Submissive and Gay Thoughts…How Many of The

Submissive and Gay Thoughts…How Many of These Do You Enjoy or Fantasize About?

Just some submissive and gay thoughts from a 30 something year old guy who used to think he was straight. Write a comment below about whether you enjoy or fantasize about these things. How many have you done? Or conversely, do you fantasize about doing some of these things to me?

(1) The thought of wearing panties is exciting. I have actually done this once or twice, trying on a pair of an ex-girlfriend’s. The material that they are made of feels so good against the skin. The thought of wearing panties under my clothes without others knowing makes me hard. However, the embarrassment of actually buying panties keeps me from trying this.

(2) The thought of being a beautiful woman and being able to dress girly sounds like it would be fun. Unfortunately, I look manly and could never pull it off, but it is fun to fantasize about it. One fantasy would be to be at a man’s house and for him to give me lingerie, a dress, a wig, and makeup for me to wear so that I could be his woman.

(3) I like to be groped by a man as he rubs his hands over my body and especially my ass. It’s even better if he tells me how much he likes my body and rubs up against me.

(4) I like to have fingers in my ass, moving in and out as they finger fuck me. I would love for either a man or a woman to come up behind me and finger my ass while whispering in my ear how I am such a slut.

(5) I like passionate kisses with a man. It’s just very different than with a woman, but different in a good way. The way he pushes his tongue in me as a way to show me how much he wants me.

(6) I am fascinated by cocks. Obviously I have had my own for my whole life, but just seeing other cocks and how much others desire them makes me want them too. I like to touch and stroke a man’s cock. I also like it when the other man’s cock is a little bigger than mine - to me, it signifies that he is the man.

(7) I like the idea of pleasuring a man - a man who wants me to suck him off. I want the man to have me get on my knees and then I do what I am supposed to – worship his cock. As I am giving him a blowjob he will have his hands on my head, guiding me back and forth, sometimes taking it a little deeper. I am not interested in pain, though, just a man directing me with what he wants.

(8) While giving a blow job, I also want to lick his balls as I have found that I really like that. In addition, I would like him to slap my tongue and face with his cock a little bit.

(9) I apologize if this is offensive to some, but I love to be called names like fag, gay, sissy, or cocksucker. I think that the reason is that those names make me feel like less of a straight man, which is an identity that I have always had. It’s somewhat exciting to think that I might not be what I thought was and for people to tease me about it.

(10) I have never done this, but I want to a man to fuck me in the ass. Because I am not into pain, I would want him to be gentle with it. I would like to try it bending over as well as missionary with him on top of me.

(11) I want to feel a man cum on my body, maybe on my chest. I might be willing to try receiving a facial, but I am not sure about that yet. Something about the submissiveness of that act is a turn on.

(12) I would like to spend a night making love to a man. Kissing passionately, rubbing bodies, stroking cocks, sucking, getting fucked, and him holding me afterward.

Let me know in the comments what you think about any of these? Are any of these common fantasies?

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3 months ago
1. LOVE panties...first time i wore panties I was 13 and it made me sooo hard. Have been stealing my sisters and cousins for about 5 years now. Love how they feel against my cock and make my ass look hot.
2. When I wear some girly stuff I fantasize wat it would be like to be a girl with little sexy boobs.
3. I've only been with 2 guys but I LOVE just letting them feel me all over... first with clothes on then slowly stripping it all off. Love feeling a guy pressing his hard cock against me... anywhere.
4. Mmmmm would luv to have this happen
5. One of my ALL TIME FAV things to do is kissing with a guy. It is soooooo different than a girl. LOVE hot tongue kissing and rubbing cocks with... or without clothes on. Makes me soooo hard
6. Cocks are hot... but I like cut cocks better
7. So hot... love hearing a guy moan while I'm sucking him... feeling his hands on the side of my head or stroking my body while sucking his hot hard precum leaking cock. Same... not into pain just lots of pleasure
8. I had one freind who was smooth all over LOVED sliding my tonuge from his cock head down to his smooth sexy balls.. kissing and licking him all over
9. I get hard thinking about being a hot little femboi cumslut... so being called names I think would be sooo hot
10. Never been fucked (been rimmed b4 OMG LOVE that) but I think about being fucked all the time. Wanna try doggy, on my back with my legs on his shoulders riding him mmmmmmm (getting hard)
11. One guy I was with.. we loved cumming on each other. I love feeling a hot load of cum shooting on me... we used to jerk off sitting really close and cum on each others cock and balls. Nvr done facial (by accident kinda once) but I'd love to try that... little bit of cum inmy mouth when he shoots then pull out and shoot on my face. mmm yummy
12. Done this... except the fucking part. Love long foreplay just kissing and licking and sucking... soooo hot
3 months ago
either i do or have done all but 5 and 12. I'm a married guy but i do like to wear female panties and i am submissive to others.
4 months ago
i fantasize about it all !!!!
4 months ago
I fantasize about those too.
4 months ago
Release your feeling and enjoy it. :) You will never be happier until you do.
4 months ago
did you read my mind???
every word is so true.
5 months ago
MMM, #6 for me. I love a strong dom man with a bigger cock owning me.
5 months ago
they are all regular thoughts and scenes. really want #12 to happen.
5 months ago
#1, #7 and #8! In college, living in the dorms, I took a pair of dirty panties that fell on the floor in the laundry room, stashed them in the bathroom, and would wear them all the time, jerking off in the basement bathroom. And 7 and the feeling of a big, thick, hard, smooth cock on my tongue, especially hearing him moan, feeling his cock twitch and tense up as he's ready to shoot his big load down your throat.
5 months ago
I'm right on the same page(s) as you. My stories are based on the various fantasies I have about being with another man, usually at the receiving end.
5 months ago
5 months ago
yes too all of theses
5 months ago
I love the feel of panties against my cock and while I'm dressed in lingerie I want to be with a man. I have facial hair and don't try to pass in public but in the bedroom I don't think it matters.
5 months ago
You have some very good points and I have enjoyed most of them. I love being naked and feeling a man's, or even a couple of men, hands all over my body even if they stay dressed. The feeling of the roughness of their clothing rubbing against my naked flesh is quite a turn on. I really enjoyed taking a soft cock into my mouth and feeling it get harder and harder while he calls me all the dirty names he can think of but best of all I enjoy pleasing about 4 men at the same time and just being used as a piece of meat, being passed around like a love doll. The satisfaction I get when I feel and hear them cum does wonders for my ego.
5 months ago
I know it sounds weird, but i fantasize about pleasuring a guy, jerking him, sucking him off, let him fuck me and cum all over my body or deep in me - yet the though of kissing a guy turns me off so bad ... but count me in for the other things i listed
5 months ago
I have sucked many cocks, been fucked by a few. The pain doesn't last long but the pleasure is intense. But in my book, nothing tops being called a cum whore as I am being face fucked and feeling his cock swell as he explodes in my mouth and I swallow all of his sweet nectar. And it's hot to be double teamed. One in your mouth and ass at the same time. I hope one day to find some one I am comforts able enough with to feel a bare cock fill my ass.