Me my b*****r and my wife

It all started out one evening that I and Diane were going out on the town. We planed to go a local bar and drink the night away. On our way we meet my b*****r Robert driving through town and we all pulled into a parking lot and chatted. I told him what we were planning and asked if he wanted to join us. He said yea and took his car home for the night. He jumped into my truck and we were off to the bar.
As the night went on I got pretty d***k. The bar closed and we went to a store and bought some more beer. My wife was driving and I was in the rear seat. We ended up at a secluded area, at this point was really messed up. I ended up telling him about all the things me and Diane did while I we were stationed in Germany. Like when we had three sums with some of our male and female friends. I ended up passing out and when I came to we were parked at the other make out spot that we use to go to when we were dating. I saw Diane and Robert head to the make out tower. From there you can see anyone coming up.

The next thing I know we are back at our house and Diane is dressed in a black teddy. I asked her whats going on, she looks me dead in the eye and says “while we were at the tower I fucked your b*****r and I am going to go to the living room and we are going to fuck again. My dick was so hard all I could say was great I want to watch from the hall. I reached between her leg and could feel the cum. I licked my fingers and as she walked away she asked how does Robert taste. I seat in our bedroom with the lights out and lessoned to them get started. The sounds of them making out made we want to cum so hard I dare not touch my cock. I went onto the hall and try to get a look without being spotted. I found the best spot; I could see Robert sitting on the couch naked and Diane on her knees sucking his cock. He had his eyes closed as he held on to her head. I could hear everything, the sound of his dick going in and out of her mouth and telling her how good she sucked cock, she was better then his wife and he had always wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. See my wife suck my b*****rs cock was the biggest turn ion ever.
Diane got off her knees and seat down next to him and told him you already fucked me no eat my pussy. In time Robert was between her legs sucking her hot pussy. I let her see that I was watching and she had a big smile on her face. She then told my b*****r to eat her hot pussy to make her cum in his mouth. She keep straining at me as she fucked is face telling him how she loved to fuck and suck cock and wanted his cock in her pussy, how she wanted him to cum inside her. She told him how she would spread her legs and let guys fuck her and cum inside her.
Robert jumped up off the floor and f***ed her onto her back on the couch and shoved his nice hard cock into her pussy all the way to his balls. They were facing away from me so I could see it all. My wife’s sexy legs spread wide and in the area, I could see his cock all the way in. Robert pounded Diane hard and fast as if it was his last piece of ass. Diane was screaming “fuck me hard and cum deep inside me, make your s****r cum” and that did it, Robert shoved as hard as he could and held himself telling her he was cumming, Diane told him the same.
I went back to the bedroom and waited for my wife. After a couple of min she entered and said I have something to show you. I laid my head over the side of the bed, she straddled my face and opened her pussy. She said look its Roberts cum. I was so hot I pulled her pussy to my mouth and sucked all of his cum out of her fresh fucked pussy. Both of their cum was all over my face when she let me up. Diane laid on the bed opened her legs, I kissed her pussy one more time, took both her legs and placed them on my shoulders and slowly slide my cock into her. I love the way her pussy feels after someone had fucked her and shot they cum in her. I slowly fucked her sweet hot pussy replay the sight of my b*****r and wife fucking. Hearing beg for his cock and for him to fuck her hard and to cum in her. Robert telling her how he had always wanted her pussy and would jack off to thought of her and that he pretended that his wife was her as he fucked her. All of this was going on in my mind with each stock of my cock into her pussy.
I aske Diane how she liked it, she said that she always loved fucking cock but to fuck two b*****rs in one night is a dream come true. She told me how hard his cock was and how the two of them had fucked in tower. She sucked his cock and he fingered her pussy. That she strpped naked and had him fuck her from behind so she could look out at the truck where I was passed out. she told me how he shot his cum in her and rode all the way home with it drpping out of her. the more she talked made me want to cum more. After all this going on I could not take it any more i shot my cum deep in my wife. The three of us still have our fun when wer get a chance. Next time I will tell you of the time I sucked his dick.
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3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
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awsome awsome awsome
3 years ago
Great fun.