Boy Toy - Part 2

I had to wipe that smug look off of his face.

When we broke our first intense kiss and I saw the look on his face, that arrogant, I can have any woman I want look of triumph, I knew it was going to be my mission to take him down a peg or two. He was already far too comfortable and I had allowed him too many liberties with my body. This was MY toy... and he was about to learn he was here for MY pleasure, not the other way around.

I wrapped my hand around his cock and smiled. "Hi Boy Toy, you comfortable? You like that? You like these big tits baby?" He nodded and grabbed for them again but my fingers clenched around his engorged cock hard enough to make him wince when my nails met on the other side. He immediately tensed up and reached for my hand. I slapped his hand away and bent my wrist upwards putting pressure on his cock and he audibly gasped.

"You're MY toy, Boy Toy, you belong to me, say it!"

"I..i..i belong to you.." he was panting hard and trying to twist away from my hand "Mistress, that hurts, st-"

I squeezed his ball sac with my other hand and he froze, his words cut off in his throat. "This is mine, toy, which means, it gets used when I say, not when you say, is that understood?" He reached for my hands again and I let go of his cock and backed away. I stood up and moved the large coffee table to the side while toy sat there on the floor rubbing and soothing his dick. I watched for a bit and considered my options for restraint...

I had a pair of hand cuffs in my naughty bag, but that was in my bedroom and would let him out of my sight.. right now it looked like he might bolt which would be a bad decision on his part. He needed to be taught what was best for him and at his age, he had no clue how to figure that out on his own yet even if he thought he did. I remembered some nylon cord I kept in the utility drawer in the kitchen and prayed that I was remembering there was enough of it. I smiled when I took it out. Hehe, pink, I forgot WHY there was cord there... that was for another day... I grabbed some kitchen shears, a wooden spoon and my pink nylon cord and headed back to the living room.

"Lay down, toy." I walked around him and stood over him one foot on either side of his body as he lay back warily. I bent over and dragged the coffee table back over so that it was above his head and placed my kitchen items on top. I knelt down straddling his chest, the soft cotton of my yoga pants barely rubbing his chest as I rested most of my weight on my knees. I smiled at him and pulled his arms up over his head my tits rubbing on his cheeks as he let me place them near the legs of the coffee table. He was starting to get that smirk on his face again and I smiled into those handsome eyes as I pulled my shirt over my head and let him see my bare tits for the first time. He reached for them again and I tossed my shirt right over his face as I applied pressure to his hands and arms. "We're going to keep these here, boy toy" I leaned over his face, nose and mouth, tits smothering him under my shirt as I scooted further up his chest and began preparing the cord for tying his hands around the legs of my coffee table. I wrapped the pink cord around his wrist and the solid leg of the table several times tying effective knots that someone had once taught me with this very same cord. I made sure that his hands could wrap around the table leg if he needed to grip and repeated the process with the other side. I heard him moaning softly and realized my heavy DD tits were still pressed into my shirt over his face. I smiled down at my shirt and moved my body back upright but making no effort to remove the material covering his face.

"Try the cords toy, make sure you can't get out of them." I knew that he couldn't but I wanted him distracted while I looked at the rest of his body. My shirt was proving to be a pretty effective blindfold and was doing a wonderful second duty of covering up his disarming good looks. He was much easier to control when I could control myself. I realized how I was going to continue to strip him of power he relied on and smiled at my own clever plans. I took the wooden spoon from the table and tapped it on his chest bringing his attention back to me. I stroked over his nipples and could feel them harden under the coarse wood. "Tell me you want me, baby."

"I... uh..I want you, Mistress" came a half-hearted muffled reply which was NOT good enough for me. I stood up and took off my pants and lowered myself down again so that my ass was towards his face and I was facing his cock now only half hard from my earlier abuse.

"Not good enough, toy" I knocked at his balls with the spoon and heard him swear. "That isn't very nice language, do you want me to get the soap again?"

I heard a growl and figured he was tugging at the table when I heard the legs scr****g my hard wood floor. I whacked him again, still waiting for a verbal answer. "No, Mistress." I guess he got the hint.

I placed the spoon on his flat belly and rubbed his cock and balls until he was starting to get hard again. When it was fully engorged again I inched my ass closer to his face and reached back to move the shirt off of his face. "Tell me again that you want me, toy."

He groaned when I placed my hand back on his cock and stroked. "I want you Mistress, I do." His only view was of my ass so I kept playing with his cock a little. "Tell me, toy, who do you belong to?"

"You Mistress, I belong to you, I want to please you." I smiled... there it was... lesson number one, all on his own, I didn't even have to tell him what to say.

"Good boy toy, I think that deserves a reward..."

To Be Continued...
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8 months ago
You a really naughy girl, I like you!
1 year ago
3 years ago
Heavy tits........ you have a fan!
3 years ago
Nice story :) please continue...
3 years ago
Oh my what a wonderful story this is turning into, your toy is very lucky!
3 years ago
yes. this is developing nicely. please continue
3 years ago
what a place to stop! can't wait for more please