My Wife Wants a Man - Part 1

My Wife Wants a Man - Part 1

It was a typical Wednesday, middle of the week, in the midst of the work week grind. I came home from work one evening to find that my wife was already there. To most people my wife is a fairly attractive 30 something red head. Her body did not look exactly as it did when she was 20, but that's life - it still looked amazing though. Her trim figure had a few more curves than it used to, but to me she was still just as stunning as when I first met her. A little more ass and a slightly larger chest, but no one would dare suggest that she was overweight at all.

As I said, it was a pretty typical weekday (or so I thought), so we fixed up some leftovers and sat down for dinner. As we ate, I noticed that my wife was not very talkative. It was almost as if she was a little bit distracted. I did not mind at first, as I was somewhat lost in my thoughts planning out what I needed to get done before the weekend.

I will not bore you with the rest of that evening, except to tell you that she remained quiet for the most part. Finally, as we got into bed, I cuddled up next to her as I wanted to play around with her. I was disappointed when she shrugged me off, trying to indicate that she was not in the mood. That was when I asked her, "So what's up with you tonight? You've been acting somewhat quiet and aloof. Is there something bothering you?"

At first, she tried to blow it off by saying, "No, I'm fine."

But, having been married for a while, I knew that "fine" was a flashing red warning light that meant that something was wrong. So I followed up, "Come on honey, something is clearly bothering you, what is it?"

She set down the book that she was reading and she turned to me - it was one of those looks that any married man knows means that a speech was about to begin. "I've been thinking about us and our marriage. When we first met, I feel like we were different."

I jumped in right away, trying to fix the problem, "What do you mean? I still love you just as much, if not more, and you are just as stunning as ever." Part of me was hoping that the last part would help me get laid tonight.

She continued, "I know that you love me and find me attractive, but you aren't the same as you used to be." She paused for a minute - I wasn't sure why - before continuing, "But I don't want to talk about this right now. I'm going to sl**p." And with that, she turned away from me, flipped off the lamp and went to sl**p (or at least acted like she was).

I did not sl**p well that night - lots of tossing and turning before I finally fell asl**p around 2 AM. The next morning, she had left for work by the time I got out of the shower, so I didn't get a chance to follow up on the conversation. The whole day, though, what she had said was on my mind.

When I got home, she was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me. She was still in her work clothes - a tight black skirt, dark stockings, and a white blouse - I only mention that because I find that type of outfit to be incredibly sexy on her, especially when her red hair was d****d to the side over one of her shoulders.

She asked me to sit down and said, "I've been thinking about our conversation last night, and I apologize for cutting it off so quickly. I at least owe you an explanation of what I meant."

At this point I sat there wondering what was going to come next - either something very good, or more likely, something very bad.

"Since we've known each other I've always loved you. But you and I both know that you have never exactly been a take-charge type of guy. But at least you weren't a pushover. In fact, part of me really got excited on those rare nights when you would just take me, as I wasn't always expecting that from you. I loved that feeling of being desired!"

So far, not bad, but I knew that more was coming.

"But over the years you changed a little. The nights when you would just take me for your pleasure started to decrease. You also stopped making decisions, always asking me what I wanted."

I tried to defend myself a little bit, "What's wrong with that? I just want to make you happy."

She reached over and grabbed my hand and said, "I know you do, and that's sweet." She paused for a second, looked into my eyes, and continued, "But I need a man. I need a man who is not afraid to make decisions, who sometimes just takes what he wants, and who can be in control."

Again, I needed to respond, "I do that...sometimes. And I can do that more, if that's what you want."

She replied right away, "See, there you go again. Did you hear yourself? That's not who you are. You are not that type of guy."

I sat there quietly, meekly uttering the words, "Yes, I am. I can be that type of guy."

She looked at me sternly and said, "No you are not. It's great that you want to please me, but I want a man who is in control. A guy who is going to make decisions. A guy who is going to take my body and ravish me. I want a real man."

Like someone who does not know when to quit, I quietly added more, trying to muster up some confidence, but it didn't exactly come out well, "I can be that. I can ravish your body."

Without hesitation she continued, "That is not who you are. And don't get me started on our sex life lately. For the past year, you have only reached orgasm when I stick my fingers in your ass! I like to play around as much as the next person, but a real man does not need something in his ass to make him cum. A real man should cum because he cannot get enough of my pussy."

She paused for a minute to let that sink in before she added, "Honey, I've seen the porn that you've been looking at on the internet. You forgot to erase your history one time and I saw that you were looking at gay videos."

I wanted to speak up, but I had not known that I made that mistake. I was usually careful about deleting my browsing history. As I sat for a moment, I said, "None of that means that I'm gay. I was just exploring, looking at different things."

She gave me one of those looks, "Whether you are gay or not, that doesn't matter. Maybe you are bisexual. Who knows? The important point, though, is that I want a confident straight man, and that isn't you anymore."

I sat there thinking for a minute. What she said had never occurred to me. It was true that I had stopped making decisions for what I wanted. But I had only wanted to make sure that she was happy! I also checked out some fetish and gay videos online - but all guys look at porn and check out different types of videos. And yes, I enjoyed when she slipped a finger or two into my ass, but I had not realized that this was occurring more and more often lately as it was the only way she could get me to cum. She was right about me. And on top of all of that, she did not know about the fantasies that were in my head during sex. Often, I would imagine that a bigger, more endowed man was the one fucking my wife so that she could feel more pleasure. I always told myself that I simply wanted to make her happy.

As I came out of my thoughts I asked, "So, what does this all mean? What do we do? Do you want to leave me?"

She answered, "First, you know that I love you and always will. But these are some serious issues that we have to deal with. From my perspective, we have three options."

"First, we could see if you can change." I started to nod vigorously to signify my approval but she kept talking, "But that won't work. I've been trying to deal with you and give you opportunities to change, but you haven't."

She then described option number two, "The second option is that we could split up." A tear formed in the corner of my eye as I said, "You mean a divorce? Please, you don't want that, do you?"

She smiled, squeezed my hand tightly, and said, "No, I don't want a divorce. We've been together too long, we have a history between us. I don't think that is the best option."

Part of me was afraid to ask, "So, then what does that leave us with?"

She still gripped my hand as she described her thinking, "Well, like I said, I love you and always will love you. But, as I said earlier, I need a real man. I want a man to take me, to desire me."

That hurt to hear, but deep down, I knew that she was going to say that. But what she said next was what really affected me.

"And, I think that maybe you want a man too. You clearly have a submissive side. You want to please others. You like looking at gay porn and you get sexually excited with anal stimulation. I think that you are not that different from me. Like me, I think that you want a man to treat you like a woman."

That last part really hit me hard. Did I really want a man to treat me like I was a woman? Was that really me? A million thoughts like that ran through my head as we sat there quietly for a few minutes.

The silence was finally broken when my wife looked at me with a coy look and continued, "I'll take your lack of refusal as a yes. When shall we begin?"

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1 month ago
right away, Honey! lets go online and each of us find a guy!
3 months ago
nice and real. I hope you continue.
5 months ago
love it!