First Time Arcade Experience

It was an average Tuesday, late in the afternoon, and I had just finished my college courses for the day. Because it was winter, the sun was already starting to set and darkness would be settling in very soon. As I drove home, I could feel a slight bulge in my pants, something that had been nagging at me for the past few hours. It all started when I was in class and I was sitting behind that perky blonde with the low cut jeans. Every time that she would lean forward to take notes, her stretched top would pull up, revealing part of her smooth skin on her lower back. I could not see much, but I could catch the frilly top of her black g-string and that was enough to get me going.

Sitting at a red light, I rubbed my jeans, feeling the pressure grow as my cock expanded slightly. I had a strong urge to unzip my jeans and pull it out, to relieve the pressure that had been lingering, but I couldn’t do that right here on the street. As the traffic started moving again, I kept one hand on the steering wheel while the other remained in my lap, lightly stroking my semi-hard cock through the denim of my jeans. That action was not helping the situation, but I definitely did not want to hold off until I got home to address this issue. Waiting was not an appealing option, especially with the possibility of my roommates being home and preventing me from having any privacy.

As I drove, I noticed the sign for the adult arcade up a few blocks ahead on the right side – I had driven past this place numerous times and had often wondered what it was like in there, but I was never horny enough to take a chance to see what it was like. There were always a few random cars in the parking lot, but I had never known anyone who had been there. That day I was so horny that I decided, “What the hell?” and pulled into the parking lot that was located off the street, behind the old building.

Upon entering, I couldn’t help noticing the bright lights and the rows and rows of videos - there was more porn than I could ever imagine! Without thinking, I quickly picked an aisle near the door and started browsing some of the covers and titles. In this aisle, it seemed like all of the videos involved cougars and desperate older women willing to cheat on their husbands. While I would have preferred to stare at some younger women, seeing the naked tits and pussy on the box covers only caused my cock to grow larger and to press harder on my jeans.

Having never been in an adult store before, I became slightly anxious when I saw a handwritten sign on the one shelf indicating to buy something, because, as it so eloquently put it, this was not a library. I tried to act casual as I looked around the room. There was a middle aged man, wearing a white dress shirt tucked into some khaki pants, who was standing in another aisle with his back toward me, about three rows down. Along the back two rows were more dildos than I had ever imagined could be in one place, with a variety of colors, shapes, and packaging.

Finally, in the back, there was also an older, clearly out of shape, bearded man who was leaning over a counter. Right behind that man was a sign that read: Video Arcade $2. Even though I was in college, I was still somewhat naïve, and because of that, I figured that I probably should buy something. The option to spend two dollars for the arcade seemed like a lot better deal than the twenty dollar price tag on most of the videos, so I made my way to the back of the store.

I nervously approached the old bearded man, and he looked up from his magazine with a look on his face as if he had no idea why I was there. I told him that I wanted to try the arcade and he told me that it was two dollars (as if I could have missed the large sign posted behind him). Resisting the urge to say, “Yeah, I know,” I handed him a five dollar bill. He opened the register to deposit the five, and when he gave me my change he pointed toward a hallway and simply said, “Back there.”

I took the change and made my way down the dark, poorly lit hallway. As my eyes adjusted, I immediately saw that the arcade consisted of a bunch of booths with different videos playing in each of them. Being nervous, and not knowing what kind of people might be here (maybe someone who would know me?), I selected a booth in the back corner and entered it.

The screen was briefly showing some clips, but every few seconds it would flash instructions to enter money for the videos. Picking up on the system right away, I pulled out a couple of dollars and fed them into the machine as I sat down. Within seconds, the flashing screen transitioned to a video of a naked blonde taking on two men at the same time. The woman was okay, but not exactly what I was in mood for at that time, so I fiddled with the channels to check out other videos.

As I flipped through the selection, I figured that the whole reason for coming here was to, well, cum, so I unbuttoned my jeans, quietly lowered my zipper, and pulled out my cock. Because of the earlier buildup and the sights and sounds of the videos on the screen, my cock was as hard as a rock. I grabbed hold of it with my right hand while my left hand advanced through the videos. I was fairly impressed as there must have been a selection of at least a hundred different videos.

I continued browsing until I came across a video of a man getting a blowjob from a somewhat pretty, but stocky, brunette. At the time, I had a preference for brunettes, so this one caught my attention. The woman was wearing a lot of makeup, but she took care to make sure that it did not get ruined as she worshiped that man from her knees. Her enthusiasm for his cock pulled me in and, as I watched, I u*********sly began to rub my cock in a rhythm that matched the pace that she bobbed her head up and down in the video. The woman was going at it for quite a while, and, in my opinion, she was quite good at pleasing a cock.

As I started to relax and to wish it was me who was getting that magnificent, sloppy blowjob, the woman in the video slowly released the cock from her mouth. She stood up in front of the man and started to reach for her panties in a seductive manner. The striptease was nice and slow, as she swayed her hips back and forth, as if dancing to music in her head, while moving the panties lower, bit by bit. I started to get excited as this is what I really wanted to see. I really hoped that she was not shaved completely bare, as I really liked when a woman left a little bit of hair around her pussy – to me, it was a sign that the woman was confident in how she looked. As she pulled her panties down, she revealed something that I was not at all expecting – this woman did not have a pussy, she had a cock! In fact, not only did she have a cock, but her cock was larger than mine, and it was even a bit bigger than the man in the video! At this point in my life, I had heard of the words “tranny” and “shemale”, but I had never seen one – not in person, nor in a video.

When I saw that sexy woman’s cock, I initially thought that I would be repulsed and would change the video, but I found myself stroking my cock even faster. I sat there with my eyes focused on the screen as she pushed the man down to the floor to suck her enormous cock. I could not take my eyes off of the action on that screen, as the man reciprocated the favor that she gave him earlier by taking her thick cock into his mouth. He licked along the shaft and did his best to try and fit as much as he could into his willing mouth.

At that time, as a young college student, I did not exactly have the best stamina, so the surprising turn of events in the video pushed me over the edge. I felt the familiar pressure build up inside of me, so I stood up while I continued jerking my cock furiously. I could feel the tingling sensation as the thick load of cum surged from my balls, through the shaft, and sprayed from the tip of my cock. The orgasm lasted a few seconds until the entire load of cum had landed in the corner of the booth, forming a white, creamy puddle on the floor. I could not believe how amazing that eruption felt – it had be one of the best orgasms from my recent memory!


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5 months ago
Love it.
5 months ago
that's what happens when your young and niave
8 months ago
Please give us more!!!
10 months ago
nice start!
10 months ago
Bet you loved it x