My Gorgeous Wife with her Black Lover

Thursday Night was amazing , the night started with my wife and I getting to the Hotel an hour before he showed up . We kissed and touched each other but we were real careful not to get out of control cause I like to save all my enerygy for during and afterwards.
Eventually "He " showed up and told my wife its been so long and that he missed her , I got the ball rolling by kissing her and slowly lifted up her shirt and took her tits out of her bra , Her heart was racing (it was 2 years since she played with him or played at all) her legs were shaking , he made his way over and started rubbing her chest and reached in and started kissing her . The vision of the 2 of them making out made me so excited , he eventually made his way down to her chest and we both were sucking her breast. My wife has a weakness when it comes to having her nipples sucked , he reached over and pulled off her pants and panties and her pussy was drenched to the point I felt it on her thighs. She loves the way he finger fucks her and she was moaning loudly as she reached in and grabbed his cock , she eventually took his cock in her mouth and I knew that was my cue to move away and give them there space . He eventually climbed on top of her , it took a little while for him to get completely inside of her but once he did her arms were wrapped around his back and he was pumping her and she kept holding him in closer to her , he proceded to fuck her but at the same time make love to her as little kissed were exchanged and each were whispering in each others ear . He fucked her for what felt like hours he eventually asked her where she wants his cum and he pulled out and squirted on her face and lips , He rolled off of her to take a few minuted rest and my gorgeous wife motioned for me to come over and fuck her , after a few pushes I could not hold it any longer and came inside her pussy .
I layed on the side of her and he was on the other side and we both kissed her neck and chest and she stroked both our cocks. I eventually excused myself to the bathroom to give them some alone time and all I heard was some heavy moaning from boh of them .
He must have gotten her really worked up while I was gone cause she later told me she told him she would love for him to come fuck her when I was not home. I came out of the bathroom just as he was finishing up his 2nd load , this time he came inside her pussy. Again she motioned for it to be my turn and I immediatly put my cock inside her her pussy was so stretched and lose and again could not contain myself and came immediatly.
Some more kissing and touching and finger fucking and he was on top of her again , this time my wife was kissing his neck which was a real turn on cause I can not remember the last time my wife has done that for me . My wifes legs were spread wide as possible as he fucked her , I was kissing her feet like I always do( the best feet ever size 8 and perfect ) He was fucking her like a mad man and he eventually unloaded inside her and again I jumped on top of her and started to fuck her and I held her legs all the way back and kissed her feet , he moved over to her face and she started to suck his cock and the sight of that gave me the strongest ejaculation of my life , after I came he started to suck her pussy which kinda freaked me out a little but he was doing a great job cause she was squirming all over and for the final time he got on top and really fucked her ggod until his 4th laod of the night ended up inside her .

I love how during her time with him she seems to forget im there but then notices me and gives me these innocent looks like to say im doing this for you and she motions for me to kiss me or touch me and hug me . Afterwards is probaby my favorite time cause I cant keep my hands off her , she just smells of sex and it last for weeks! As always afterwards she has some guilt and she hates talking about it but she does for me cause she knows it turns me on , after I always say to myself how did we get to this point? We been dating since we were 15 and 14 and I was the most jealous person alive and still am but not when it comes to sex when im present . Seeing her do things like this sends me into extasy. Its great when she trys to tell me she didnt enjoy herself but I just laugh at her cause I think it helps her feel better by saying that . Before we played that night she told me how hot it would be if we could get a guy to spend the night so she can fall a sl**p in between the both of us and wake up during the night and keep fucking him. Hopefully this is our next fun night.

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9 months ago
Very erotic story! Keep up the good work. I hope you'll write again about your next encounter!
1 year ago
good tale
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
fucking awesome!!!

"My wife has a weakness when it comes to having her nipples sucked"

as a boob man, that immediately got my attention. SHE's my kind of lady ... mmmmmm
3 years ago
Nice I would Love to give it a try
3 years ago
Love to fuck your sexy wife!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good story
3 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
hot! very sexy lady too