How Mr. T and Mrs. C started

We met in college in rual West Texas, we had a class together and ended up becoming friends. Mr. T had a girlfiend at another college across the state and Mrs. C was single. This is his side of the story..........
I walked into one of my first long semesters at my new college looking forward to who I might get to meet. My roommate was in the same class and we ended up going together. This beautiful girl was sitting in the row behind me, she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt with her hair pulled back not trying to impress anyone but I was instanly in awe of her, however so was my roommate. We talked and I was looking forward to the next time I would get to see her. Fast forward about 2 weeks.

Me and my girlfriend were having problems like every long distance relationship does and Mrs. C was growing more and more the target of my affections. However she seemed to favor my roommate and they began to hook up periodicly. Lucky for me he was a dumb a** and he still had a girlfriend out of town also.

A few more weeks went by and my problems with my girlfriend intinsified. Me and a group of friends went down to another small town and parited. Me and Mrs. C went down early to see her horse and spend some time together she was still upset over my roommate and I had become a closer friend. After a night of drinking way to much I confessed to a friend how much I liked Mrs. C of course my friend reminded me that I had a girlfriend and I didnt need to do anything late I was in love.

Back in our college town I convinced Mrs. C to let me give her a back rub, when she went to put her shirt on I caught a glimps of her beautiful dark brown nipple poking out over the top of her bra, my erection was swift.

Then a few days went by and I was with another friend, I was txting Mrs. C and she said something that made me know she liked me. I was the happiest guy on the planet! After fighting with my roommate that day I made the comment that I was going to sl**p at a friends house, Mrs. C invieded me over to her house, I gladly accepted. When I packed my overnight bag I didnt grab any condoms because I still had my girlfriend and thought there was no way I would cheat on her. (Granted she had refuesed my phone calls for 2 weeks and I hadnt been able to break up with her, I found out later she knew it was comming and thats why she wass't talking to me.) At Mrs. C's house we watched a movie and cuddled and made out and then she asked if I wanted to go to bed, I said sure thinking she must be tired I was going to sl**p on the couch and she grabed my hand and lead me to her bed.....

I slowly undressed her taking her body in it was beautifull, 5'3", small perky tits with dark nipples, an amazing a**, and the most beautiful bush I had ever seen all on a 98 pound frame. She took my cock in her hand and began to rub it as I fingered her for more than an hour we did that. Then she asked if I had a condom because she wanted me. Stupid ME!!!! I asked if she could wait amazingly she laughted and said of course! I dressed at top speed and drove 70 mph though town back to my dorm, the best part was as I ran down the hall back from my room I litterally ran over my roommate who aske "Where the hell are you going!" no time for an answer.

I walked back into Mrs. C's bedroom and found her on top of her sheets still naked and rubbing her pussy furiously, any and all thought left my brain and I knew I wanted to be in that sweet slit. I layed down and she helped put the condom on slowly and asked if I enjoyed her show. "It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" She then took charge and told me she was going to show me what she was capable of. She lowered herself slowly on to my rock hard cock and began to grind slowly at first then with increasing speed. I could feel her lips tighten with every orgasm that took her body. She was amazing when she finally sqirted all over me she looked down with suprise and said "IM SO SORRY!" I looked her in the eyes and said "For what?"

I ended up flipping her over and slowly worked to a great rythm, as she moaned and quivered with ever intensing orgasms I could feel I wouldn't last much longer. She was driving me crazy kissing my neck and bitting my shoulder, in return I would tug at her hair and leave hicky after hicky on her neck. Then I felt my last condom break I quickly striped it off and thought the night was over. Mrs. C looked me in the eye and said "Get back inside me I want to feel you cum in my pussy, please no one ever has. Dont worry im on the pill." That was all I needed, I had never had sex without a condom before and the differance was amazing, her velvet wet pussy felt so good! I made it to her next orgasm and when I felt her tighten on my cock I let loose all the cum I could muster. The feeling of the hot cum made her crazy! She flipped me back over and again started grinding on my softing cock. I could feel all of our juices dripping onto my balls and it was amazing. After another orgams on her part we cleaned ourselfs up and layed down in the same bed we had made such amazing love on and I knew I never wanted to leave her.

4 years later your reading the first night of the rest of my life with this amazing woman you know as Mrs. C!

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7 months ago
Amazing and hot story
8 months ago
A squirter too! Love it. Would love to hear her side of the story