Tom Welling Series - Episode 6

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: My s****r's Boyfriend
Summary: Something incredible happens with my s****r's boyfriend when I stay over at my s****r's.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person.

I couldn't believe it when I heard it. My s****r had found a new boyfriend. He was so sweet, she kept telling me over and over. Apparently that guy couldn't come over to the place where I lived, so I had to come over to my s****r's place to meet him. Oh god, the journey to my s****r's place by train. There was this hot guy who caressed the front of his pants in front of my eyes. He was so sexy, I wanted to fuck him right then and then. But all he did was try and provoke me. The moment I moved toward him, he got up and left. Now I had been left with a huge boner in my pants!!

The nerve of that asshole!!! I didn't chase him, though. No, I didn't deem that so very sexy that I chase them. Let them chase me. I smiled as I remembered what I had taken with me in my bag: my Smallville Season 4 DVD. I always loved it when I would see the actor Tom Welling shirtless. I always got a huge boner when I saw him. My most favorite scene? That one scene in the episode Spell. Where Clark is chained up and his coach Jason Teague comes to get him loose. I just want to jump into the tv and release him myself, then fuck him so hard. God, I wish I could tell him how he made me feel!!!! But that will never happen. Not in a million years.

My s****r was there to come pick me up. After our hug, of course I started to fire a salvo of questions at my s****r. What is his name, is he cute, is he good in bed? My s****r doesn't mind when I ask questions about sex, so she answered them all with yes. Those answers had made me very curious about him too. The only thing my s****r doesn't know... is that I am gay. The only question she didn't answer? The one about his name. *Leave me even more in the dark, s****r, gee, thanks!* I thought.

"Well, is he at your house?" I asked my s****r. She shook her head. "He'll be there shortly." My s****r said as we got inside and started to set up the big couch in the living room. It would be my place to sl**p. I always loved sl**ping on the big couch. We got something to drink and then suddenly the moment was there. He called my s****r on her Blackberry. "Hey honey. Yeah, my b*****r is already there. He really is looking forward to meet you!" She said very excited. She held her hand in front of the earpiece. "He is looking forward to meet you too." She told me. And then there was the doorbell ringing. "You're here!! Let me open the door for you, honey!" She exclaimed and raced to the front door. I know my s****r was good at hockey, but I swear, she had never ran before to get that door. I followed her... and my mouth dropped open as she had opened the door.

TOM WELLING was my s****r's boyfriend?! What the heck?! Immediately I started to feel the jealousy welling (yes, pun intended) up in me. Why did she get him and not me?! "Tom, This is my b*****r." My s****r said as a way of introduction, followed by my name. "It's... nice to meet you, Tom." I told him and shook his hand. Oh god, he had such big hands. Of course I already knew from Smallville, but to actually see him up, close and personal? Even better. No, WAY better!!

I decided then and there to not start talking about Smallville. He probably got that every time, so I figured that was a topic I'd better not use in our conversation. My s****r was preparing dinner, which was just a spaghetti bolognese... which turned out to be Tom's favorite. It surprised me, because that was MY favorite food too. I said so to Tom, to which he gave me that Colgates Clark Kent smile. Why did I have to get a boner while we were eating? They were kissing during dinner... having their own version of that Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. God, could I get even more jealous?

Then I asked if Tom would like to watch sports on the television with me, but he declined. He said that it was getting rather late. To my horror my s****r felt the same way! She NEVER goes to sl**p early! *What the hell is going on?* I thought. Did my s****r change her television watching for her new boyfriend or something?

I hugged my s****r and her new boyfriend. There was a hint of a naughty grin on Tom's face as he felt my arousal in my pants. God, why couldn't I will my boner away? I blushed a deep scarlet. I watched as my s****r and Tom went to their bedroom. He was right there! I should spy on them! I should pull Tom away from my s****r and have some fun with him myself! But I couldn't. I was so happy for my s****r.

Yet I still had that boner to get rid off. So I put on the DVD Screen, and inserted the Smallville Season 4 DVD Disc in which had the episode Spell. True, I could have put the first DVD Disc in, with the episode Crusade which has plenty of nude Clark, but I was compelled to watch my favorite scene. Normally I would watch the episode all through, but this I skipped to the scene where Jason finds Clark all bound.

I stripped until my briefs and nestled closer into the big couch, almost like I was sinking in it. My hand wrapped around huge bulge in my briefs and I started to stroke my cock. The lights were all out, mind you. Yeah, I know it is bad for my eyes but still. I groaned as I watched the screen while my hand went up and down my hard cock. I wanted to scream, cry, yell out Tom's name, but I didn't. Until I couldn't take it anymore and softly muttered my s****r's boyfriend's name. I was so into it that I rewinded the scene again... not hearing movement of someone wanting to go into the kitchen and get a snack or maybe a drink.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I jumped up from the couch and the remote clattered to the floor. OH MY GOD! Tom was there! I quickly reached for the remote and clicked off the DVD and switched off the television as the light next to the couch flicked on. Tom was there in his briefs!!! He was so beautiful, with his perfect sixpack and biceps and triceps. "Tom, geez, you nearly gave me a heartattack!" I told him.

"What were you doing?" He strictly asked me as he stood there, like he was a teacher who had caught his pupil jerking off. God, to have someone have that kind of control over me. "I w...was w...watching a DVD." I stammered, to which Tom raised an eyebrow. "Is that all you were doing?" He asked me, followed by my name. I swear I saw the hint of a grin. "Okay okay, I was jerking off, okay? I love you!"

OH MY GOD. Did I just admit to my s****r's boyfriend that I love him?! That surely got my nominated for Weirdest b*****r of the Year or Evil b*****r of the Year. He laughed softly. "Take off your briefs." I blinked. Was he for real? I didn't ask him again and slowly lowered my briefs, my cock plopped into view. Tom licked his lips. "Impressive." Tom said and lowered his briefs as well. Oh my god! Geez, I was OH MY GODDING all over the place, wasn't I? I had never seen his cock before, but I swear that was the most beautiful one I had ever laid eyes on.

I was like a statue. I kept staring at the size of his cock, until he pushed me back onto the big couch. It registered that he had pushed me there because my ass connected with the sheets that I had placed with my s****r there just a few hours ago. I felt his hand wrap around my big piece of meat. "Tom... are you sure about this?" I asked him as I looked into his eyes. "You can be quiet, can't you?" Tom asked as he brushed his lips against mine as he stroked me. I groaned softly. "I wanted you for so long." I whispered as I returned his kiss.

This time I pushed him down to the couch and started to kiss his body, from his jugular to his perfect chest, my tongue circling his nipple to which he softly groaned, while my fingertip pressed against his bellybutton and rubbed that spot there. That same fingertip trailed down to his cock. I couldn't control my nerves any longer and took him into my mouth to finally suck the cock of my dreams. "Ahhh!" I heard him groan as my mouth went down on him. I continued until he started pushing against my stomach. I took that as 'stop sucking me', so I stopped and took my mouth off his cock. "Tom, please, fuck me hard." I pleaded as I turned and lay on all fours, my ass cheeks in the air for him.

He grabbed them and slapped them both. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out. We had promised not to make loud noise or my s****r would wake up. "I have a better idea. How about you ride me. Let me thrust my cock in your asshole and watch you go up and down my cock?" I melted in his warm embrace. "I wasn't joking, Tom, when I said that I love you."

Tom grinned and claimed my mouth again. "Prove it you love me by riding me." Without a second thought I mounted his big hard cock. I wanted to cry out from the intense pleasure and pain that coursed through my body as I felt him fill me with his cock. "Go on, choose your own speed." Tom said to me.

I put my hands on his massive chest and started to push myself up and down on his huge cock that was now in my asshole. "Oh god, Tom. You feel so good." I whispered as he watched me go up and down his own hard huge cock. His hand rested on my stomach as he teased me with going up and down in sync with my rhythm. He grinned at me. "You wanted to fuck me the moment you saw me, right? Practically wanted to jump my bones right here?" Tom asked me as he began to thrust upward with my riding. Oh god, he was fucking me.
"Yes..." I moaned, my s****r waking up be damned... when suddenly that same hand that had been caressing my chest took a grab at my own cock. "Tom, stop, I can't..." I panicked. "Sure you can, relax. You can cum on my chest." Tom chuckled. "It's not like you need my permission, you know." Tom said as he started stroking my hard cock while he accelerated his thrusts. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out for real. This was really happening. I was riding Tom Welling's cock while he was stroking mine!

"I want your cum in my asshole, Tom." I begged. "And I want your cum on my chest, dammit." he whispered softly, calmly, like it was the most normal thing in the world to have the gay b*****r's cum of your girlfriend on your chest. "I can't control it anymore, oh god I am gonna...!!!" Just that moment, Tom pushed me closer against him and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing mine as I felt my cum splash forth and fill his chest, I swear, even his chin, while I felt his cock shoot his cum inside my asshole.

We both fell back onto the couch, Tom's head on a pillow while the kiss continued until it ended. I rested my head on his chest filled with cum, not caring about the stickiness. I closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of his body so close to mine. I didn't want this to end. I wanted him to fuck me more than just this one time in the future. "Tom?" I asked. "Yes?" Tom replied as he caressed my other cheek. "What will happen if you knock up my s****r?" He laughed softly. "We'll cross that bridge once we get there."

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