Kate and Me. Part 2

So I was at home watching my latest DVD purchase when I felt my mobile vibrate in my pocket. The caller ID read Kate. I eagerly answered the phone to find out what she wanted.

Turns out she needed help with her new PC. I said I would be right over; I only lived up the road to her so I grabbed my wallet and ran there as quickly as I could. I knocked on the door expecting Scott to answer and let me in but to my delight it was Kate in a bathrobe. Her hair still wet she invites me in.
“So you need help with the PC ay?” I say looking at it switched off on the desk in the front room. I turn around as I see her walking up to me; she suddenly jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder.

“You know what I want she said” just before shoving her tongue in my mouth. I start walking towards the sofa and fall back into it with her still on me making out. After a few minutes she stops and removes the bathrobe so she was there naked still shaven as before. I don’t know what it was but she looked even more hotter than before, maybe it was the water droplets that where still on her but I just wanted to fuck that mature pussy raw.

She got on her knees and unzipped my jeans and pulled down both them and my boxers. My cock bounced back and then upright “Oh my” were her words before sticking it in her mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down looking at me as I roll my eyes back in pleasure.

Kate stopped for a second to spit on the tip of my cock, the spit slid down the shaft of my cock to only be stopped half way by her tongue as she licked back up the shaft of my cock collecting the spit and then ramming my cock down her throat.

This went on for a few minutes when she stopped turned around to face the wall and continued to straddle me. Her pussy was wet and ready to be fucked, she squealed as my cock penetrated her. I grabbed her hair and pulled it towards me making her back arch and her breasts to point up to the ceiling. Kate rode my cock slow at first while gaining speed as time went by. I let go of her hair to grab her tits as support while I stood up and went to ground with her still on my cock.

Kate was on all fours on the floor with me behind her hands still on her perfect tits arched over kissing her neck. “Fuck me as deep as you can” this turned me on so MUCH so I let go of her tits and grabbed her hips and pulled her in as hard as I could while thrusting my cock in as HARD as I could. “Good boy” she said passionately and gasping for air.

“I’m going to cum“ I said panting while trying to hold it back for as long as I can to make the feeling more intense. “Cum on my back” she said on all fours looking back at me. She watched me pull my cock out and jerk off till I exploded all up her back to the base of her neck.
“Perfect baby” she giggled. Kate got up and sucked my cock dry for the rest of my cum.

She grabbed my cock and pulled my upstairs and into the shower with her. Where she made me clean her back.

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3 years ago
what else did you do in the shower??