Three Men in a Limousine

Having unwittingly found myself in a bar, nestled in the city’s gay district, brooding over the strange situation of witnessing my girlfriend indulging in extra-curricular sex at the office, I was approached by David, a smart gentleman, in his late forties, but extremely attractive in manner and appearance. He had offered me a drink, I refused, but his next take my mind away from my apparent troubles for a short while..that was something I definitely needed.

We left the bar together, I got a knowing look from the bartender, he smiled, as if he knew exactly where I was going and what I would be doing with this guy. Outside the bar, the evening was growing as the sunlight faded and the city came alive with the sparkle of the streetlights. We waited at the kerbside, David had made a short call on his sleek mobile phone and a few minutes later, a white stretch limousine arrived..darkened windows lent an air of mystery. I looked at David with a slight wariness.

“Listen, I’m not getting into there, if that’s what you are thinking.” I made myself pretty clear.
“Why not? You were willing to leave the bar with me..what do you think I’m gong to do, k**nap you or whisk you away to a foreign country? Don’t be stupid, young man..come in the car with me and I will take you somewhere that no car ever could.” I was intrigued and I cannot remember why this man had such a way with influence. But he was right, I willingly left the bar and if he had whisked me down a back alley somewhere, I would have gladly let him have my cock for his own pleasure. I wanted to erase the images of my girlfriend, Jade, being fucked senseless by a nameless man who I had never seen before, while her bastard of a so-called boss looked on and tossed himself off at the same time.

He opened the car door at the rear end of the limousine and got in, leaving the door open for me to decide my own mind. “Sod it!” I thought. My cock was in a semi-erect state, I could feel it in my pants, pushing against the material and I am sure he could see it too. I got in the car and sat on the plush leather seat, next to David, closing the door to the relative safety of the streets behind me. It was too late now, I heard the car door lock as the limo swished away from the kerbside, his cologne permeated the air around me..I felt my cock twitch in my underwear, the anticipation of what he was going to do with me made it grow, stretching toward a full erection.

“Where are we going?” I asked, fully expecting him to tell me we were going to his apartment.
“Nowhere”, he replied with a soft smile, “My driver, Frank..he is from Italy and speaks no English..he will drive us around the city. But don’t worry, the glass is one-way only, as you saw.”
“I see and what do you have planned? - for me, that is.”
“For you, young man? I am going to introduce you to Frank, once he finds somewhere quiet to park the car. In the meanwhile, I am going to familiarize myself with your body and, most especially, your young, hard cock. It is hard, isn’t it?”
I nodded my head “Yes, it is. You’re making it go hard.”
He smiled again, “That’s a good boy. And now I am going to introduce myself to the contents of your pants, lie back for me” I lay back on the comfortable seat and David grabbed my crotch, massaging the bulge in my pants, causing me to catch my breath and tense my buttocks. I watched his hand working on me, my cock was at full stretch now, I thought I could feel it leaking fluid already..Damn! I felt so fucking horny! This was unreal..doing this with a could I trust him?

After a few minutes of teasing and tormenting my raging hard-on, he had me in a right state. He never said a word while he took me toward total abandonment, I was on the point of begging him to rip my pants off when he made a move on my zipper. He flicked the button open, then dragged the zip down, the relief from the tightness on my pants made my cock expand even more. Raising my butt off the seat for him, I helped to drag my pants down to my knees. He gave me a kind of sexy look with his dark, smouldering eyes and began picking at the buttons on the front of my boxer shorts. One by one, the four buttons popped open, I felt the air meet my shaft, my breathing was rapid in anticipation of the moment when he would take hold of it in his hand.

His fingers dipped into my underwear, I swallowed hard and my hips made an involuntary movement toward his hand, pushing my cock against it..he fished it out of the gap in the material. A rigid pole of excited flesh and gristle with the head all swollen and flushed, now pointed at him, pleading for some attention. He teased the underside with a deft finger, the groan that escaped my lips made it clear that I was well and truly ready for sex. Through light-headedness and half-closed eyes, I felt his fingers encircle my cock..more groaning and moaning..and then the gorgeous sensation of being tugged, slowly and expertly, the soft material of my underwear tickled against my ball sack with every upward pull of his hand.

“Is it feeling nice?” He asked, so matter of fact.
“God! Yes! It’s fucking wonderful!” came my stuttered reply.
“You are leaking a lot of pre-cum, I should be careful, I don’t want to make you ejaculate..that is Frank’s department. Are you listening to me?”
“Yes, yes..Frank..where is he?” I was lost in the mounting excitement and the sensations that were erupting in my cock and balls, the thought of how fucking good it was going to feel when my spunk erupted. But I didn’t want the sensations that were running through my shaft to ever stop..they felt so, so good. I was fast approaching orgasm when David’s fingers let go of my rampant hardness..”What..why have you stopped? I was..” David put a finger to my lips, telling me to shush.
“The car has stopped, Frank must have found a suitable spot.”
“Suitable for what?!?!” I was quite frustrated at having my impending joy cut-short like that.
“You’ll soon find out.” he looked at me with those eyes again, “Don’t worry, you will get your sexual release..I promise you.”
With that, he opened the door and got out, then his face appeared again. Wagging a finger at me, he commented “No playing with that cock of yours, you will spoil the fun if you finish yourself off.”
“O.k., I promise”, said like a scalded schoolboy that had been caught masturbating.

I heard David talking in what must have been Italian and a gruff voice responded. I awaited in silence, looking at my cock, watching it twitch along with the beat of my pulse. It felt like a rod of iron but I dare not touch it, as I would have probably ended up wanking myself to a spunk-up. I just wished that David would return and carry on where he left off. The door opened and my heart raced, was my cock about to receive more attention? It wasn’t David, it could only have been Frank, a large, dark guy, wearing a uniform and looking like a fucking 1970s pornstar. Jesus, I thought that guys like that didn’t exist anymore! He grunted something I couldn’t understand and then sat on the seat next to me, his slightly beady eyes stared at my quivering tool. Rather roughly, he grabbed my hair at the back of my head and before I could protest, he was trying to stick his tongue into my mouth. I had intended to keep my mouth shut but when I felt his thumb and forefinger start playing with the head of my cock, I gave in and opened my mouth. Actually, he was a good kisser, so I tangled my fingers into his curly hair and responded in kind, which made him grunt and shove his tongue deeper.

His fingers wrapped around my cock, wanking it slowly and deliberately. He broke the kiss, thankfully, because I needed air, and when I opened my eyes I saw David sat on one of the long seats, holding a video camera. He saw my alarm.
“Oh, don’t worry about this little thing” he said, disarmingly “There will be no faces involved. I will let you see, once Frank has finished with you..and if you don’t like it, I will delete the video.” He smiled again, but it looked more evil this time. “It’s only for my private collection, no one else will see it, I can promise you that.”

Frank kissed me again, his tongue invading my mouth, his fingers increased the tempo of the masturbation, I was closing in on my orgasm.
“Frank..Frank..Frank!!!” Davids voice seemed to be far away, until Frank stopped his delightful ministrations on my dick and I came up for air again.
“Frank”, David said quite calmly, “I do believe that our young guest is about to ejaculate, don’t you?”
Big Frank looked at my swollen and distended organ, it was twitching, drooling with pre-cum and looked as though the slightest touch of a feather would send the spunk squirting from its purple tip. Frank grunted and nodded. He pulled me away from the seat and began to undress me, stripping me of my t-shirt, shoes and socks and finally my pants..leaving me naked..David was still filming the whole thing. Frank guided me over to were David was sitting, the camera was pointing at my swaying member as I shuffled toward him. I was kneeling between his open thighs, Frank knelt behind me and reached around, taking hold of my prick again. David was holding the camera at an angle, focusing on what Frank’s hand was doing to my cock. He was kissing my neck and I could feel his hard-on through his pants, pushing against my naked buttocks.

By now, I was beyond any return, I didn’t care what David filmed, the delicious feeling of Frank’s hand on my shaft was all I could focus on..the tugging against my cock’s sensitive head, his other hand was groping one of my buttocks, massaging it rhythmically, in time to the strokes on my erection. I couldn’t hold off any longer, despite how much I was swimming in the joy of the balls tensed and my abdomen went into involuntary spasms. I pushed my buttocks against Frank’s groin, his hard-ridged cock pressed into the crack between them, he responded by pushing back and when I felt his other hand reach around to tickle my balls, the sperm started to rise up my shaft.
“Oh..yeah yeah..oh my God, yeah..Frank!! Ohhhh....” and a long groan heralded the eruption of a hot steam of goo that arced into the air and splattered onto the fully-clothed David. It raked down over his belly, saturating his white shirt with greyish, damp patches. Frank was still pumping my cock, a brief respite of a second or so, I moaned again and then another two ejaculations spurted out, not as fierce this time, they came down over David’s crotch. All the while, he had been holding the camera on the upper reaches of his chest and making complimentary noises about how good it all looked. My ardor died down and Frank stopped tugging, just holding the shaft and allowing a bead of sperm to ooze from the tip of my ravaged cock, before it dribbled over the dome and dripped off onto the carpet of the limo. Then his sensuous fingers were gone, I felt his hands on my buttocks again, gentle and appreciative. David, still filming, reached for my cock and slid his hand over it, down to the base and back up again, I twitched with the sudden sensitivity..he had the camera just inches away from the tip of my cock-head..he squeezed gently and more sperm seeped out when my shaft thickened for the last time before starting to wilt. He held the camera there, catching the progression of my return to an almost semi-erect state, then he turned it on himself, scanning the pools of spunk and the damp patches of translucent material, where his shirt was beginning to stick to the skin underneath it.

After what seemed like an eternity, he put the camera down on the seat beside him and looked at me. Being the only one naked made feel like some kind of virgin sacrifice..I felt vulnerable.
“That was perfect” said David “Absolutely perfect..what a lovely cock you really should make the most of it, young man.”
“Can I get dressed?”
“Oh, yes, please do.” He looked over my shoulder to Frank, “Have you finished with him, Frank?” he asked, almost politely. Frank gave his usual grunt and slapped me playfully on the buttocks before guiding me back to the other seat. He sat down beside me and said something in Italian..I looked over to David and shrugged.
“He wants you to pleasure him” he responded.
“Oh, I should have known.” I replied, almost sarcastically.

I got onto my knees in front of Frank and undid the buttons on his chauffeur’s pants, he lifted his hips, allowing me to drag them to his ankles. I had to stifle a smile when I saw he was wearing black Speedo ‘pornstar’ I thought, but they were nicely filled with a big bulge that seemed to have a life of it’s own. His cock was moving, growing in size. I hooked my fingers into the waistband, he raised again and the trunks slid down easily enough, his big dick tumbled out onto his thigh. It was quite a size, long, not overly thick but beautifully proportioned..and my God! He had the hairiest bollocks I had ever seen! I picked it up by the shaft, instantly it thickened and pumped up into a full-blown erection. I leaned in, running my tongue up the underside whilst squeezing the tip with my thumb and finger. Frank’s head was back against the seat, his eyes closed. Feeling brave, I took my first ever mouthful of cock, the spongy head lay against the flat of my tongue, I held the base of his shaft and began to slide my lips up and down it’s ridged surface.

He made appreciative noises, his large hand was on my head, pushing it back down every time I slid my lips back to the tip. David was there with his damned camera again, close in on the sucking action and encouraging me to make Frank blow his load. Frank really didn’t need any encouragement, he was doing fine as it was, which was obvious from the copious amount of fluid seeping out of his engorged prick. He was whispering under his breath, a rapid stream of unintelligible language.
“He’s going to cum” whispered David, “ He wants you to stop the blow-job and finish him off by hand, so he can give you a facial.”
I took David’s word for it and slipped Frank’s cock out of my mouth, leaving a salty taste behind it, then I encircled my thumb and forefinger around his cock and gave him the hand relief he wanted. His hips were making small jerking movements, almost as if he was fucking a woman. I licked on his ball sack, the coarse pubic hair bristled against my tongue, then I took one of his nuts into my mouth and sucked. He went crazy, his hips were now shuddering and I looked up in time to see that his thick shaft was starting to ooze a thin, white fluid. He grabbed me by the hair, pushing me back, David wrapped his free hand around Frank’s about-to-erupt cock and stroked him. It had the desired effect, as a veritable fountain of heat splashed over my face, covering everything..eyes, nose, mouth, spunk..and David captured it all.

With Frank slumped on the seat and still recovering, I used some wipes that David had for “such occasions” to clean myself and then got dressed. Outside the car, David showed me what he had captured on the camera. It was weird but very erotic, knowing that the young, faceless man in the video, his naked body being brought to a very intense orgasm and the subsequent blow and wank on the big Italian, was me.
“What will you do with it?” I asked, still unsure.
“We, Frank and I, will watch it, as we have with all the others, and he will use his quite considerable technique to hopefully make my cock ejaculate as much as yours did, my dear boy.”
He reached into his inside pocket and produced a brown envelope, offering it to me with a smile.
“What’s this?”
“Just a ‘thank you’ for your help.”
I looked inside, there must have been at least a thousand in there. He smiled again, “Take it, for services rendered..and for making my day one to remember.”He got back into the car and beckoned me in. “Frank will drop you back at the bar, if you wish.or would you rather go home?”
“The bar will be fine, thanks.” I didn’t want him knowing where I lived.

The limo drew up against the pavement and I got out, not even turning back as I closed the door behind me. The limo smoothly drew away and I watched as it reached the end of the street, turned the corner and vanished out of sight. Patting the padded envelope in my pocket, I made my way home. It had been a hell of a weekend, Sunday tomorrow and a much needed day of rest..maybe catch up with the football on TV and call Jade to see what we could salvage from the emotional mess we had created between us.

Ah well, such is life, one door closes and another opens. It was the beginning of a new sexuality for me, the best of both worlds, so to speak and at the moment, getting cock was starting to become quite desirable. How would it pan out? No idea..but I will let you know.

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1 year ago
I don't usually go for this kind of stuff, but that was a hot!
1 year ago
I thought it was a delicious story...thanks :P
1 year ago
Thanks, guys! Much appreciated. :)
@Brotherbi..Frank's "Italian sausage" was never going to get into my muffin. ;)
1 year ago
Heck of a story! for a young person to go thru! Wish more like it were aroung! Thanks
1 year ago
Thought for sure Frank was going to put his Italian sausage in your English muffin! :-0