told and raised my hips toward Mistress.
Mistress grabbed for the plug base that was protruding out of my asshole, gave it a gentle twist and tug and it was out of me. as soon as i felt it leave me Mistress already had her hands on my ass, spreading me open. i pushed, not knowing if my asshole would gape for her or not.
"Look at your gaping fuckhole. You are such a filthy slut, do you know that? Do you know what a filthy slut you are?"
"yes Mistress, YOUR filthy slut." Mistress released my ass from her grasp and spanked both of my ass cheeks at the same time. from behind me, i could hear the squish of a lube bottle and the sound of Mistress lubing her cock up for me.
this is what i wanted, this is what i had been waiting for. being a slut for her was fantastic and all, but if i were to be honest with myself, i'm really an asshole whore. i just love having my asshole filled and fucked.
i felt the head of Mistress's rubber cock press against my hole, then without much warning, she shoved her cock in me.
"aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." when she stopped pushing inward, she held it there.
"Yes bitch, moan for me. Moan as i fill your ass."
i could feel it probing me, filling me, stretching me. it hurt, hurt really good. Mistress pulled back and trusted her cock deeper in me, i managed to push back a bit CRACK! i was spanked for my efforts.
"No, no, no bitch boy. When I want you to push back, I will tell you to push back. Your greedy whore hole only gets what I give it."
with that, Mistress grabbed on to my hips and began thrusting her cock in my hole, deeper and deeper with every thrust. i wanted to cry out from pleasure and pain, but i could not. finally i felt the balls of her cock crash into me, i knew she had buried her cock all the way in me. i felt my cock jump, and loose a bit of precum. i wanted nothing more than to jerk my cock, but i knew Mistress would not allow it.
Mistress must have realized that she was balls deep in my fuck hole, because she buried her cock in me and held it there, reached for my leash, and pulled my head off the floor. Mistress grabbed me by the back of the head and began fucking me again.
"Bitches like to have their hair pulled while they get fucked in the ass, don't they bitch?"
"yes Mistress, this bitch loves it. thank you Mistress"
i could feel her fury with every thrust, and it made me want more.
Mistress pulled my hair forcing my back to arch, making the Humbler pull on my balls., the harder she pulled, the harder she fucked me. i wanted to scream, i wanted to cum. i could do neither, all i could do was take it, like a slut. i felt so dirty.
"NOW, bitch. Back up onto my cock. Show me how bad you want it." She said as she let my hair, and everything else go.
i went slow and first, i wanted to know how much cock i had to work with. once i got how big a stroke i had, i want at it. HARD! i banged my ass back into Mistresses cock with much enthusiasm. over and over again. i loved feeling those rubber balls spank into me
"Such a greedy asshole whore you are. Now show me how greedy your mouth is."
with no hesitation, i spun myself around and thrust my face onto the cock that had just been in my asshole. Mistress grabbed me by the hair and aided me.
"Filthy ATM slut."
Mistress stood up and walked behind me,tugging at the Humbler. very fastly, i was free from it.
"Ride me bitch."
Mistress lay on her back, i straddled her and let my full weight push her cock all the way into me. The depth of her cock in me was tremendous at this angle, almost too much to bear. i rose up quickly. Mistress reached out and grabbed me by the balls and pulled me back down on her cock.
"I like my cock deep in your fuck hole bitch."
Mistress continued to pull on my balls, pulling my hole down on to her cock. occasionally Mistress would reach with her other hand and pinch one of my nipples, or slap my cock. i loved every second of this.
Mistress pushed me off of her, and put me on my back. Mistress stood up, pulling my legs up and over my head, in what some would call the jackhammer or piledriver position. only the back of my head, my shoulders, and my feet touched the floor.
"Do you want to cum bitch?" Mistress asked as she slit her cock into my gaping hole
"very much Mistress."
"Good bitch, I want you to cum in your mouth and all over your face. I want you to be my cum slut." with that Mistress started stroking my cock. Mistress thrusted her cock in and out of my ass in rhythm with the stroking of my throbbing hard cock. i knew it wouldn't be lon
"may i cum for you Mistress?"
"NO bitch, you may not. Just a bit longer slut. I want to fuck you just a bit more"
i knew i would not be able to contain my orgasm for much longer. Mistresses hands and cock felt far to good to not cum from.
"please Mistress, i wa...."
"Tell me you want to empty your balls on your face and in your sluts mouth."
Please Mistress, i want my balls emptied on my face and in my slut mouth."
Mistress gave my balls a good whack
"Cum you fucking bitch, cum all over yourself."
i did exotically as i was told and let my cum fly. it rained down upon my face like a tidal wave.
"Open up bitch, don't forget to get some in your mouth."
i opened my mouth wide and a huge spurt of cum fell right down to my throat, almost gagging me.
"Swallow your cum you filthy bitch, then show me."
I swallowed my hot cum and opened up for Mistress to show her that it was all in my stomach now.

Mistress let me down all the way to my back. as i lay there in shivering orgasmic bliss, i couldn't help be proud at what a dirty slut i am. as slutty as it sounds, i almost couldn't wait for it all to happen again.
i was a bit sore from the position i was in, so i rolled onto my stomach, in an effort to stretch out a bit.
Mistress quickly mounted me and shoved her cock back in me.
"Just because you are done, doesn't mean I am bitch, take my cock"
"oh please Mistress, please may i have a break. a small one."
"You just had a break, whore. Now take my cock."
i squirmed around a bit, but Mistress quickly grabbed my wrists and held me down. i was her fuck toy to use.
"Get back on your knees bitch."
i could hear some rustling around behind me, but could not make it out.
"I want to see what your asshole is made of you fucking slut."
Mistress shoved 2 fingers in me, and spread me out in opposite directions, fishhooking my asshole open. i moaned.
"Moan for me bitch, I like to hear you"
Mistress slapped my still hard cock. cum remnant flew out of the tip.
Mistress reopened my fuck hole with four fingers this time. i heard and felt her spit into my open hole.
i could feel her release me. next i felt her hand pushing on my hole.
"I think your loose fuck hole will eat my fist bitch. What do you think?"
at that moment, i wanted nothing more than to feel my asshole close around Mistresses wrist
"please fist fuck my hole Mistress"
with that Mistress pushed her fist into me. quickly and without much resistance.
"You fucking whore, I can't believe your asshole just took my fist. You dirty piece of fuck meat. You loose holed bitch. You filthy gaped slut."
Mistress removed her fist and re inserted it in me.
"Look at you take my fist, dirty whore"
Mistress began jerking my cock, paying special attention to give extra thrust to my hanging balls with every stroke.
"Cum again for me slut, cum with my fist in you."
i knew it wouldn't take much, and it didn't. within seconds i was cumming again. the feeling of my asshole clenching around Mistresses wrist is indescribable.
i collapsed again. Mistress still had her fist in me. i couldn't move.
Mistress removed her fist and grabbed me by the back of the head. pulling me toward the pile of cum on her floor.
"Eat it cum slut."
i made the best attempt to lap my cum from the floor. i felt like i was getting more on my face than i was in my mouth.
i lay there until Mistress threw something at me. it was my clothes.
"Very good whore, but now its time for you to be on your way."
Mistress seemed to disappear. i dressed myself (no small feat) and let myself out.

when i reached into my pocket to grab my keys, i noticed something else in my pocket. i removed it. it was a $10. it had words written all over it. the front said things like 'I'm a cheap whore' and 'i take it in the ass' and 'i eat my own cum' and 'fist fuck my loose asshole'. the back said 'you are my whore, here is your payment. try not to spend it all in one place.

i felt like such a cheap, dirty used whore. i couldn't wait till next time

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2 years ago
2 years ago
A dream cum true.

Thanx for sharing.
2 years ago
That was a great end to this saga. I hope it's based on true events.
2 years ago
I like the forced begging to cum and the denial can be hot too.
2 years ago
So dirty and hot!!!