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Last time I was here I started a retell of an encounter my ex and I had with her friend Carol...Carol had announced,in a conversational tone ,that she really wanted to "screw Bernie,(my ex), with a large ,pink strap-on cock,and that she wouldn't mind if I tagged along.
No big deal you might think,except that this announcement was made in a crowded Mall food court.Heads were turned,eyebrows were raised,as was my cock,and to judge by her t-shirt,Bernie's nipples.Great.
My enthusiasm for this idea knew no bounds,and it seemed that Bern had at least the same level of excitement,so we set up an evening at home.Home is a large,comfy house,warm sunny rooms upstairs,a very large lounge designed with the party a****l(me) in mind and is just a great place to live.Bernie and I had had an interesting sex life,indulging ourselves in all sorts of fantasies and trying out whatever came to mind.I had never expected that Bernie might like to fuck women-it had been fantasised about,mainly by me,and she seemed happy enough to go along with it.
Imagine my surprise,and delight,then to arrive home one warm evening and find Bernie and Carol lying together ,both in their panties,with clothing strewn around in a way that suggested a frenzied undressing.What tipped me off though was the sight of Carols hand up Bernies swollen cunt,and Bernies hands stroking Carols F cup tits.Carols eyes met mine and she mouthed that I should stay silent,and get"naked".
As I peeled my shorts and shirt off,Bernie opened her eyes and I could see that she was in deep bliss,Carols hand was dripping,and she was gently caressing Bernies tits and nipples with her free hand.I lent over and kissed Carol ,and as we found each other's tongues, Bernie started to thrust her hips against Carols hand.As Carol fist- fucked her I offered Bernie my cock,and she swallowed it -something she had never done before.
Bernie is a petite,blonde woman,with a nice thick thatch of hair on her pussy-shaved to a heart shape one week ,bald and powdered another.This week she was waxed,as was I,in anticipation of our adventure with Carol.Looks strange having a hairless cock and sack,but this was made up for as Carol bent forward and shared Bernies tongue as they licked and sucked my cock.
Bernie came,violently,and as Carol gently withdrew her hand Bernie let a flood of juice flow down into my now waiting mouth...I love the stuff.Much to my surprise I felt a pair of hands pull my butt cheeks apart,and a slippery finger was pushed up my arse...Now that was a new thing,but as the tip massaged me I arched my back and filled Carols mouth with my cum.Bernie immediately kissed her and they shared my jism,as Carol continued to finger fuck me-I remained hard-harder even than before
Now I knew that I was there as a guest-the main event was to be for Carol to fuck Bernie-something that was unspoken but acknowledged by me.
Bernies pussy was gaping-as I watched I could see her muscles twitching and the lips seemed to flutter.Her voice was unusual-it was now croaky and breathy,and as Carol pulled her to her I dribbled a bit more cum down my cock.Carol was the mistress,and Bernie the willing servant to her desire,and Carol bent her head to suck Bernies nipples,and swollen tits,her right hand once again caressing the inside of Bernies cunt,and as I watched Bernie slid three fingers into Carol,Carols cunt so wet that three soon became four,then as Carol shifted,Bernies hand went up her to the wrist.Couldn't help myself,and I once again watched as Carol deep throated my cock.

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