Tom Welling Series - Episode 3

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: Phonebooth
Summary: Something incredible happens in a phonebooth.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person.

"FUCK! I can't believe she did that to you, man!" He told his best friend, who was now calling him from a phonebooth. Did he even know how dangerous phonebooths were? You were vulnerable to attack, so out in the open.

"And all that just because I am gay. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but... why can't she just accept it?" I asked my best friend who I was on the phone with... at a phonebooth. My mom had taken my cellphone away from me, had thrown it to the ground and had stamped on it until it was no longer able to be used. It was a lucky thing that I am such good friends with him, because we call every day. We try to hang out every day. He's very nice, but not gay. He has a girlfriend. Me? I'm sick and tired of girls. So when I had sex with a bellboy in the elevator of an hotel my mom owns, I thought I had been in heaven. He was busy sucking me off like I had never ever experienced before... and then the elevator doors had opened and my mom and a couple of people who were staying at the hotel saw us. Yeah, talk about an awkward situation right there.

But for my mom to kick me out of the house, with only a small amount of money that I had on me?! Forgive me for saying it, but, what a bitch. "Yeah, I know. Maybe it's because she had been hoping for you to go through life like your dad had, y'know? Meet a nice chick at college, get married and have k**s, just like it always goes. She hadn't expected this bombshell in the form of one of her staff sucking off her son's cock in the only elevator in the hotel, know what I am saying?" my friend asked me.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Say, can't I stay at your place?" I asked him. Surely he would let me, right? Or had his girlfriend been trying to win him over so that there was this policy that no gays were allowed in their house? You see, my best friend was living with his girlfriend. She had moved in with him. And I have no clue how she feels about gay men, but, hey, you never know; she might not want me there, too scared I will take him away from her. Oh please, let's not even go there. I know he's straight, I'd never ever try to de-straight him and lure him to the side of the Gays! Hey! There's this very long silence on the other end of the line.

"Buddy? Are you still with me? Say something!" I called into the mouthpiece of the phone. God, I hated phonebooths. You were so exposed. I loved my cellphone. Okay, you'd still be exposed, but at least you could be reached every day, everywhere. I had loved to talk. Yeah, my phone bill had been so high because of talking to my buddy, or listen to those horny men with their sexlines. I won't shy away from it, yes, I called them. Sometimes to get together, sometimes to just eavesdrop on two men having a conversation and hell yeah, sometimes to get a good jerking session with the guy I was talking to at the time. It turned me on. Yes, gays turn me on.

"I'm sorry, buddy, but... don't think I haven't discussed it with her... you can't stay here." My world shattered like a broken mirror into a thousand pieces. My c***dhood friend, LONG before I knew I was gay, we had been through so much together, always there for eachother and he was dropping me because his girlfriend hates gay men?! "How can you do this to me?! After EVERYTHING we've been through together! I fucking...!!!!!" I yelled, but I couldn't finish, because a hand had slammed down on the phone cradle so the connection was broken. For the record, I would have finished with hate you.

"Fuck, you take a long time, dude. I just had to butt in and cut you off. Some people would like to make a call too, you know?" FUCK! I hadn't even known it had begun to rain! I was so shocked from the slam that I dropped the phone out of my hand. I felt it dangle against my leg, yet I didn't care about the phone. I was focused on the man in front of me. His shirt was fully open, and it gave me the most sexy image I had ever laid my eyes on. His stomach was perfectly, smooth and so very well-formed, I thought I was dealing with a bodybuilder. He had slid into the phonebooth with me. The raindrops drizzled from his body, I was hypnotized by it. My gaze lowered to the kind of pants and oh god did I see a bulge?! "Hey, up here!" I heard him say and my gaze shot up. Our eyes met...

And then his lips were on mine. I had never been touched by such beautiful lips before. I pulled away, wanting to catch my breath, but there were his lips again, and was I crazy or I did I hear the zipper of my coat being pulled down to reveal my naked chest? Gods, I love to wear my coat, preferably with nothing underneath it. Pants and briefs, yes, but no shirt.

And then it happened. One thing you should never do to me while being kissed, is rub your body against mine. It's my weakness like Kryptonite is to Superman. It instantly had effect: my cock hardened against my pants. True, sometimes I hated wearing briefs. I remember that time when mom caught me in the act in the elevator, I hadn't been wearing briefs either. The stranger's hands shrugged my coat off my shoulders, revealing my hidden body for him. He instantly licked his tongue against a nipple of mine. The feeling was indescribable.

"Who... are... you?" I whispered in heat. "Tom Welling." he said with a smug grin as he contined to lick my nipple, while I heard his belt getting undone and oh my god, did I hear him unzip his pants HERE in the phonebooth?! I got so incredibly horny from his licks that I revealed my name to him. "Open your eyes." he ordered, added with my name. I opened them, and caught him pulling down his pants and give me a perfect view of the long cock he had kept hidden for me. "Suck me." I heard him say as he leaned back against the wall.

I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. Normally I would like a challenge, and always they had gotten on their knees for me, and sometimes, I had had to be coaxed, as in playfully slapped, to get on my knees, but with Tom... I didn't need to be told twice. A couple of my fingers played with his balls as my left hand started to undo my pants. My erection I was sporting was so raging that I had to take him out or I would cum in my pants!!

And then I felt it. He mouth-fucked me deeper. His long hard cock caught the back of my throat and I nearly gagged, but then I felt both his strong hands cup my head. The pleasure turned to pain as he gripped my hair and tugged. "Ahh yeah, hmmm, did anyone ever tell you totally know how to suck a cock?" Tom asked me as he groaned while still fucking my mouth. I had stopped playing with his balls and was now jerking myself off. Tom saw it and pried my fingers off my own cock (the nerve!) and slid one of his own strong hands around my cock with a firm grip that I had NEVER ever felt anyone do before. I myself had never held my cock like that. I groaned louder as he pulled back his cock, only to slap his cock against my lips and face. "You naughty boy, you want more of this?" His slaps became louder against my cheeks and lips. My god! I had never had this happen to me before. It felt so fucking good! "Yes... Tom... please..." I begged.

"Will you move in with me and be my fuck buddy?" Tom asked me. I suddenly stopped and gasped as I cast my eyes to his. He had been listening in! The bastard! "YES! NOW GIVE ME BACK YOUR COCK!" I yelled out and then he filled my mouth again with that thick cock of his... mouth-fucking me hard. "Poor thing, all alone. And gay, don't forget gay." he whispered as he caressed my cheek while he jerked me off with his hand. "But I'll take good care of you." He smirked devilishly. "You know I will."

And then he came hard into my mouth, his cum shooting out in many salvo's. I swear, four or five. After the third had been swallowed, I came hard, shooting my cum on his stomach... but I wasn't as successful in shooting cum in many salvo's... Tom finally let go of my mouth and wrapped his arms around me. "Welcome to the f****y." he whispered as he kissed me, as if he wanted to taste his own cum that had clung to my lips...


Coming Soon: Episode 4: Shooting The First Episode of The Season
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