Tom Welling Series - Episode 4

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: Shooting the first episode of the new season
Summary: Something incredible happens after finishing shooting the very first episode of the new season.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person.

They were laying in bed, way back when Krypton was still there. He was touching her in so many ways that she had never felt before. Both actor and actress really got into their part, knew when to moan at the right time and when to call out the name of their beloved. ''You're so beautiful, Kara, I want to be with you always." Augo whispered as he kissed her deeply. "I love you too, Augo, and I will always be with you." She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss... that was before he had betrayed her by working with her father Zor-El.

The producers called 'cut' and the scene changed again. This time Laura Vandervoort was flying through the air, continuing her character Kara's quest to find Kandor. She had been lost in memory about that one time she had had sex with her boyfriend back on Krypton. Now that her father really had been evil, would she ever be able to trust Augo again if she found out that he was alive? The young girl of steel continued on her journey, she would deal with it if he was standing before her, IF he was still alive.

Another cut sounded, and the next scene was in the Luthor Mansion. Cassidy Freeman wasn't there, only the people who played Zod, Alia and another actor. The actor who played Zod held a whip in his hand.

"I will MAKE you kneel before me!" He yelled out at a person who stood in front of him. "I will never kneel before you, scum." Augo told Zod as his mind whirled into memory. This was the Zod that he and Zor-El had wanted to rule Krypton? He didn't care about Zod, all he wanted was to see Kara again. That is why he had enlisted himself in the so-called Army of Zod. Who knew they had actually gotten on Earth? Augo hadn't thought so, that was for sure. Then he was grabbed by Alia, who had his arms restrained. Her feet were right behind his so she would tackle him to the ground should he try to fight back. "HEY!" Augo shouted.
The crackle of the whip sounded and it hit Augo's right leg, the crack of bones breaking rang through the air. He silently dropped to one knee. "I will... never... kneel... for the likes of you!" Augo yelled as he bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming out because of the hot pain that shot through his leg, all the while struggling against Alia's strong grip. Zod smirked. "Why not? You're already half-way. I'll take great pleasure in hurting your other leg and..." Zod stopped short.

Of course! He had been with Kara back on Krypton. It hadn't been a secret that he and the daughter of Zor-El had had a relationship. In fact, they had been the only survivors of the school he had blown up. If he could find Kara Zor-El, he would dearly enjoy torturing her to make Augo his willing soldier into his Army. He started to laugh evilly.

"What are you laughing about, huh?!" Augo yelled as he struggled even harder now, but Alia still wouldn't let him go. "You... and your love for Zor-El's daughter. Because if you won't join me, I will find Kara and I will enjoy torturing her sweet body. Maybe I can make her join this Army... after I told her how I killed you, of course. After I told her how weak you were, how you begged to be killed, because she wasn't in your life anymore..."

"YOU HURT HER AND I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU!!!" Augo yelled out, rage in his voice and eyes, but he still couldn't get free. "All I ask of you is to kneel before me, is that so hard?" Zod asked, faking concern. "Read my lips: Bite me. AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Augo screamed out as the whip hit his other knee and was now fully on the ground. His body sank to the ground, his lips brushed Zod's pants, while Alia released the boy's hands. "Look at you, I wonder what you did all this time after Kara and Kal-El managed to escape the fall of Krypton. Would she still love you after your betrayal and her father's, I wonder?" He reached for Augo's face and cupped it in both hands. "But that's a good boy, you are kneeling before me." One final evil grin closeup of Zod's actor and then fade to black.

The last CUT! sounded and the first episode for the new Smallville season was a wrap. Everyone cheered and thanked eachother now that their work on the first episode was finally done. Of course Augo's actor didn't come to the set unprotected. The actor's legs were fine, there were all these props attached to his legs so no real injury was inflicted.

"You were really great out there." Tom Welling said to me as we walked to my trailer... at least that was where I had thought I would be going... but we were going to Tom's trailer instead. "Thanks, Tom. Meh, it wasn't much. A modified sex scene with Laura's character so that it is still appropriate for television and getting tortured by Callum's character." I told him as we found ourselves standing in front of Tom's trailer. "Oh! I'm sorry, Tom, I should probably..." I felt his hand on my shoulder and looked down at it. His strong hand there. I rather wanted his strong hand somewhere else. I was gay but had a straight role. My role being Kara's lover from Krypton who ended up with Zod and his Army.

"No, stay. You can use my shower to freshen up. I don't mind." Tom said. I looked into his eyes; they were the most beautiful color I had ever seen. But he had a reputation to uphold with his female fans and the rest of the media. He wasn't into men. He wouldn't be into me. A rookie who just got cast into his show that has been running for 8 years.

"Okay. Thanks, Tom." I said with a smile as he opened the door of his trailer. We got in and he closed it after himself. "Hope you don't mind me going straight for the shower." I told him. "Not at all." Tom said and watched me go. I dropped my clothes onto the ground and stepped into the shower and began to wash myself. At the first touch of the shower, I felt my cock harden to semi-erectness while I lathered myself up with soap. When I got to my cock, I slipped the bar of soap into my other hand as my now free hand wrapped around my cock. I started to stroke myself as my other hand rubbed my ass with the bar of soap. I panted softly. Gods, I wanted Tom Welling in here with me, I wanted him to watch how I stroked my cock, I wanted him to reach for his own cock and stroke with me as he watched me stroke my cock from afar...

I was so into it that I wasn't paying attention to the curtain being pulled away just slightly and someone stepped into the shower. "Tom..." I whispered with longing as my cock got fully erect now. "Yes?" I heard someone ask followed by my name... and then lips kissing my neck. I stopped stroking myself and pushed myself forward, did a turn around to look who it was. "Oh my god!!!" I yelled out, shocked that he was standing behind me, fully nude. His strong hand cupped my mouth, followed by a finger against his hand. "Shh! If they found out about this..." he whispered. I looked down and saw his hard cock. Dear God, I wanted to wrap my lips around it and suck him to Krypton and back. My eyes returned to his. "You promise to be quiet?" He asked me. I nodded. Satisfied with my answer, he pulled his hand off my mouth.

"Damn! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" I whispered to Tom. "Why are you doing this?" I asked him softly. "Because secretly I am gay... like you." He told me. I was so shocked! Like me?! How did he know?! "How did you...?" I asked him, but he cut me off. "Oh please, your mouth so close to Callum's pants?" Tom asked me. "Did you want to give fans a tease that Augo might be gay?" Tom asked me. "As for being gay... Michael Rosenbaum and I... we used to date in secret when he was on the show. And that was when I knew I was gay. And now I want to be with you, because you got such a beautiful body. I almost came in my pants when I watched your flashback scene with Laura." Tom told me.

I pulled the curtain away a bit to step out of the shower. "Please don't go..." Tom told me, not laying a hand on me as he stood there, with a raging hard-on under the shower of HIS trailer. Did he really think I was going to leave him dry? I turned around and kissed him hard on his lips as I pulled his body closer to mine. "I have wanted you ever since the first season." I whispered against his lips as our cocks rubbed against one another. He kissed me back, harder than the one I had given him. "No talking." he told me as he pushed me against the wall and kissed down my body. He kneeled before me, and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me. I had a quick thought which made me think that I was Callum's character finally bringing Clark Kent to his knees. "Hahh Tom..." I moaned softly as I caressed his hair while he went down on me. The one I had always wanted, going down on ME!!! Who would have thought that this would happen on my first day of shooting my first episode for Smallville?

Somehow I regained control of my body, because I started moving my hips back and forth to match with Tom's sucking. "MMm, yeah Tom, suck that cock, fuck yeah..." I moaned out, when the feeling was suddenly gone. Tom was up to his full height again, looking at me. "Now you suck mine." he said in a dangerous voice. I kissed his lips. "What if I don't want to, Master Tom?" I teased him. He got body to body and slapped my ass cheek. "Nnhh, do it again, Tommy." I teased him again, this time with his nickname. THWACK! "Okay, because you insist, baby." I said and kissed my way down his body until I got face-to-cock and started to suck him off. "Mmm, that's good. Kneel before Tom Welling." Tom groaned as he repeated the same thing I had done, but I had done it later. He did it right after I had begun sucking him off: his hips moved back and forth to match with my sucking.

I sucked him off until he ordered me to stop. I did and looked up at him. "What shall we do now?" I asked him as I licked my lips. We were going to get to the fucking part. I had always imagined I was fucking Tom Welling hard in his ass, and now it was finally going to happen! Or not. "How about we save the fucking for bed?" he asked me as he leaned against the opposite wall and reached for his own cock. "Aha, you want your cum all over my body don't you?" I asked him as I came forward. "Yes." he told me. I could see the sexy glint in his eyes. "Very well, but hurry up, I'm near exploding my cum onto your chest and watch it get washed away by the shower." Gods, he was probably facing a high water bill, but he could afford it.

He stroked himself off, added with my hands teasing his nipples with pleasure that coursed through his body because he grunted and moaned as he got closer and closer to his climax. He spurted his cum all over my chest and immediately exchanged his own cock for my nipples as he teased me with the same teasing as I had done to him while I stroked myself to a climax. I groaned and moaned as well, maybe my outcries were louder than his, I don't know, don't really care either, I just wanted to see my cum on his chest. I finally was granted my wish and watched it drizzle down his body by the water droplets from the shower and disappear into the drain. I saw Tom watching me exactly how I was watching him. I wondered who was going to make the move, when I felt Tom's strong hands around me and he kissed my lips. "Shall we give it a secret go?" he asked me. I replied with a much more passionate kiss and a smirk. "Hell yes."


Coming Soon: Episode 5: When In Rome
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