Tom Welling Series - Episode 7

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: Hooked
Summary: Something incredible happens to me tonight.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person.

Still a virgin as 19. This sucks. It's saturday night and I'm alone in my dorm room, jacking off to a porn magaine. My roommate is out on a date. It's so quiet, I think I'm the only one in the whole dorm. The men in the magazine I picked up today are really hot, but I think it's time I had a warm body next to mine. I get myself off, draining my aching nuts, and decide to do something about getting that warm body. I clean the come off, throw a towel around my waist, and head for the showers. I'm going out. Tonight I'm going to find someone to bust my cherry ass once and for all.

I've only been at this school for two months, and I don't know where to cruise. Tony's Pizza on campus is the place I'll start. It's 8 P.M., and the place is packed with college k**s. I spot my roommate and his girlfriend at one of the tables, and before I can duck away he motions me over. Reluctantly, I sit down and finish off the last two slices of their pizza and order a coke. Sitting with these two is the last thing I want to be doing right now. What I want to be doing is hunting for dick.

After a polite amount of time I get up to go, telling them I have studying to do. I have cruising to do. My roommate gets up too and says he'll go back with me to the dorm. He has studying to do too. Shit, I think.

I wait outside trying to think of a believable excuse to ditch him while he pays the check and says goodbye to his girl, but I can't come up with anything. I look down the street and notice a dude heading toward me. He's very thin and wearing torn, holey jeans and a T-shirt so sheer, I can see his nipples through it. His hair is long, his face is beautiful. He looks into my eyes and smiles with beautiful white teeth. I'm mesmerized. He looks me up and down. I do the same and notice a definite bulge in his too-tight jeans. I look back up into his eyes and suddenly break away to see if my roommate has come out yet. I can't let him catch me staring at this boy. When I look back to the boy, he's reaching into his pockets. He takes out a pen and a matchbook, writes something on it and hands it to me, saying, "Call me." I look at the matchbook and nod. His name is Tom. Suddenly my roommate is beside me, and I manage to stammer, "G-g-good to see you again, Tom. I'll call." I look at Tom as he walks away and notice a fist-sized hole in the rear of his jeans. Tightie-whitie briefs. Sexy. I want that boy.

I hang back when we get to the dorm, telling my roommate that I have to make a phonecall. As soon as he's inside our room I call the number on the matchbook but hang up when I get the prompt for voice mail. I get hard thinking about him. He was probably two inches taller than my 5 foot 8, and 140 pounds to my 190. I try to study for a couple of hours, finding it difficult to concentrate. I have trouble falling asl**p that night too.

Over the next couple of days I try calling Tom's number, but I get nothing but voice mail. I leave a message saying I was the guy he met outside Tony's last Saturday night. I leave my cell number. On Friday at noon I'm done with classes for the week and decide to try Tom one last time. As soon as I take my cell phone from my pocket it rings. And I'm thrilled to see Tom's now-memorized number on the call display.

I answer. "I thought you had forgotten about me."

"I couldn't forget about you," he says. "I've just been busy, that's all. Can you meet me at Tony's at 2 o' clock today?" Of course I say yes.

I go to the dorm and get ready for my date.

I get to Tony's early and order a soda while I wait for Tom to show. When he does he flashes that beautiful thousand-watt smile and motions for me to come outside. I hurry out.

He looks me up and down, smiles, and says, "You look nice." I repeat the gesture and say, "So do you." He laughs, and it dawns on me that he's wearing the exact same thing he had on when I met him almost a week ago. He leads me away from the restaurant with his arm around my shoulders.

"Last week there were a lot of people out here," I said, trying to sound casual. "How come you knew I wanted you?"

He laughs and says, "You were rubbing your crotch."

"I was?"

"Yes, you were." I hadn't realized.

I ask him his age, and he tells me he's 18. I tell him I'm 19.

Suddenly, Tom stops walking, grabs my shoulders, and physically turns me to face him. He's no longer smiling as he says, "I'm not free, you know - I charge $50 for a blow job and a hundred for a fuck either way, or $300 for the whole night. Do you have a place we can go?"

This isn't the way I thought this would go down at all. Shit, I still want him, though. I tell him about my dorm situation and that I'll have to make a phone call for the money. He can see that I'm buying what he has to offer, so he says that if I pay for a motel room, he will only charge $200.

I get out my cell phone and place a call home. My mother answers, and I tell her I need $300 deposited into my account for extra books and incidentals. "As good as done," she says. When I hang up Tom tells me there's a motel down the street about 20 minutes away with an ATM. I'm committed.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like this might just be a good way to start - with a professional. I'm paying him to pop my cherry, and I can learn a lot without embarrassing myself.

Tom waits outside while I go into the motel office. As we get to the room and I open the door, Tom pushes me inside quickly, grabs me in a hug and presses him lips onto mine f***efully, pushing me up against the locked door. I have never been kissed like this before, and I just close my eyes and let it happen. My lips open, and his tongue searches for mine. I can feel the heat building in my groin and under my armpits. I reach behind him to that hole in his jeans and feel skin. His hand reaches between our bodies and rubs my hard-on through my jeans. I pull my lips away from him in order to say, "I'm coming." His hand leaves my crotch and both his hands come around to my ass and hold me tightly through my orgasm. When I can speak I say, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," he says. "There's more where that came from." Then he smiles his beautiful smile and embarrassment evaporates.

He kisses me again. His hands touch my face and neck. He pulls my shirt out of my jeans and starts unbuttoning it. Then he slides it off my shoulders without taking it off completely. He kisses his way down my neck and chest to my nipple. His lips stop there and his tongue flicks over it. My dick instantly gets hard again. Then he shocks me by biting my nipple, and I feel like I have a wire connected from my nipple to my nuts. He trails his lips across my chest to my other nipple and again flicks his tongue over the nub standing erect, waiting for his teeth. He doesn't bite it. He sucks it noisily. My dick is harder than it's ever been. He slips my shirt off, throws it onto a chair, and leads me over to the bed, kicking off his sneakers as we go. He pushes me backward onto the bed and stands between my legs. He pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it over to the chair with mine. I get bold and reach out to rub his taut stomach. The only hair I can see is a thin trail starting at his bellybutton and disappearing into his jeans. I want to see below. I daringly reach for his snap, but he pushes my hands away. With one hand he pushes me onto my back on the bed and begins to undo my belt buckle, unbutton my pants, and pull my zipper down. He rubs my hard-on through my damp boxers. I start groaning and I know I'm going to come again soon. He must sense this, because he stops rubbing me. He unlaces my sneakers and removes them along with my socks. Then he pulls off my jeans, taking my boxers with them. I'm naked now. He isn't.

My dick stands at its full seven inches, ready for whatever's to come next. He lies down beside me on the bed and grabs my junk with one hand. "Nice," he says, looking at it and smiling. Then he scouts down and slips his tongue into my bellybutton, and I can feel that wire again pulling at my balls. I'm also on the verge of coming again. I know it. He knows it.

He gives my dick one big wet lick on the underside with his long tongue, and I moan loudly at the touch. He presses his wet lips tightly to my dick under the head and holds it to my stomach while I blast a hot stram of jizz all over my belly. When I finish he gets up off the bed, goes into the bathroom, and comes back with a warm, wet washcloth and cleans me up.

He pulls me up to my former sitting position on the bed and stands between my legs. "You want something to play with?" he asks. Now when I reach for his snap and zipper he doesn't push me away. My hands are shaky, but I want so badly to follow that small trail of hair into his pants. I manage to get the snap undone and the zipper down, and hair is all I can see. I put my forehead to his belly and pull his jeans straight out to look down into his pants but I still can't see the prize, so I tug on his jeans until they fall to the floor. His dick snaps up under my chin. I pull my head back to get a good look and think, Sweet Jesus, it's huge! I start rubbing my hands all over him. His hair trail from his navel into his thick, curly pubic hairs, his hips, his ass cheeks, up and down his soft, hairy, thighs and his large, furry balls.
Then I put my hand around his thick shaft at the base and hold it in my eager hand. Foreskin covers the head. I have never seen an uncut dick in person, so I start peeling back the skin to check it out more closely. I hold it back while I taste him. His warm dick head in my mouth is without a doubt the best thing I've ever had in there. I look up at him to see if he approves. He smiles down at me. I suck him harder.

He suddenly pushes my head away. I think he's getting close. I want to suck him, fuck him, I wanted - no, I needed - him to fuck my ass. Damn. I know it will hurt, but I still want it. I tell him, "I want you to fuck me."

He steps away, and at first I think I've said or done something wrong. He bends over and picks up his jeans from the floor. He reaches into his pockets and pulls out a small bottle of lube and a couple of packages of condoms. He looks at me and asks, "What's your favorite position?"

I say, "I... I...I've never... I mean, I haven't done anything like this before, so I don't know."

"OK," he says. "We'll take it slow..."

He positions me on the bed up on my hands and knees. "Relax," he says. "I'm going to open you up a little first." He gets on the bed between my legs and holds each cheek of my ass open with his thumbs. He starts licking my asshole and pushing his tongue in deeper. When he stops that, he squirts some lube onto one of his fingers and rubs it up and down the crack of my ass. Every time his finger touches my asshole, my dick begins to throb. He stops rubbing, then presses his finger to my opening and pushes it into me. I hold my breath. "Relax, and breathe," he says. His finger stops any further penetration, and before I know what my body is doing, my ass moves backward toward his hand. I want more. Suddenly I feel another of his fingers slide into me. My hole is on fire. Then the fire goes out and is replaced by a hunger for more of him. He pushes his fingers up into my canal and then I can feel him sliding them out.

"Please don't take them out," I beg. "I won't," he says as he pushes them back into me again. He slides them back and forth a few times, fucking me with his fingers. Then I hear him tearing open a condom wrapper and I look back to see him quickly rolling it onto his monster dick.

I tell him, "Oh, I don't know if I can take that."

"You can," he reassures me, "I'll go really slow, OK?"

"OK," I say, even though I am far from convinced. Make that very nervous.

As soon as the word leaves my mouth his finger leave my hole, and his cock is at the entrance. "Relax, baby," he soothes, thrusting into me. I think I am going to pass out. He holds me firmly in his arms without moving and whispers, "Your hole is so tight." Suddenly the pain is gone, and I relax. He must feel this, for the next thing I know he pushes against me again and I feel another inch or so enter me. As he fills me inch by glorious inch with his perfect monster cock my mantra becomes, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!"

He pulls back slowly and pushes in again. His pace quickens and he reaches around to my engorged prick and begins jacking me in rhythm to his thrusts as my ass rocks back to meet him. My new mantra becomes, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And fuck me he does.

Suddenly he slams into me hard, then stops moving and says, "Aaargh, I'm coming up your beautiful ass." I feel his seed, so hot up my butt that it throws me over the edge, my balls exploding. His hands keeps jacking me, then slows and moves down to squeeze the last drops from my nuts. His body comes down on top of mine, and I feel his warm lips kissing the side of my neck. We collapse together on the bed, me lying on my spent jizz.
At this moment I don't care about anything but this beautiful boy on top of me, his cock still in my ass. And as soon as he pulls his shrinking dick out of my ass I start missing it. I feel empty. Which I tell myself is crazy. But I don't tell him this. He lays beside me and draws a finger to touch a tear falling down my cheek. I didn't know I'd been crying.

"Did I hurt you, sweetheart?" he asks.

"No, not at all."

He smiles. "That's good. I would never want to hurt you."

He didn't hurt me at all. Not that night or any time after that. In fact, we spend a lot of time together over the next few years and he never hurts me. He also never charges me again.

The End.
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