FemDom pt 3

Now that i had been collared and leashed, spanked to a nice shard of red, face fucked till my throat was sore and my eyes watered, and had my cock slapped around a tad, Mistress was ready for the fun to begin, as was i.

As i stay on my hands and knees, collared and leashed, at the threshold of Mistresses basement, i took a look around and saw all the familiar devices she had and would use to aid her in the use of her slut. i was her slut on this night, and i could feel my balls tighten, my cock jump, and my asshole pucker at the thought of what might happen to me next.
Mistress gave my leash a tug, i looked into her beautifully dark eyes, i could see the mischief lurking there.
"See that row of plugs for your asshole bitch?"
i turned to where Mistress was looking and saw, on a very low, very narrow(for lack of a better description)table, a row of upright butt plugs. In various colors, shapes, and sizes.
"yes Mistress." i said
"Go and get one for me bitch, but you will NOT use your hands. I want you to squat over it, and pick it up with your asshole. Do you understand me bitch?"
"yes Mistress."
"Bend over first, I iwll grant you some lube for your hole."
"thank you Mistress." i said as i assumed the position. On my knees, bent over, legs apart, arms out, my chest and chin on the floor. My ass toward Mistress. i could hear her open up some lube, and almost instantly felt the coldness of it as it run down the crack of my ass. As soon as it was close to my asshole, i felt Mistress shove two fingers in me, and began finger fucking my hole. i gasped. i hadn't expected it.
"You didn't expect me to send you over there without making sure you were ready for one of those plugs, did you slut? I want to loosen you up just a bit, because i want a good sized plug in you, Understand me slut?"
"yes Mis..." i could not get the rest of the word out, as she jammed a third finger into my hole, deep. Mistress spanked me once with the other hand.
"Good bitch. That's what I like, your asshole full. Now go get that plug slut."
After Mistress removed her fingers from my hole, i began to push my arms upward, in order to get myself in somewhat of an upright crawling position. CRACK! Mistress had given my balls a tap with the crop. My balls began to swell instantly. My head fell between my arms.
"Do it now bitch. No time to waste."
"yes Mistress." i said as i hurriedly crawled toward the plugs. Crawling while your balls ache is a difficult task.
i began evaluating the plugs as soon as they came into good view, because i wanted to get one in me as soon as i could. Not only because i wanted something in my fuck hole as soon as i could get it there, but more so because i didn't not want to keep Mistress waiting any longer. Without haste, i chose a good sized plug for my fuck hole. i wanted Mistress to be impressed with my choice and anal capacity. i stood up, threw a leg over the very narrow table and began to squat my hole down on the plug.
As soon as it touched me, i knew i had made a mistake. i had chosen unwisely. this plug was not going to fit in me. i panicked, images of what Mistress will do if i cannot comply with an order ran rampant through my head. i pushed my hole onto the plug. It would not go. I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks apart and sat down on it. It would not go. i moved my hips around hoping to get some of the lube from my hole on the plug. It did not work. It would not go.
"What is taking so long bitch?"
Honestly is always the best policy, especially when a lie will get you tied down and caned. "the plug i chose Mistress, it does not fit." i said meekly
"Yes it does bitch. Bring it to me, with your mouth."
i returned to my hands and knees, held my mouth over the plug, and pushed my face down on it as much as i could. i could only think of the pleasure Mistress got from watching me take that plug that was just near my asshole in my mouth. i dare not drop it on my way back to Mistress. i lay it at her leather covered feet, and awaited instruction.
"Good bitch, now bend over."
i re-assumed my previous position. Mistress wasted no time plunging her three fingers back into my hole. Mistress began working them in and out of me, and i loved every second of it.
"When I tell you to do something bitch, it gets done, understand me bitch boy?"
Before i could answer, i was spanked with the crop, and the spanking did not stop.
"yes Mistress."
"Your eyes were a bit bigger then your asshole weren't they bitch?"
"yes Mistress."
"Not for long whore."
With that she worked her fourth finger in me. i could tell she was concentrating on it, because the spanking had stopped.
"That ought to do bitch"
Mistress brought the tip of the plug to my nearly gaping hole and let it rest there for a moment. i then began to feel the pressure of it entering my asshole.
"Look back at me bitch, I want you to see this."
i look back to see Mistress shoving that plug, that was too big for me a minute ago, in my asshole with the heel of her boots. i began to push back, watching her face as the plug now seemed to slip in my hole without much resistance. When my hole collapsed around it, swallowing it hole, Mistress did not stop pushing. i gave way and she pushed my hips all the way to the ground. i lay on top of my hard cock and swollen balls with her seemingly wanting to push that plug through me.
"You bitch, you will get whats coming to you for this."
i could only wait for Mistress to use me more.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
U didn't deserve lube bitch boy
2 years ago
Oh, oh. Someone's in trouble.
2 years ago
hmmmm hot!!! anymore??