Tom Welling Slash Series - Episode 10B

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: The Bartender
Summary: Something incredible happens to me tonight when I go to the pub.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person.
Note2: A special sumthing' sumthin' based on a pilot that Tom Welling did. Seems like he's going to go for the role of bartender.

Tom Welling had a busy night ahead of him.

He couldn't help but catch one guy's eye all night.

So when he had a small break, he decided to go for a chat with his boss.
"You're doing a bang up job, Tom." the owner said, clearly impressed.

"Thanks, Sir. There's something I wanted to discuss with you." Tom said as took a beer from the fridge for himself, since his boss had gestured to take one if he wanted one and brought it to his lips to take a long gulp from it.

"You can tell me anything, my friend." his boss said as he took a sip of his own beer.

"What can you tell me about this guy at the front of the bar?" Tom asked, angling his head in the direction of the guy who had been watching him.

"That's one of my regular customers. What about him? Is he bothering you?"

Tom grinned, smiling his famous smile. "Not at all. So... tell me about him. How much of a regular customer is he?"

"Oh, he comes in every Friday and is always the last one to leave." his boss told him. "Why do you want to know this? Are you interested?"

Tom shook his head. "No, I mean, what if he is straight, like 100% straight? It's a hit and miss, well, not really a hit, but a complete miss, you know what I mean?"

The boss smiled. "You've been doing such a good job tonight that you can get a longer period of time off. Chalk up a conversation with him. See if you two like the same things. I'll get Justin to cover for you."

"Thanks boss." he said as he made his way to the backdoor outside, his bottle of beer in hand, making sure to eyefuck the guy by making eyecontact before disappearing through the backdoor.

I saw him look at me and my heart jumped in my chest. Go to him! Follow him outside!

My eyes darted from left to right to make sure nobody was looking at me, and they landed on the boss of this place.

He angled his head toward the backdoor, mouthing 'go ahead'. Thank God for lipreading!

Nobody needed to tell me twice. I quickly made my way out the door, but didn't see him... not until the door closed shut again.


I jumped at the sound of his voice, for I had been so intent on finding him that I had no idea he had been hiding behind the door.

"Hey." I said with a smile.

"Boss tells me you are quite the regular here." Tom said with a smile that rivaled my own. He took a sip of his beer and held out his hand to me.

"Name's Tom Welling, what's yours?" he asked me.

I shook his strong hand and told him my name.

"Really? That's a nice name."

"Thanks Tom. I like yours too." I said, a little blush on my face.

Bet you'd like more of me, Tom thought.

His beer bottle empty and now put down on the floor, Tom grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me against the wall, his lips crushing mine.

All I thought was that I had died and gone to heaven. He really was gay just like me!

Before I knew it his hands were on my body.

"I couldn't help but notice you staring." Tom whispered.

All I wanted was to kiss him back, I was like a pup in heat, god, I wanted those lips on mine again!

But he kept on pulling back so my lips wouldn't crush his.

I started to get irritated. "Just let me kiss you!"

And then I gasped.

One of his hands had gone below the belt and was now squeezing my cock.

"So you admit you are like me?" Tom whispered against my lips.

And then I had him. Finally. I kissed him hard on his lips.

"Yes, I'm gay just like you." I whispered against his lips that I had just kissed.

God, if only he would part them.

"Good, y'know, for a second there I thought..." Tom started but I had my hands around the back of his head and kissed him again, my tongue searching for his while I arched against his hand that was squeezing my cock.

"Stop talking, Tom, I need you." I whispered against his lips.

His hands pulled back and for a second nothing happened.

"Tom, I'm sorry, I just..."

But then his hands unzipped my pants and brought them down along with my briefs so he could see the arousal that was my hard cock.

"Impressive..." he said with a smirk as he pulled down his own pants and briefs, "... but what do you think about this one?"

His cock sprang up the moment it was revealed, fully erect... and larger than mine.

"I love it. May I touch it?" I whispered in his ear, licking his earlobe.

"However you like." Tom whispered, moaning from my touch there.

My hand slid down and cupped not just my cock but also his, three fingers moving back and forth our cocks.

"Mmm" Tom groaned, the back of his head against the wall, my lips against his, frenzied kiss after frenzied kiss while I stroked our cocks.

"Oh God..." Tom moaned, his tongue perfectly meshing with mine as he pushed his cock against my fingers.

Suddenly he pulled open my shirt and started kissing me down my exposed flesh.

"Tom!" I cried out, feeling empty at the loss of our mutual lips touching, but I had to admit, this was far better.

He gently pried my fingers from our cocks and took my cock in his mouth.

"Ahhh!!!" I groaned out.

This was so much better than that fantasy thought I had.

His lips were no longer sucking me off, this time he was stroking my cock as he looked up at me.

"I love a man who mouthfucks me while I suck off his cock." he said as our eyes met.

A thrill went through me. Nobody had ever allowed me to do that.
"Please continue, Tom."

He smirked and then his lips were around my cock again.

I took both sides of his face and thrusted deep.

As I did so, I saw the pleasure in his eyes, still looking up at me while mouthfucking him.

I wanted to cry. I was so happy with Tom.

I had always come to this place every Friday and now this awesome hunk of a bartender was going down on me... and I was mouthfucking him.

He knew I was about to cum for her squeezed my ass cheeks to bring me out of whatever daze I was in.

I hadn't stopped thrusting, but I hadn't really been there to focus on what I was doing either.

"Ohhh sexy bartender stud, I'm coming. Gonna blow my load in your mouth... let it flow over your lips... ohhh yeah... are you ready Tom?" I asked him, but all he did was let go off my ass cheeks and then I felt him spank them both at exactly the same time, which was just what I needed to come.

I cried out his name as my cum shot forward.

Tom sucked me off until there was no more cum in me; I was fully spent.

Only then did he pull his mouth from my cock and himself to his full height.

"How was that?" he asked, kissing me with his lips full of my cum.

I licked his tongue to taste a bit of my cum.

"It was amazing, Tom. Can we do this every Friday night?"

Yay me for being so right to the point. Yep, that was blunt me.

He smirked. "Of course we can you sexy hunk of mine."

End of this extra extended Episode.
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