The Irresistible Path to Ejaculation

Having finished the clean-up operation on the dressing table and it’s mirror, I decided to have a lay down on the bed. It was still early enough to grab a nap before breakfast, although I was quite hungry, but the nervous excitement of giving Marcus a quick hand job in the shower and then draining my own cock of its spunk..I felt both shaky and satisfied. I fell into sl**p with images of Marcus’s trim, young body and remembering how the hot splashes of his sperm had felt against my wet skin.

I awoke with a jump, and upon seeing the disheveled bed covers, I realized that I must have slept uneasily. What time was it? My watch lay on the bedside cabinet, I sprawled over and attempted to pick it up but my hands were trembling and I dropped it on the floor. Hauling myself out of bed, I retrieved the timepiece and focused my weary eyes on the dial. “Shit!!” It was turned 11:00am and I was still pissing around in the bedroom. Dressing quickly, I checked my hair in the mirror and made my way down stairs.

Strangely, there was no sign of activity. Maybe Marcus was still in bed..maybe he and his girlfriend, Keira, were still fucking each others brains out. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself and proceeded to make coffee and toast. I mused over the previous events while I waited for the toast to pop-up..the sex with Jade as she listened to the shenanigans in Marcus’s bedroom, my unexpected encounter with Marcus in the bathroom and the subsequent masturbation first ever at the hands of another man..then, this morning, my first time at wanking the cock of another man. Fucking hell! Either I had stepped into a porn film or I just got extremely lucky all of a sudden.

My reverie was broken by the sound of the toaster throwing out the bread. I coated the slices in marmalade and went through to the dining room with my breakfast. From upstairs, I heard the sound of activity as I munched through the food and by the time I had drained my cup of it’s steaming contents, Keira appeared at the doorway, looking slightly the worse for wear and at a bit of a loss. She really was a stunning young lady. Her blonde, tousled hair and sharp, blue eyes made for a deadly combo, and no 16 year old girl should have a body like she had. It just wasn't right..or fair..that Marcus was a lucky bastard!

“Has the kettle just boiled?” she asked, in a half drawling voice and a vain attempt to stifle a yawn.
“Yep, the toaster is still hot, too.”
“Urrgh! No food for me just yet.” She screwed her face, her nose crinkled up and she looked kind of cute when she did that. I gave a gentle chuckle “Long night, was it?”, in my best sarcastic tone.
She looked at me, horrified. “Oh my God! You heard us??”
“Haha, don’t worry, we ignored you and fell asl**p.”
Now she was looking at me and I felt uneasy. I just remembered that, whilst in the bathroom with Marcus, he had told me that Keira had spotted me at the open doorway, spying on them having sex..and getting a good eyeful of her beautiful breasts.
“Don’t worry”, she said.
“About..what, exactly?”, I offered in reply.
“Hah! You know! You spied on us..I saw you!”
I could feel the heat rise in my face, I played with the handle of my cup rather nervously. “I’m sorry..I..I was a stupid idea..I’m really sorry.”
“Aww, it’s ok, really..I probably would have done the same in your shoes, I mean, curiosity is hard to resist, don’t you think?”

She smiled a sweet smile. She was now stood at the side of me, looking down with her sparkling eyes. I hadn’t realized that she was only wearing one of Marcus’s barely covered her crotch, probably due to the proportions of her fairly large breasts. Jesus! I could see the shadow of her nipples through the thin material, I averted my eyes and shifted uncomfortably on the chair.
“Where’s Marcus? still sl**ping?”
“Oooh, no” she cooed, “He went out to meet Richard and you know them, his friends from college? They are going to the football match”.
“I don’t know them. I was going to go but I don’t think I will, Jade should be home after lunch.”
She looked at me again, “She called earlier, she said that the new client, or something like that, was taking the office staff out to lunch. She said she would be home around five.”
“So much for lunch, then.” I mused aloud. “Maybe the football is a good idea.”
“Or...” she trailed off
“Or what?” I gave her a slightly quizzical glance. She was biting on a nail and pondering, I could see something going on in that pretty head of hers.
“ could stay here with me...” I still gave her the quizzical expression.."Did you like what you saw last night..when you peeked on me?” she asked. Her face flushed ever so slightly and she swallowed hard, as if she has just done something wrong and expected to be bawled out.

Well, if I was uncomfortable before, I was positively nervous by now! What was she suggesting? I needed to be careful, she was 16 years old and girls of that age do not act logically.
“What I saw was not un-pleasurable.”
“You saw everything?” she asked.
“No, just your..errm..just your top-half.”
“You saw my boobies! What did you want another look to decide?”
Before I could really react, she had lifted her t-shirt up to her neck and I was faced with a delicious pair of tits that would drive any sane man to distraction and it wasn’t just her chest that made my heart start to beat fast..her pink, flowery panties were on full display and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the plump mound that they contained.

She pulled her shirt back down, stretching the hem below her panties.
“Ooooh, you! You are supposed to be looking at my boobies, not my snatchbox!”
“Sorry”, I countered, “But if it’s there on show, I’m gonna look!”
“Cheeky boy!” smiling again “Did you like my snatchbox?”
“Yes, it is..” I was so hot-bl**ded by now, I needed to fuck her. “Dammit, Keira!”
With that, I stood up, the chair fell back and Keira jumped away slightly, a nervous look on her face.

I swooped her up in my arms, she was surprisingly light..or it could just have been my adrenalin rush..and carried her to the other side of the long dining table, away from the clutter. I dropped her down on it, her bottom perched on the edge. The table had a crisp, white table cloth on it, I looked around for some protection.
“What are you looking for?” Keira asked.
“Something to protect the 'posh’ tablecloth, we don’t want to get any spunk stains or your juices on it, do we now?” She giggled and it dawned on me just how young this girl actually was, but too late!, she was having my dick inside her, ten years younger than me or not.
“Try the washing machine” she offered, “There may be a bath towel in there.”

There was and it was probably the same towel that Marcus had wiped his hands on, after tugging on my cock in the bathroom last night. Perfect irony, I thought. She jumped down from the table while I folded the large towel into a padding and protection aid, then I grabbed her waist and lifted her back on to it. “Better?” I asked. She nodded and gave a little squeal of delight, her face was so beautiful..Marcus really was such a lucky boy. I pushed her back, so that she lay flat, her long legs dangled over the table’s edge. Now, her panties had stretched ever so tightly over her protruding mound..Fuck me! It was so plump and inviting and those goddamn ‘little girl’ flowers on her panties just made my cock ache even more so.

with my hands clasped on her smooth thighs, I buried my face into her crotch and started to moisten the material with the flat of my tongue. She held my wrists with her hands, squeezing tightly every time I pressed my tongue into her nubile, fleshy cunt. I could smell the sex she had been having with Marcus, a sort of ‘fishy, musky’ aroma..very feminine, yet very dirty. In fact, the whole situation was a sordid one. I had betrayed my girlfriend, Jade, by having my first ever Bi-sex with Marcus, now I was going to betray him by fucking his irresistible girlfriend. But I couldn’t stop myself, I had to have this gorgeous young woman, I had to screw the arse off her! She needed it..I needed it..she was going to get it!

By now, her soft moans had become veritable screams and it’s a good job the house was detached within its own grounds, otherwise the neighbours would have called the fucking police by now, claiming someone was being murdered! Jesus! she was loud, I don’t know how the hell she had kept the noise levels down whilst fucking in Marcus in his room. Thankfully, she came, just as my mouth was starting to ache from the motion, her buttocks raised and held up off the table, my wrists being crushed by her vice-like grip. I looked up, beyond her heaving breasts, her mouth was wide open in a silent scream, eyes screwed tightly shut..then release, her arse fell back onto the towel and her thighs relaxed and dropped wide open. I stood upright again, her hands let go of my wrists and flopped at her sides, her belly was expanding and contracting with her rapid breathing.

“Wow, that was good..really good” she declared with a kind of triumphant smirk.
“Glad you enjoyed get up, pull those panties down and bend over the table for me.”
She made a little gasping noise “Oh God, yes! I love dirty talk, it makes me go all submissive.”
I couldn’t believe that she was just 16 years old, she had a mind like a fucking pro..and to be honest, a body like one, as well. She stood up and hooked her thumbs into her panties, pushing them down.
“How far down do you want me to push them?”
“Not too far, but you will need to be able to open your thighs enough for me to get my cock inside your cunt.”
“Stop it!!’re so, so dirty! That really turns me on you know.”

She left her panties about two inches below her cunt, I practically drooled over sight of it. A dark thatch of reddish-blonde, springy pubes awaited my now throbbing shaft. I pressed my hand onto her firm, young buttocks, delighting in the feel of her velvety skin “Lift your t-shirt up..but just to below your tits”. She did as asked, her breath grew more ragged as she did so. Placing the palm of my other hand flat against her abdomen, I slid it down over the gentle curves, feeling the tips of my fingers encounter the springy curls of her pubes and then the soft, hot, puffy flesh of her cunt lips. Her buttocks twitched and tensed as I ran a finger along her crack, I felt the sticky flesh give way to a hot smoothness as I curled-up my finger and delved it into her juiced-up pussy.

I supported the back of her head while I kissed her. Pressing my tongue in-between her lips, I mimicked the action with my finger into her cunt, she was trembling and making those gentle moans again. I kept her there for a short while, my tongue and finger acting in concert upon two the sets of moist lips. Finally, we broke for air, she rested her forehead against mine and we both watched what I was doing to her wet cunt.

“It feels lovely”, she said, “and looks so horny.”
I smiled, “Yes, yes it does, doesn’t it?”
“You are going to..” she looked almost to shy to say it “ fuck me, aren’t you?” I actually thought that she was going to burst into tears.
“Of course I am..I said I was going to.”
“I know, but you seem so occupied with this, I thought that maybe it was just going to be hands-only sex.”
“God, no! My dick will burst if I don’t fuck you.”
“Haha, probably not” she laughed “But that would be such a waste if it did.”
“Yeah, it would.” I laughed with her.

I kissed her once more and withdrew my wet fingers. I was about to wipe them on her belly when she got hold of my hand and sucked on my finger tips. “Whose dirty now?” I said. She giggled and went flushed. “Ok., get over that table and stick those delicious butt cheeks in the air.”
“Oooohh! Yes, master!”, she joked, with a fake salute.

That pert, young arse certainly was a sight to see, especially with those pervert-teasing panties pulled down her thighs. Firm, creamy buttocks, so smooth and they should be at her age..and I toyed with the idea of pulling out before I came and spurting the cum all over them..if I could be strong enough fight the desire of spunking into her pussy. I undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles, my boxer shorts were quite damp with pre-cum, and they too joined my pants at my feet. I had to be careful not to do too much with my cock..I wanted to rub it over her buttocks but as soon as I touched the head to her soft skin, I felt my spunk rising.

This was going to be tough, I was so turned-on by her that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last very long, I only had to touch my shaft and the pre-cum would seep out. I lowered myself to get the angle right and brought my cock-head up to between her thighs. “Just open a little more, Keira”. She cooed with delight at my order and shuffled her feet to create more access in between her legs. I pressed the tip of my knob into the gap, the shaft thickened and twitched when I felt the hotness envelop the first inch or so.

“Shit!!” I had to stop it there.
“Ryan, what’s the matter, am I dong something wrong?”
“No,’s’s just..”
“What? What is it, tell me.”
“Sweetheart, you are so beautiful and I am so, so goddamn horny, I’m just not sure how long I can last without might just be over for you too quickly.” All the while, I was fighting the urge to bury my cock to the hilt and just letting the spunk flow. She was obviously finding the whole thing a real turn-on as she kept trying to slide her buttocks back along my prick but I held her firm with my hands.
“Please!” she moaned at me “It doesn’t matter, fuck me however you want to..I just want to feel you cum. I don’t care if it’s quick!”

She lay her head down on the towel and her buttocks raised up even higher, the vision in front of my eyes was fucking amazing and I went for it. My cock rammed into her, splitting her cunt lips as my balls slapped against her flesh, I gripped her thighs, holding her still while I pumped and pumped, my cock tensing and thickening. My nut-sack began to tighten and the sperm began on its unstoppable rise. The point was reached when it is impossible to prevent the explosion of liquid lust that was about to flood her cunt, there was just no way I could have withdrawn and spunked over her arse cheeks. I was up on my toes, each thrust shunting her further up the table, she moaned loudly with every slap of my flesh against head was already muddled and spinning, pops of light exploded in front of my eyes as every single sensation I had in my body was concentrated into my cock and balls.

The spunk streamed from my swollen dick, spurt after spurt, I could feel the tingling pulses juddering through my ball sack and the swollen tip of my cock, as I kept it buried up to the hilt for maximum penetration. Finally, the ecstasy eased and as my head still spun, I managed to lift myself up, standing for a minute or two and listening to the ragged breaths from both of us, I kept my prick inside her cunt, while it ceased twitching and the sensitivity eased off.

I slid out and slapped her bottom, gently and in fun. She got up from the table, pulled her panties up and dropped her t-shirt back down. I held her face toward mine and smiled.
“You are wonderful, he doesn’t deserve you at all.”
She smiled a shy smile and said “Thank you. You were amazing, too..I wish it was you, I really do, but I actually love him.”
“It’s ok Keira, I’m just so grateful that we had this moment.”
“Me too!” She kissed my cheek and left the room with a flourish, I heard her singing as she climbed the stairs, which made me smile as I set about cleaning up the mess, once more.

What a weekend this had turned-out to become and we still had Sunday to get through..what next, a full-blown orgy?? Jesus! who knew what could happen next?!?..

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OMG! Hot story!!
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omfg!..can't wait to hear your furtyher adventures with Marcus!