The First Time - Slick & tyg

This is the story of my favorite adult/sexual/REAL spanking. It is more or less the beginning of one of the most incredible awakening weekends of my life because it was the first time I had ever been with a Dom.

Slick and I had been chatting and talking on the phone for months. I was a sophomore in college, at 19 and Slick was... older. Like 25 years older. In fact, the weekend I was born was the first weekend he ever spent sober whereas I had never even been d***k at that point, and so began the differences between us. None of that mattered once we met. I had been chatting and reading online about D/s and sex stuff since, frankly, before I should have had any idea there was D/s and sex stuff... this was finally going to be my chance to see if the reality was as good as my head fantasies. I was nervous!

Slick drove from PA to MA where I was going to school- about 5 hours. He had sent me a care package before our meeting, a pair of his underwear, a pair of his suede gloves, a braided leather belt and a cock ring that was leather with a chain decoration that I wore as a "collar" around my wrist. It was 'in' to be 'goth' in the 90's ok? We met and shared a nice kiss about 11pm in a Friendly's parking lot right off the highway. I didn't say I was going about this meeting in a SMART manner, this was just the way I did it. Newbies, I do NOT recommend meeting strange men at 11pm in abandoned parking lots off the highway. Don't be stupid. Have contact numbers, make sure someone knows where you are! (end of public service announcement portion of the program)

We drove back to my campus to drop off my car, I was feeling pretty at ease with this man and he seemed pretty enamored with the real life me as well, when I broke a kiss he stopped it and spent most of the time smiling at me like I was this surprise gift he was really excited to unwrap! I got into his Jeep Cherokee and he placed a small box on my lap and told me not to open it. He put his bag in back and we drove to his motel a couple miles from my campus. He kept his eyes on the road occasionally looking at me. Me, I stared at the box and wondered what could be inside.

He took the box and we went into the room, I sat on the bed while he sorted his things and took care of his natural needs. He joined me on the bed, kissing me, stroking me, generally making me feel really loved, safe and taken care of. After a few minutes of this, I thought I was ready to start the D/s stuff and I told him so.

He got off the bed and went to his bag. He told me to strip to my bra and panties. I was still a bit self conscious of my body at this point and I took off my top but not my jeans. When he turned around he was holding a hairbrush. A hard wooden hairbrush that he and I had talked a lot about using, back then, the hairbrush was my 'buzz' toy, it gave me a heady buzz to think about. He repeated the command.

"Tig, I said, bra and panties."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I can't."

"Tig, take your jeans down, now. I'm NOT going to ask again."

I really wasn't meaning to pushing him. I was truly self conscious and didn't want to show my belly and butt! I was proud of my big boobs but my belly, my butt, nut-uh!!

"Please Slick, no, not yet"

He came over to the bed just then and stroked my hair, I smiled, exhaled, thought I was ok. His grip tightened in my hair suddenly and he pulled my head back a bit and growled in my ear.

"This is how this is going to go, little girl. You will do as I say, when I say, do you understand?"

I nodded, my stomach in a total knot, I was totally unable to speak and he let go of my hair. My heart was racing. He put the brush down on the table and went back into his bag searching for a minute. He seemed to find what he was looking for but didn't take it out. He dragged a chair across the carpet to the center of the room and looked at me with eyes that offered no sort of compromise.

"Kneel on the chair, tig, facing the back window"

I wanted to ask, why, what was he going to do but I could tell he was in no mood for discussion. I was still too scared to remove my jeans and he hadn't repeated that command so I got off the bed, a little unsteady and slid onto the chair.

He got something out of his bag and I could hear it whipping a little in the air. He saw me stiffen and he barked out "Don't you dare turn around"

He came up behind me and stroked my hair, stroked my back. He spoke softly.

"I was going to make your first spanking a nice, long, comfortable otk, first on your panties, then when I got you warmed up, some gentle, bare strokes." At this point his words were lulling me, exciting me, purring straight to my pussy, making it wet, but then he went on "But I will not have you disobeying and calling the shots all weekend. You wanted a Dom, this is what a Dom is. I'm in charge. We aren't online. You can't get up and walk away if you don't like what I said or told you to do, you're going to learn how to obey, tig, because obviously, I am going to have to teach this first here. Grab the knobs at the top of the chair and don't even THINK about turning around until I tell you."

I wrapped my fingers around the circle knobs on the wooden chair and stared out of the window. I heard him step away, felt the emptiness next to my ear. The next sound was a fwwiipp! and the next thing I felt was a sharp bite into my right cheek. Even through the jeans I could tell this was a serious implement.

I gasped, I am not even sure I made a sound as I swallowed the scream. I was so scared, but I stared out the window into the dark. FWWIPPP! "SNICK" Again, the bite. I wanted to reach back and protect my cheeks. He had made matching marks now.

"Do you know what that is, tig?"

"N-n-no" My voice, my whole body was shaky now.

"It's a crop tig, I bought it for you, as a gift. I figured we could experiment with it."

I just nodded. He smacked again, easier flicks, but another one to each cheek.

"Why did you disobey me?"

"I-i- i'm not ready, I-i I don't want you to see"

He laughed. I still am not entirely sure why.

"Keep your hands on the chair, tig."

I nodded again and he came up behind me. Told me to open my mouth. He put the gorgeous purple rod of the crop between my teeth and told me to hold it. While I was distracted with trying to balance this long stick like thing in my mouth he reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, tugged them down, pulling my panties up and smoothing them over my ass.

He spanked me a few times, good, solid smacks. They made a lot of noise but he must have followed them through because they didn't hurt much.

"I love your ass, tig, it's so cute, the way it comes down and curves right at your thighs." He was stroking my ass now. He patted the thick cushiony sit spot. "Is this what you didn't want me to see?"

I felt foolish now, of course he loved my body. He had always been accepting of my size. Always told me how sexy he thought I was. I had disobeyed him for nothing. Why? My own shame? My own issues? I knew that the relationship about him wasn't about me and it wasn't about him, it was about us, between us, what we thought, felt, shared. I trusted him before I had ever met him. That was WHY I met him, because I finally trusted someone to accept me and show me this world.

I remember thinking that, and I remember what I said next.
"I'm sorry"

He chuckled again. "I know tig."

He pulled me off of the chair and pulled my panties down, now I was just standing in a bra, he was still fully clothed. He rubbed my belly gently, my ass gently. He smiled at me, kissed me. I felt really happy...

But that was only the beginning of my favorite spanking... Part Two to follow.

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3 years ago
that shits deep
3 years ago
3 years ago
I am very glad you found such a caring and loving Master from the start.
3 years ago
Great RL story ;) You wirght well.
3 years ago
Good start, off to read part 2 now
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Great start looking forward to more