A Craving for Cock

I am not sure what it is with me. I have always been straight, with my life consisting of girlfriends, a wife, and a love of pussy. But lately, I have had one thing on my mind – sucking cock.

I fantasize about meeting a middle aged man who is larger than me, and the two of us are alone in a room. He leans down and kisses me, using a lot of tongue and kissing in a somewhat sloppy manner, but done with a purpose to convey to me that he is in control and that I am his. The kiss eventually moves from my mouth to my cheek and then to my ear, with him leaving a wet trail from his tongue over the whole path.

He reaches down, grabs the bottom of my shirt, and pulls it over my head as I willingly raise my arms to make it easier. He kisses me again – sloppily again – with his hands cupping the back of my head, to keep me close. When he is ready, he moves his hands lower, putting them on my shoulders as he steadily pushes me down onto my knees.

I do not resist, and as I land on my knees it is clear what is next. He rubs at the crotch of his jeans and I can see the outline of his cock as the bulge is evident already. I reach up, unbuckle his belt, and unsnap the button on his jeans. The button pops as if his dick is pushing to escape its confinement. The zipper comes down and he slides his jeans and boxers down together. The moment has finally arrived, as he reveals his stiff, cut, white penis.

It is not completely hard yet, but it is not flaccid either. At this point I can already see that it is definitely larger than mine. I have been with many women in my life, but I have never touched another cock. I have seen plenty of men in porno movies and in gym locker rooms, but I have never been this close.

It seems like an eternity since he released his cock, but in reality it has only been a matter of seconds. I slowly reach up with my right hand and grip his large member. As a man, I instinctively begin to stroke it and I cannot help but notice how it is slightly different to jerk someone else than it is to pleasure myself.

As I stare at his cock, I notice that my tongue is sticking out of my mouth, subtly licking my lips in anticipation. But it is a weird feeling too, as my mouth feels dry due to my nervousness. I continue to move my hand over his cock while I take a big swallow, trying to moisten my mouth.

From my knees I look up at him, and he looks down with a slight grin on his face. He takes his hands and rubs the sides of my head, almost as if he was petting me. And then I feel him exert his desire again as his hands get to the back of my head and slowly pull me closer to his cock.

The sense of anticipation fills me as he brings my face closer and closer to the tip of his cock. As I am inches away I open my mouth so that my lips can envelope that big piece of meat as it enters my mouth. The first taste surprises me, as for some reason I expected there to be a more distinct flavor. Instead, the sensation is more subtle, but I can taste a bit of saltiness from the pre-cum on his tip. Besides the taste, the biggest thing that I notice (pun intended) is the feeling of fullness in my mouth.

As he relaxes his grip on my head, I am not sure what to do next. Having never sucked a cock before, I have to think about it for a moment. At first, I simply move my head back and forth, moving as far down as I can get before I feel a slight reflex in my throat, and then I bring my head back off of it.

I check to see how he is doing as I look up at him with his cock stuffed in my mouth. He glances down with his eyes half closed and a knowing grin on his face. Despite my uncertainty of how to give a proper blow job, at least he seems to be enjoying what I am doing.

After working on it for a while, I feel the need to catch my breath for a moment, so I pull my head away from his cock. To make sure that I am not neglecting him, I quickly place my hand on it to jack him off while I take in some air.

I catch my breath and, before resuming, I take a moment to bring my head closer to his cock again and begin to lick along the side of his shaft. As I lick my way back up his pole, I stop for a minute at the head and swirl my tongue around it. I immediately notice that this action elicits a groan from him, so that makes me smile to myself.

After enough licking, I decide to get his cock back in his mouth, and as I resume my head bobbing I could not help but think that something was missing from what I was doing. I was slowly moving up and down on his cock for a while, and then it dawns on me that I need to suck on his dick – after all, it is called cock sucking!

I bob back down again on his cock, and this time I add a sucking action with my mouth. My initiative is rewarded with his hands rubbing all over my head. The feelings of elation that were filling me for pleasing this man are unbelievable! Since I seem to be doing it correctly, I continue with this action for a while.

A minute or two later, he began to encourage me to speed up by adding a slight bucking motion to his hips along with more intense pressure by his hands that are on the back of my head. He keeps this up, increasing the pace slowly. This increasing rhythm keeps going until his momentum pushes me a bit too far down onto his cock and I start to feel a gagging sensation. This causes me to instinctually pull back, so I place my hands on his thighs and push my head off to catch my breath.

By this point, both of us are gasping a bit – me from pushing too far, and him from his building arousal. While he gives me a few seconds to catch my breath, he starts jacking his cock, moving in very quick movements as if he was getting close. When he feels like I have had enough time, he continues jerking with his right hand, but he uses his left hand to pull my head forward while telling me that it is time for me to lick his balls.

Without hesitation, I move my head below his jacking cock and approach his balls. Knowing what I like when I am getting a blowjob, I decide to liberally apply my tongue all around his balls, making sure that I spend a little bit of time near the base. I hear him groan a bit and this causes me to look up at him. From this perspective I am lower on the floor, licking his balls with his cock rapidly jacking off right above me, and I am looking up at him like a submissive puppy. Wow, what a new feeling of pleasure!

At that point, my man was reaching the end and his elation took over. He was jerking his cock with speed and he began to moan with an announcement that he was about to cum. The feelings of his climax cause him to ignore me and to spew his load from his well-worked cock. I sit there in my kneeling position as I watch the cum launch into the air, past me, and onto the floor.

At that point I think to myself and wonder if I really did what I just did – did I really just suck a cock and help him cum? What does this mean now? Those questions are floating in my head until I realize that my cock is as hard as a rock inside of my pants.

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4 months ago
Are you sure you haven't suck a cock before. Hot story!
7 months ago
its better than you imagine
8 months ago
love your eloquence... well written, nicely staged...
you are very visual... I am too.

You will make a great cocksucker.
8 months ago
Go and live the dream, you won't regret it.
8 months ago
Awesome story. I'd love to be in your position ;-)
8 months ago
Very well done! You know the answers to those questions don't you?
8 months ago
that's exactly how I felt when I sucked one for the first time xx
8 months ago
well written erotica! Cocksucking is a wonderful thing, and it really is better to give than receive:)~
8 months ago
Great story!