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[Story] Chapter 5 FemDom pt1

"You are not allowed to masturbate your asshole. This restriction will remain until further notice."

i received this as an e-mail from Mistress, a few days after those two wonderful days i spent being Mistress's and Baroness' play thing. this instruction from Mistress was not entirely uncommon. Mistress would regularly send me messages saying things like 'The next time you jerk off you will do it with a plug in your hole.' or 'You will jerk off and cum on your face today. Pics for proof.' so i did not question this order, i simply obeyed it.

"yes Mistress." was my electronic reply.

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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt12

Baroness pushed her upper half upward, seeming in protest, but i wanted Baroness to feel every bit of my hard cock in her asshole, so i pulled her back to me as i pushed forward.

Baroness briefly struggled for the words to convey her thoughts, and every time it seemed as if Baroness was about to speak, i'd give a small thrust, and Baroness would refrain from speaking. Until...

"You got me white boy, turned my words against me. Normal I'd punish a bitch for such blatant disregard, and lack of respect, but instead I'll just say, you'd better make me cum again. Now fuck my asshole whi... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt11

i worked Baroness's big black cock in and out of my ass, driving it deeper with every movement. i started to quicken my pace, i wanted all that big black cock in me bad.

"Just a little more bitch, just a little more of that big black cock in your slutty white ass. I want you to take it all bitch, take all of my big black cock."

i wanted it now. i pushed my ass down on Baroness's fat cock, shoving it all in me. i wanted it to the balls and that's how i took it, to her balls.

"One more bitch, all the way out, all the way in for me."

i slowly raised myself up, letting Baroness's c... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt10

i drew myself upward to my hands and knees and began to crawl toward Baroness. i looked her straight in the eye as i came closer to her.

Baroness started to jerk her BBC.

"Tell me." Baroness said

"i have been hungry for your big black cock since i had it the other day Baroness."

"I intend to give you all of my big black cock."

"i intend to take it Baroness, every inch of it."

with those words, i reached Baroness. i broke eye contact and lowered my mouth to her feet, and began to kiss and suck on her toes. i kissed the top of her feet. i nibbled on the inside of her ank... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt9

positioned on the "fuckseat" (i love that Baroness calls the loveseat a fuckseat) in a sitting, but laid back position, Baroness rode my cock fully. Baroness rode every inch of my cock, taking all of it on every movement she made. it turned me on to to think that Baroness got as good as she gave.

without saying anything, Baroness lowered herself down onto my cock deep. Baroness then reached under my left leg and in a slow but very precision movement,was able to remove herself from on top of my thigh (Baroness had her shins on my thighs while riding my cock), by simply straightening her l... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt8

Baroness led me down the stairs by my balls, giving them a squeeze or a tug with every step.

as we reached the bottom step, i could hear some sexual activity. i didn't know who was involved, or what was happening, but you know the sound i am talking about.

Baroness led me toward the sound. quickly, i could see Mistress from behind, and she was going to town on someone.

"Mistress." Baroness spoke.

"Baroness" Mistress replied without missing a thrust.

i said nothing.

as we continued closer i could see that Mistress had a black man bent over what looked like a sawhorse and his ... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt7

i was a bit frozen with shock. Baroness was nude, bent over in front of me, on her hands and knees and demanding that she suck my cock. i had never met a Dominant woman like her before.

"Come on bitch, I want some cock in my mouth, so get it over here."

"yes Baroness." i said as i made my way around her. my cock pointed right at her face.

Baroness reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock with her right hand, pulling me to her. Baroness gave my cock one vary hard pump, pulling all the built up pre-cum out of me.

Baroness gathered all that pre-cum on her tongue and proceed to lick... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt6

"tomorrow" never came, well at least it didn't come the next day.

when i arrived home from Mistress's, i found it hard to sl**p. my mind kept me away, reliving all the dirty slutty things that i had just done or had been done to me. the way Mistress and Baroness used me like a toy, was amazing.

those thoughts kept me awake most of the night. thinking about being filled with those rubber cocks would make my cock hard, but i was not aloud to play with it, per Mistress's instruction.

i did finally fall into a decent slumber, and when i awoke, i had a text.

"Not today slut, tom... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt5

Mistress pushed the back of my head onto Baroness's cock while Baroness fish hooked my mouth open wide with her thumbs. i gagged on ever thrust in my mouth, and gasped for air when ever i could.

Mistress pulled up on my hips, leading me to my feet.

"Get up you dirty bitch." Mistress said

i was able to come to a standing position (while still bent over) without either cock loosing its place within me.

"Over to the table." Mistress said to Baroness.

the three of us moved very slowly toward a table in the room. both Mistress and Baroness were able to continue thrusting their coc... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt4

"Am I interrupting?" Baroness said

"no Baroness." i blurted out before Mistress could get a word in. "Mistress was just giving me some much needed encouragement and instruction Baroness."

Baroness smiled at Mistress. Mistress smiled at Baroness.

"Good bitch, you will need it." Baroness said

"yes Baroness, and thank you Mistress." i said.

"You are such a good boy." Mistress said as she reached down to give my cock a few hard slaps before returning to her seat of luxury.

Baroness released the leash connected to my cock ring from whatever it was attached to, i did not move. ... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt3

my throat was full of Mistress's cock, and i loved it. she had taken a good grip on my wrists while my hands were on my head, prisoner style. i was on my knees, bound by my cock ring to the floor. Mistress used her grip to get all the cock she wanted in me.

"He is such a good cocksucker." Mistress said to Baroness.

"I cant wait to form my own opinion." Baroness said.

"By all means." Mistress said.

Mistress removed the cock from my mouth, giving my face a nice slap with it, before stepping aside to let Baroness have her turn. this made me feel like a dirty whore all the more.

B... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt2

After being Mistress's online cam fuck toy yesterday (and choosing not to cum), and knowing i was going to get her hands on/in me tonight, it is needled to day i was extremely horny all day long. i could not wait for the evening to arrive do i could get what was coming to me, what ever Mistress was going to give me.

Mistress's demands were to be at her place by 5:00, i was ready by 3:00. Mistress sent me a text at 3:30.

"Where are you bitch?"

"i am home, where should i be Mistress?"

"Get your fuck holes over here NOW!"

"yes Mistress"

and just like that i was on my way.

i... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 4 FemDom pt1

"You will be ready to be my cam bitch tonight at 7." is what the e-mail i received said. my cock and fuck holes flinched at the anticipation.

we met through the internet, so this was not an unheard of demand. Mistress used me on cam before using me in her basement.

when 7:00 came, there i was, naked in front of my computer, awaiting Mistress's every demand. 7:10, 7:15, 7:30, nothing. the anticipation was killing me, my cock got hard and limp 3 times in that time span. at 7:45 Mistress popped in.

"Turn in on slut." the text read. i did as i was told and just like that Mistress was ... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 3 FemDom pt4

Mistress grabbed the spreader bar that my hands and feet were attached to and pushed it further over my head, and really laid her cock into me.

Mistress fucked me so feverishly that i could feel some of the cum in my asshole starting to escape and gather on the rim of my asshole. Mistress shoved her cock int me and held it there. i could feel a glop of cum escape the rim of my asshole and start to trail down (up) my back.

"Looks like your asshole IS just like a loose whores pussy. When it gets a big cock in it, it gives some cum back." (Mistress never missed anything.)

Mistress reac... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 3 FemDom pt3

my hands restrained out and to the floor, my ankles bound to a spreader bar, and my legs over my head was the perfect way for Mistress to shove her huge cock in me, and she was.

using only the cum from my cock she ordered i give to her earlier as lube, she pounded her huge cock in my cum soaked asshole.

"Your hard cock looks as if it may explode bitch"

"you are fucking me like such a good slut Mistress, it might."

Mistress buried her cock in me and held it there.

"Open your mouth bitch."

i did as i was told. Mistress grabbed my cock hard at the base, and gave it a very tigh... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 3 FemDom pt2

on my knees, still very near the door to Mistress's place, and having just cum in a dish for Mistress, i awaited any further instruction, or demands.

Mistress made her way behind me. when she was there she pushed me over so that i was on my hands and knees. Mistress reached between my legs with one hand grabbing the dish, the other finding its way to the base of my balls. Mistress worked a finger in between the ring she had ordered me to wear and my balls. Mistress gave the ring (and my cock and balls inside it) a great tug upward.

"Come on bitch boy, I have plans for you and this cum ... Continue»
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[Story] Chapter 3 FemDom pt1

my phone went off, it was a text. it read "Be here at 7. You will have a cock ring on when you get here."

"yes Mistress" was my only reply.

after showering and preparing myself as i always do for Mistress, i pulled my cock and balls through a cock ring, one of many i owned. i dressed and left, heading to see Mistress.

i pulled up in the driveway and everything was very typical. the place was very dark and very quiet. as i exited my vehicle, my mind began to race. 'what will she do to me? what will she have in store for me this time?' my cock began to stiffen in my pants. i could... Continue»
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[Story] Next FemDom pt 5

with my hands cuffed above me, and my balls somehow attached to the floor, i was in a very vulnerable position, and while i was not currently the object of her attention, Mistress knew it.
to say Mistress was otherwise entertained with girls tight asshole at the moment, was a huge understatement.
Mistress continued to pound away at girls tight asshole, and girl continued to wail in pain. i know that big rubber cock Mistress wears had to be stretching her tight asshole beyond what it was ready for. i knew the feeling well.
Mistress seemed to be on a mission in fucking girl in her tight ass... Continue»
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[Story] Next FemDom pt 4

i was at a disadvantage in the contest to get Mistress's cock into my mouth as i was still cuffed and shackled with the metal mittens, girl was able to grab it away from me at will and shove it down her own throat. the fact that girl and i were both wearing my cum all over our faces made every time our cheeks touch that much more fun and dirty.
"I love to watch sluts like you both use your mouths. It proves to me what dirty whores the both of you are." Mistress said.
her words only made me want to show off what an oral slut i am for her. i started plunging my face downward on her huge ru... Continue»
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[Story] Next FemDom pt 3

Mistress pulled the plug from my asshole rather abruptly. without saying a word, Mistress grabbed girl by the collar, pulled her upright, and shoved the plug that was just in my ass into girls mouth (what of it would fit in her mouth). my cock jumped. it was such a turn on to know what a slut she was for Mistress.
"On your knees, both of you. Face each other." we did as we were told.
Mistress pushed girl down on her hands and knees in front of me, grabbed her by the back of the head, pulled the plug from her mouth, and pushed her face onto my cock. my cock penetrated her mouth as deep ... Continue»
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