Spring Break At Home

Please comment on this story. It’s my first one and I would like to write more about the things that I’ve done and improve on how to write. Thanks for reading my fellow perverts!

In my fam I’m the youngest of 5, 2 guys & 3 girls. Daddy was always out of town working, mama was usually with friends playing bingo, or some other mom bullshit. I’m pretty sure she was cheating with someone because we all knew daddy was fucking around. He was previously married with several k**s, plus 2 other k**s from flings that we found out about years later. He was pretty easy going with my bros, but us girls weren’t allowed to do anything! My bros would get high, d***k, fight & fuck anything that moved & it was ok with him as long as they didn’t get arrested. We couldn’t even have boyfriends, that never stopped us though. I’m not sure why but I’ve always been a bad girl growing up, starting at an innocent 12. Boys I knew wanted to kiss & feel me up & I loved the attention so I let them. Us girls had to share a room (the bros got their own each!) so I woke up a few times to my s*s’s fucking, blowing their boyfriends or sneaking out to party. I saw how they dressed, usually something off the shoulders or spaghetti straps, braless & a skirt or shorts when it wasn’t cold. I was always jealous of them cuz of how guys stared at their bodies & got all the attention, never noticing me. My oldest s*s Nina has always had a large D-cup, Isabel was a C-cup, & me….well I was a late bloomer so at the time I was a small A-cup & I hated them for it. My bros would watch them walk through the house wearing their nightgowns or a towel after showering. My bros would flick their titties through their gowns or try to pull their towels off, sometimes successful & my s****rs would always laugh about it. When I tried the same thing I got nothing from the boys & it made me sad that they didn’t care.

The only thing I did have that my s*s***s didn’t was a nice plump ass that got grabbed a lot in school, always looking back smiling at the boys that did it. Finally my bros noticed me. It was Spring Break & it was warm like Texas is so I wasn’t in the mood to wear jeans. I remember pulling out a pair of shorts & tank top, started getting dressed but I wasn’t aware of just how big my ass grew. When I put on my shorts my ass cheeks were hanging out of the bottom. I tried to adjust & stretch them but it was no use. My panties were showing as well which made me think I should just change, then I thought “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just take my panties off, it’s way too hot today anyway.” After I taking them off I could feel the material rubbing against my little pussy, felt so nice. I wasn’t new to touching myself, after all, I always seen what one s*s would do when the other was gone & they thought I was asl**p. The shorts were made of thin cotton, baby blue with white piping running down the hips & along the trim of the legs, almost as short as the boy short panties my girls wear these days. Trying not to get too excited I went downstairs to the kitchen for lunch I saw my b*o Matt sitting at the table eating cereal wearing just the shorts he slept in. “Damn your ass is big Dee” he told me jokingly as I walked by. “Shut up Matt! I got a nice booty! Guys at school love it!” I said playfully back as I jiggled it at him, then grabbed stuff to make a PB&J from the fridge. We talked a bit about random things & I noticed each time I turned to look at Matt he was staring at my ass. I didn’t know what the look on his face meant & didn’t wanna ask so I pretended not to notice. There was a different look in Matt’s eyes as he stared at me walking to the table, that’s when I saw the outline in his shorts of his balls & the nice sized bulge of his dick. There were guys at school that showed me their dicks once or twice, they weren’t as big as my bros. I felt my tiny nipples getting hard from the tank top I had on rubbing against them & noticed how Matt would shift his eyes from my little tits back to my eyes & look around like he wasn’t staring. I was enjoying the attention so wanted to see if he was getting turned on by me. “I’m gonna go pee real quick, don’t eat my sandwich!” I told my b*o. He just laughed & told me to hurry my fat ass up, as I walked passed him he stretched over with effort lightly slapping my right ass cheek, giving it a little squeeze. A bit shocked I quickly turned to look at him & he just smiled sneakily. I was so excited that I was finally getting noticed! While in the bathroom I tried to understand why the idea of turning my b*o on excited me? All I knew was I was finally getting some of the attention that my s*s***s always got. I wasn’t sexually active yet aside from kissing & touching but I knew the basics from what my friends would tell me & the things I heard my s*s***s say or do with their boyfriends when they thought I was asl**p. I thought if my b*o was liking what he seen so far what if I took my cheesy little bra off & let my tiny tits show through my tank top. I knew my chest was small, but I had on a white tank so my dark nipples would show through the material. The idea of not wearing panties or a bra made my nipples even harder. I walked back to the kitchen ready to push this game further. Matt was still sitting there waiting for me at the table & as I looked down at my plate I noticed he had taken a bite of my sandwich. “You punk! I’m gonna get a soda, you want one?” I said with a smile. “Sure” when I opened the fridge I bent over a little more than I needed to with my legs spread more than necessary, giving my b*o a good view of what I had. “I don’t see any sodas, did yall drink them all?” “Look in the bottom towards the back” Matt told me, I turned to look over my shoulder to see if he was looking at what I was showing him & sure enough he was. This put a smile on my face as his eyes moved from staring between my ass cheeks to my face with a look of being busted. “Stop staring at my butt!” I said as I turned back to the fridge, this time I leaned further into the fridge, trying to expose a bit more. “I don’t see any, are you sure there’s some left?” Then I heard Matt sigh & walk over to me. I froze in place almost afraid of what could happen. I felt my b*o casually place his hands on my hips, “There they are dumbass!” “Well I didn’t see them!” I snapped back as I leaned in pushing my ass out. “I got you Dee” I heard Matt say as he grabbed me by the hips, & at the same time I felt him pull back on my hips & pressing against me, his shaft hanging down resting in between the cheeks of my ass. “Um…. what’s that?” I asked my b*o innocently, “Oh sorry, I don’t wear underwear when I sl**p”. Though he apologized, I could feel him pressing a little firmer against my ass & I remember vividly that it kept jumping, pressing against the inside of my ass. When I turned around I looked up at Matt, smiling down at me. He was so handsome was all I could think, then slowly looked down at the growing bulge in his shorts.

It was the biggest I had seen so far, so I stared at it for a few seconds then asked “Does it always jump like that?” “Only when something touches it” he said laughing. I took it as an invite so I slowly reached my hand out & ran my fingers along my bros shaft making it jump again. A little shocked I quickly pulled my hand away & laughed. “Have you ever seen a real one before?” Not sure how to answer I finally just admitted “Yeah, a couple of guys at school showed me” “Mine is bigger than that, wanna see?” I don’t know if it was just curiosity or if it was me just being slutty, but I didn’t wanna look chicken so I sheepishly said ok. Excitedly he grabbed my hand, pulling me upstairs to his room. It seemed like it took forever walking up the stairs, wondering what was going to happen & if I was doing something wrong. I felt that it was ok, not like I hadn’t seen one before. Besides, I was curious to see just how big a dick could get. “Be quiet, Ray’s still sl**ping” he told me as we lightly walked past my other bros room. Once in Matt’s room he quietly closed & locked the door, and told me to sit in the chair at his desk. As he pulled off his shirt he whispers to me “You have to promise not to say anything to anyone about this, it has to be our secret or I’ll never let you see it again ok?” I was so nervous and curious to see my bros dick so I quietly said ok to him. Then he stood in front of me, his hard dick pressed against his shorts & without even seeing it I could tell it was much bigger than anything I had ever seen before. “Pull my shorts down” he told me with a deep seductive voice.

I did what I was told with my trembling hands, Matt’s cock springs up out of his shorts gently bouncing up & stopping pointed straight at my face just a few inches away. It was a little shocking for me, but I didn’t move back from it. I sat there amazed at my bros dick, looking at it from the side & top noticing the veins and the shape. My hands were shaking nervously as I grabbed his shaft, feeling it jump again, this time I didn’t let go. Matt started to move back leaning against desk & his cock slipped from my hands. “Grab it a little tighter, don’t let go. Ever give a hand job before?” “No.” “All you have to do is hold on to it & move up & down.” I did what my big b*o told me & before I knew it I was giving my first hand job. After a few more pointers from my b*o I hear him begin to moan & tell me I’m doing a good job. “Use both hands Dee, squeeze it for me” by this time I could feel my little pussy wetting up my shorts & remember thinking “This is my first real sexual experience & it was with my b*o, stroking his dick in my daddy’s house, and I love it!” I can’t say how long I was jacking my b*o, I just remember the size of his dick in my tiny hands as I moved it up & down. “Pull up your shirt!” He grunted at me moving my hands away, he started jerking his dick faster to my bare chest. “Rub your pussy Dee, I can see it’s wet. Rub it, hold your shirt up Dee” I was so fucking turned on by now I didn’t hesitate rubbing my pussy through the soaked material of my shorts, as I was doing this my b*o was already pinching & playing with my tiny tits as he was still stroking. Watching him and feeling him begin to touch my body all over turned me on more & more. So much so that I leaned forward towards head of his dick & gave it a little lick. This sent my b*o over the top causing him to gasp or lose his breath for a moment, then he finally tells me “I’m cumming Dee! I’m cumming!” I had no idea what he was talking about, but the next thing I know he’s shooting his pearly white load all over my tits with so much f***e I could hear it splashing onto me. He didn’t seem to have any control because some of it shot onto my chin & neck, or maybe he knew what he was doing & was aiming for my face! Through all of this he was groaning with pleasure the way all guys do when they shoot cum on their little s*s, I was still kinda shocked of what was happening & was frozen completely still while he was unloading his balls on me. When he was finally done, he sat back on his desk again breathing as if he just ran a marathon. “Fuck s*s, that was great!” Mat said as he stood there with his dick going limp. I sat there in front of my b*****r, cum dangling from my chin, running down my 12 yo tits, my legs spread open wide, with the front of my shorts completely drenched with my pussy juice.

I had no idea how to react to things now that it was over. I don’t guess Matt even cared about what we had just done, he just told me with a sweet smile to remember not to tell anyone to which I agreed. “Did you have fun?” he asked me, but before I could even answer he told me to wipe the cum off & make sure I take a shower. Again I did what I was told. While I was in the shower I kept thinking about what happened. I liked it. I liked making my b*o feel good, I got a little pleasure from it too. If all I did was stroke my bros dick, how could it be wrong? I’m my mind it wasn’t, how could it be bad to make my b*o feel good?

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4 months ago
Hot Hot ! Sooo Hot!
5 months ago
Very hot story, I love how you write! Thanks for sharing!
7 months ago
I think you're probably the best sister in the world!
9 months ago
I think you write OK. Better'n a lot of people here! Keep it up, Dee! You could be a famous author some day!
11 months ago
Omg what a story, got us so horny! Thanks!
11 months ago
Great story so hot. love it ;)
11 months ago
Well-written and HOT as FUCK...as are you!
12 months ago
my experience was similar, was going to let you know this in a text but couldn't
1 year ago
guessing from your choice of words i'll bet it went on for quite a while and got hot and heavier ;)
1 year ago
It was a really fun first experience! lol
1 year ago
i hope this is all true, i loved it, awesome story
1 year ago
that is one hot story!! i jerked off the whole time i was reading!
1 year ago
very hot! I love it!