My Aunt and I.. Part 2


Well like I said I would update on anything that happened so, here we go!

So where to start…. Think maybe when I went to her house the next day to fix her computer sounds cliché I know but that’s what it is. I turn up rang the doorbell and waited; while I was standing there my mind ran through situations and what could happen.

I could feel my boxers tighten as my cock started to get hard. In my daydream state I was slightly surprised when she answered the door, as I had to hide my semi. “Come on in, would you like a cup of tea?” as I always do I accepted the offer, as tea is THE most amazing drink.

Well I start to remove my jacket and continue to sit down on the armchair that looks into the kitchen. “Sarah I would just like to apologize for the text messages that I was sending you last night, I was over stepping a line” hoping it would spark a conversion about the matter at hand and I was right.

“What are you sorry for? I am amazed that you like me, I have always had a soft spot for you, you’re a really nice guy” my jaw dropped I wasn’t expecting that. “Well I am sorry for dropping this on you I mean its not everyday your nephew asks to sl**p with his aunt”.

I got really hard at that point for some reason and when I say heard I mean HARD I could feel the bl**d pumping anyway back to the point at hand. She came out of the kitchen and handed me my cup of tea.

“I can’t believe this. You’re my nephew I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.”

“To be honest I’m shocked you didn’t tell me to fuck off really” at that moment her phone rang. “Shit” I thought totally ruined my setup. “I have to go pick up the k**s, I’m so sorry” fucking k**s ay! :D

I left to go home in the pissing down rain. So hours go by and not a peep after watching scream 4 I choose to play some Bad Company 2 after owning some noobs on that my phone alerts me of a text message. It was she!

It read, “I have to ask you a question. When I left you alone did you go through my underwear draw?” My heart started pumping fast as I thought it was game over and in all seriousness I was thinking about lying to her. Slowly I start typing my reply “Yeah I’m sorry, I’ll understand if you think I am a weirdo”

Well at this point I stopped writing for a few days, as I was busy trying to get this thing back on, so I will just jump ahead a tad.

So it’s a Monday. I wake up and get ready to go to work and on my way I feel my phone go off in my pocket, seeing as I was driving I didn’t check it until I got in the building. “Come to mine when you finish work, I need to talk to you urgently” it read. I was thinking at this point sweet I am in here. “Okay not a problem” I replied and when I sent that the day went as slow as possible.

Well work finished and I jump in the car and head to hers. I nervously walk up to the door, palms sweating, legs shaking, a weird sickie sensation in the pit of my stomach and press the door bell. She answered wearing a white V-neck vest top thing so you could see her chest and a pair of tight black trousers. Those things hugged her ass so tight I’m surprised she could walk in them.

I asked her who’s the van was outside “the builders” she whispered, I started to wonder why she was whispering until she started to point upstairs where the builder was fitting a bath or something. I wasn’t interested in that I was busy looking at her tits and controlling a raging hard on I had. Sarah moved closer to me and reached her hand towards mine and started to pull me into the kitchen.

“Are you okay?” she whispered. Not to sound too much like a pussy I nodded my head while looking at her tits still.

“You wanted to talk, urgent like?” I asked in a low voice. And it was then she jumped at me and started to make out with me, I returned the kissing but in my haste I got my stride wrong. “Slow down and take it easy” she told me while pecking me on the lips. I took her advice and slowing started making out with her.

I could feel her hands on my shoulder blades working their way down my back on then her hands cupping my ass, I moved my hands down her then onto her tight ass squeezing slightly. I could feel her jump a little and press into my hard cock. After a few minutes I removed my hands from her ass and started to squeeze her tits.

“Hold on a second” She said while pulling away from me. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me while she took of her pink bra. Once this was removed she jumped back into my and threw her arms around my neck and stuck her wet tongue down my throat. As soon as she was close enough I went to town rubbing her body from under the V-neck.

Sarah’s skin was so smooth. I have never felt skin as smooth as that before in my life and her breasts.. Oh my! They were perfect and her nipples were erect with the pleasure. I felt Sarah trust into my cock and her hand started to rub my hard on over my jeans.

“I want to get your cock out” She said to me “But I’m scared the builder might come down”. I looked at her and was thinking the same but as a 24 year old I want to get my dick sucked so I turned to the side unzipped and pulled out my rock hard cock.

“Holy shit” I heard her say, “You’re fucking hard!” I smiled and pulled her in to continue making out with her. She grabbed on to my cock and started to jerk me off while making out with me. “I want you to fuck me” your whispers to me.

“What here? I have a condom in my wallet if you…” She stops me mid sentence. “I want you too but I really cant” I just said oh okay knowing full well why. “But I will suck it for you”. I almost came then and there.

She went on to her knees and grabbed my cock with her right hand and kiss the tip while looking me. Still looking at me she put the head of my cock into her mouth. Oh it felt so good, so warm, so wet, so, so amazing I thrust my cock right in. Sarah coughed a little so I pulled back a tad.

While the tip was in her mouth she started to stroke my cock in a slow back and forth motion. I could feel her tongue going round in circles on my tip. “You want me to go faster?” she gargled.

I whispered yes to her and I could feel her picking up the pace. She started to move her tongue faster also and I could feel myself about to cum. “Sarah I’m about to cum”. She placed both her hands on each side of my hips and pulled me in close.

Boom… Boom, Boom. I could feel my cock tighten up while I came in to the back of her throat. She pulled back slowly and squeezed the rest out and sucked me dry. “Oh that was a lot” she giggled. I gave her a kiss on the lips. “How was that?” she asked me with a smile on her face.


P.S. As in the comment section in Part 1 I said it was kind of over and I was working on it to keep it going. Good news. Its back on and I will write about what happens next. As me writing this I will be seeing her tomorrow, so you never know.

Just so you know also. I have asked her if I can film and it was an out right no. I will try get some photos on the sly of her sucking me off but might be a challenge.
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2 years ago
Love it so much
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
Excellent stuff!
3 years ago
If this is real, it's damn hot... wow =D
3 years ago
Also people please rate this. Im trying to make it into something people look forward too, fucking my aunt has been a life goal for me and I want people to read about it.
3 years ago
mmm nice and sexy