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It’s a Sunday afternoon and the weather is terrible, the sky is grey so it looks like it might as well be late evening and the rain was coming down so hard it felt like thousands of tiny pebbles being thrown at you.

On a day like this there is nothing to do but waste time at the cinema. After grabbing my laptop I browse to my local cinema website to see what was showing close to the current time. Time Travellers Wife, I was thinking SHIT! A chick flick and I’m going to look the right tool being the only guy there but took the plunge and went along anyway.

After getting my ticket and a diet coke I headed for theater 5 and was shocked… No one was there but at the same time relief came over me as I sat down. The trailers go by and the first 5 minutes when I notice the light from the hallway creeped into the room as someone opened the door. I sank into the chair on that was on the second row to make my profile less noticeable. The figure walked closer to me and I could smell perfume, great I thought a chick with her boyfriend here while I’m on my own looking like a tool.

The figure getting closer and closer the perfume smell getting finer and finer the outline came into view. Long hair, slim figure, glasses and smartly done hair tided up at the back but with the fringe parted over the glasses, she sat next to me which made me sit up in my chair. I was thinking with all these chairs why next to me?

After she got comfy she leaned over to me and whispered, “What have I missed?” which is a valid question to ask so I explained what happened so far and the names of the characters etc. “Thanks Hun” she said.

“So you come here on your own often?” she quietly asked me. I started to tell her that I was here as I had nothing else to do and the weather was crappy and this was the only movie on at the time of me wanting to go. “Did you not want to bring your girlfriend?” at this point I was confused, thinking is she coming on to me? But I said, “Sadly I’m single” she quickly quipped “Same here, I was in the mood for a soppy romance movie and nothing was on TV”.

At this point I felt her shuffle closer in my direction and place her hand on my arm. I started to get flushed thinking holy shit is this happening? But I went along with it and placed my hand on her left knee, which she had crossed on her right. When I placed my hand there she instantly put her leg to the floor.

Her hand started to rub my forearm slowly so I returned by rubbing her knee. “You know you smell great,” I said to her. “Thanks you don’t smell too bad yourself” she said with a giggle her hand getting higher and higher up my arm.

I shuffled in my chair so I can move up her leg easier getting to the top of her thigh. When she suddenly stopped rubbing my arm. Confused I apologized, “Oh don’t be sorry” she said calmly “I’m just getting hot and want to take my jacket off”.

After removing her jacket I noticed that she on the sly undone her top button of her shirt. Game on I thought to myself. She sat down and continued to rub my arm this time instead of rubbing her leg; I pulled my arm away and started to play with her hair. Running my hands up the back of her head, grabbing a hand full of hair and giving it a slight tug.

I could hear her moaning slightly and feel her push her hand into my hand while I ran it upwards. I was starting to get hard at this point and it was getting uncomfortable for me so I hinted at it when I adjusted myself with my other hand. “You hard?” she asked. Shyly I replied “…Yeah”. She turned to me and grabbed my other hand and put it on her right boob. “You like that?” I got solid as a rock.

She placed her hand on my cock “Oh I know the answer to that,” she said while moaning as I squeezed her boob at the shock of her touch my cock. As I continued playing with her hair and boob, she went in for a kiss. She pecked me on lips lightly first, then again, then more passionately to point the point we started making out. I stopped playing with her hair and placed my hand on her face and pulled her in tighter, while getting more aggressive with squeezing her boob.

I could feel her trying to moan while we made out, when she pulled back hard to stop kissing. “Get your cock out. NOW!” she insisted. I’m not one to disappoint so I undone my belt, top button and unzipped my jeans reached in and pulled my throbbing out of my boxers.

I felt a tight grip grab my cock and slowly rubbing it up and down. She leant back in to make out so I reached for her boob again and squeezed, I instantly felt my cock get squeezed it felt great. I managed to get my free hand back to playing with her hair and felt her tilt her head back in pleasure.

The rubbing got faster and stopped when she stopped kissing me and placed her warm mouth around the head of my cock. I felt a shiver down my spin and let out a slight groan. It was so good! I could feel her tongue rubbing my tip while she was jacking me off at the same time. The pleasure was getting intense I started to thrust up into her mouth making her gag slightly.

I grabbed her hair again and started to pull on it while thrusting. I could feel myself getting close to cumming with a final thrust I shot my load in the back of her throat. Twitching I felt each shot leave me it felt amazing, she didn’t stop after I came she stayed there making sure every last drop was gone.

After making sure she had it all she pulled her head up while continuing to stroke me. “That was amazing thank you!” With a smile on my face I replied “No thank you … sorry I didn’t get your name”. “Leanne” she said while kissing me again.

We sat there the rest of the movie and exchanged number after. I think I WILL be going to the cinema more often on my own.

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I just wish that could happen to me