The Aftermath of Initiation

When I awoke, the first thing that became obvious was my overriding sense of guilt at what had occurred in the bathroom the night before..the second was my outrageously hard erection. Either I needed a piss or I was still erotically charged from the first-time experience of being wanked off by another guy. I did have a vague recollection of a weird dream about being in a room containing a long wall with a row of holes that each had a stiff cock protruding out of it.

I shook my head, in an attempt to rouse myself, I noticed that Jade was getting dressed into her work clothes, attaching a stocking to the clip of her suspender belt. I was slightly confused, this was a Saturday, why was she gong to work?

“What’s happening, it’s not a work-day?” I quizzed.
“Oh, hi sl**py-head. Mr. Latimer called while you were dozing, a new brief is coming into the office and boss-man is asking staff to come in, to make the place appear busy. I’ll be home just after, it’s extra cash.”
“Ah, o.k., I’ll have some lunch ready. I might go to football later.”
I got up from the bed, the covers fell away.
“My God, Ryan!”
“That’s some fucking tent-pole in your undies!”

I looked down at my groin, the stretch material of my boxer shorts was being pushed to its limits by my stiff pole, a small damp patch had formed where the head of my cock was rubbing against the inside.

“Sorry, I think I desperately need to pee.”
“Oooh, don’t apologize, sweetie”, she said, smiling and standing before me. “I could resolve that ‘problem’ for you..I have a few minutes.”
She pulled the waistband of my underwear away from my stomach and peered inside. “Mmmmm, nice!” She reached in and wrapped her fingers around my stiffness, sliding them gently up and down, from the base to the swollen, sensitive tip. I groaned in appreciation but as she began to wank me in earnest, I got a vivid picture of Marcus’s hand job in my mind and I recalled the splattering noises my spunk had made on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

“No, stop” I pulled her hand out of my boxer shorts, “I really need to pee and you will be late..we can leave it until later.” She look bemused, it wasn’t in my nature to refuse a bit of hand relief, especially considering the way she was dressed.
“Fine, it can wait”, she didn’t seem too irate, “You’re probably right, I should be going.”

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek, then gathered her belongings, “See you this afternoon, ‘sexy boy’”, she joked, whilst pointing at my disheveled underwear “You’d better make yourself decent before walking around the house, we don’t want Keira getting jealous now, do we?”. With that she laughed and left the room. My cock was aching, my balls were aching, I was so close to spurting my load when I had stopped her from masturbating me. I discarded the undies, found some fresh ones and wrapped a towel around my waist, intending to go and shower.

The house was quiet but I thought I heard a door open and close, I went out into the hallway, shower gel in hand, and made my way to the bathroom. It was already occupied, I noticed the door to Marcus’s room was still open, so I peeked in..Keira was fast asl**p, she had her head under the pillow but I could see her peachy ass sticking out of the covers. Pink, flowery panties? Hmm, probably giving in to some ‘little-girl’ fetish that Marcus had. Obviously then, it was Marcus in the bathroom. I went over to the door and listened-in, I could hear the shower going and the sound of splashing water. My stomach knotted slightly as I made the brave decision to go in..if the door was unlocked, that is. It was and I swiftly went in and locked it behind me. I could see Marcus behind the steamed-up glass of the shower doors, he was soaping his arms. Swallowing my nervousness, I slid the door open, Marcus nearly jumped out of his skin.

“What the fuck are you trying to do?? I had visions of that fucking ‘Psycho’ film in my head!!”
“Sorry”, I replied, “I just wanted to see you..last night, you know..sort it out.”
“What is there to sort out, Ryan? I wanked you, made you cum, you slept, content, I hope..what more is there to say?”
“Yeah, but..”
“But what? Come on, it’s getting cold with that bl**dy door open!”
I released the towel. “This!” I said, flaunting a huge hard-on. “I can’t get it to go away because I keep thinking about what you did..and what I want to do to you.”
He smiled, “You’d better come in, then.”

I got into the shower, our naked bodies were practically touching, I felt the tip of my cock brush against his firm buttocks, as he turned and placed the soap back on the dish. He turned back to face me, his lips looked ever so full and sensuous, a glimpse of strong, white teeth as he smiled again.
“O.k., lover boy, I’m all yours.”

I looked down at his groin, his penis was twitching, thickening into erection. Nervously, I fondled his balls and watched as his shaft became engorged and fully-erect. It was a beautiful, circumcised knob, with thick, ropey veins pulsing on it’s surface and a bulbous tip that was swollen and purple, drizzled with the streams of water from the shower, making it appear as though it was already covered in pre-cum.

With my thumb and forefinger, I gently massaged the sides of his cock while I kept one hand on his testicles. He moaned a low noise, his eyes were closed, so I took the opportunity to watch myself working at his cock. It was like watching somebody else's hands, I encircled the shaft with my thumb and forefinger..much like I do when wanking myself off..and lightly slid them up and down, nudging against the helmet. He lifted my head with his hand and my eyes closed as he brought his lips to mine, just kissing my mouth tenderly before sliding his tongue into me.

We stayed like that for an indeterminable moment, his hands on my shoulders, steadying himself while my hands took him ever closer to his impending orgasm. He lifted himself onto his toes and leaned in towards me, the intensity of his kissing increased. I could feel his groin start to jerk, as he groaned into my mouth with a kind of a****l sound. His grip on my shoulders told me he was about to release his sperm, he moved away from my lips and buried his face into my neck, short, shuddering noises came from him and I felt hot splashes against my belly, while his body spasmed and twitched against mine.

Relief, at last, he stood upright and smiled, “That was so fucking good, are you sure you ain’t a practicing ‘homo’?” he laughed.
“Definitely not! That was my first time wanking a cock that wasn’t my own”.
He looked at my erection “I don’t think we have time, you know. Keira could be awake by now.”
“It’s ok, It’s too risky as it is. I’ll go back to the bedroom and wait for you to finish in here”.
He wrapped his hand around my cock and I drew in a sharp breath at the sheer pleasure of it, he stroked it a few times and I grunted in delight.
“Soon”, he said, “and I will give you the best wank you have ever had, maybe even a bit of oral”. He winked at me and smiled that smile again. I got out of the shower, wrapped myself in the towel and stealthily made my way back to the bedroom.

Shutting the door, I leaned back against it, still in some kind of disbelief that I had just carried out my first sex act on another man. The feel of his cock in my hands was amazing and even more so when he ejaculated against my skin. I wanted it again, my rock-hard erection wanted it again. I locked the door, dried myself off and stood in front of the mirror, gazing at the swollen member that was crying out for some attention. Positioning myself so that my reflection was at the edge of the mirror, I wrapped my fingers around my erection, it appeared as though somebody off to the side of the mirror had gotten hold of my cock and had began to masturbate me.

It didn’t take much to imagine that hand belonged to Marcus. I got so worked up that I forgot to place a towel over the dressing table under the mirror. The intensity of the spunk-up was immense, but I couldn’t make a noise, which only served to increase the pleasure..thick ropes of sperm splashed over the dressing table contents and up the was only when the pleasure receded that I realized how much of a mess I would now have to clean up before I could go and get some breakfast.

Still, the pleasure was worth the hunger, and all-in-all, it had been a relatively good morning so far, but more was to come from an unexpected quarter and in an unexpected way...
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1 year ago
WOW! Nice! Got my dick hard!
1 year ago
is this a true story. if so mmmmmmmmmmmm
1 year ago
Great Job.
1 year ago
will we see them all together in the future?
1 year ago
Great story start.....cant wait for more ;)
ur gooood ;)
1 year ago
Thanks, guys. :)
Marcus will reappear in the near future.
1 year ago
Can't wait for more adventures with Marcus!
1 year ago
Well written!
1 year ago
Very very hot. Thanks.