my cuz and I

when I was thir#teen, my 15 year old cuz and I where checking out this new house that was being built. It was a Saturday afternoon and no one was around.The house had just been framed and there where just 2bi stud walls. The carpenters had just put the pull down srairs to the attic in and they had left a sheet of 4X8 plywood up in the rafters to work from.So being the two horny teens that we where, we went up and started to get naked on the plywood.This was realy the firstime we where compleatly naked together and I was soooo hot for his cock.I started sucking his cock and was loving it. To this point no one had ever came in my mouth before and I wanted him to.We where hot at it and he began to tense up, he grunted to me that he was going to pop his load and asked if I wanted it in my mouth?Just as he began to spurt in my mouth the customers that where having the house biult, came by to inspect the weekly progress of the carpenters.So here we are buck naked in the attic on a2x8 piece of plywood me with my fist load of cum in my mouth,and a f-amily with a hot teen gurl by the way are walking about in there not yet built home.Now yes I wanted him to shoot his wad in my mouth but no I didn't want to swallow it.And it goes without saying we did not want to get busted.Witch I was sure we was going to happen.Luckily we had pulled the attic steps up behind us before we stated to play.We where very quiet and they never looked up.My cuz almost got us busted because he could barely contain his laughter at the site of my chipmunk cheeks full of his hot load.The customers had only stayed about 15 mins. or so but it felt like an eternity for us. Just as I heard the car door open as they where leaving. I spit the jizz filled contents of my mouth on the floor below, my cuz chocked on his laughter almost as hard as I had almost chocked on his cum.That was my first hot load I loved it and of course I learned to love swallowing after that.
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1 year ago
that was Hott family always fun too :) read mine if you have time :)
1 year ago
good one. Boy Scout camp for me!
1 year ago
That was fucking hot. I love hearing aboout first time sex. I remember the first load in my mouth and how much I loved it. I was 16 he was 15. Read it on my profile it's a true story. Fuck I'm hard now.
2 years ago
sounds hot...did your cuz ever suck you?
2 years ago
That's hot
2 years ago
The first taste of cum is always the best you getted hooked on the flavor fantastic.
2 years ago
no but The house was not far away and I had a bird eye view to her bedroom with my binos hehehe!