Tom Welling Slash Series Episode 2 "Cockpit&q

Series: Tom Welling Series
Title: Cockpit
Summary: Something incredible happens in the cockpit of Smallville Airlines.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That's right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story... if you're male.
Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.
Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won't disclose any other name, and will write in first-person. WITH SPECIAL GUESTS! And also something for femslashers.

"Hi everyone, this is your Captain Tom Welling speaking. Welcome aboard Smallville Airlines. We have been flying for a couple of minutes now. My co-pilot for today is Justin Hartley..." Captain Tom spoke up, when he got interrupted. "Good afternoon everyone!" Justin shouted through the microphone with a nice smirk to his co-pilot. "and your stewardesses for today are Laura Vandervoort and Erica Durance. The heights are looking mighty fine today, no looming sense of turbulence. And I guess that's it for now. We want to thank you again for flying with Smallville Airlines." Tom released his hold on the button of the microphone and turned to look at Justin. "Who knew those two were in a relationship, eh?" Tom asked Justin.

He grinned. "Yeah, and hey, didn't you forget that other person? That male steward? What was his name again?" Justin asked Tom. "Holy Shit! I can't believe I have forgotten about him!" Justin placed a hand on Tom's leg. "Calm down, buddy. We'll make him fit in." his co-pilot said with a naughty grin and a lick of his lips.

Two giggles sounded from the steward(esse)s' room in the airplane. "My god, I have no idea how many guys we have on this flight thought about having sex with us!" Laura said laughing as she nipped lips with Erica. "Yeah baby, I think almost every guy on this flight. But you're mine and I will make you know you belong to me." Erica told her lover in a strict voice. Their eyes met and Laura started to french kiss Erica. "Really? Show me?" she asked with those puppy dog eyes of hers. They took their clothes off and Erica snatched something from the tray of sweets and merchandise. It was in a hidden compartment and only she knew how to get it. She attached it around herself and towered over Laura as she thrusted into her lover's pussy with a strap-on. Laura cried out at the contact. "Nnnhhh, that feels so good, Erica! I love you so much!" she moaned out as she felt her lover's hands squeeze her breasts. "oh yeah fuck me hard, Erica! Oh baby! Harder!"

Would you believe the only one on duty was the person Tom and Justin had forgotten to mention? "Would you like some coffee? Tea, perhaps?" All the people looked at him, like he was supposed to have been some character from the tv show Smallville. All of them with raised eyebrows. "Who are you again?" they asked. I sighed. Always this shitty question again. "Oh don't worry, I just joined the show's next season. By the end of it you will know my face and my character." I fabricated the lie. So I poured some coffee and some tea for the passengers as I moved from aisle to aisle by pushing my tray forward. Yeah, the others were of so much help!

Finally reaching the steward(esse)s' room, I opened the door and slipped the tray cart in, just in time to hear the splashes of love juice erupting from the two lesbian stewardesses. "Anything for you ladies?" I asked. "Nah, mmm, we're mmmm fine." Erica told me. "You can try the cockpit. Learn if the captains would like something?" Laura asked me as she looked at me while her fingers caressed Erica's nipples. Challenging me to join in. But I am not like that. No, I had given up on them long ago.

"Hmm, sounds like a plan. Thanks girls." I said as I walked over to the cockpit and knocked on the door. I told him who was there. I heard that I could enter the cockpit so I did. After I closed it again, I turned around to look at the two pilots. Now those were my kind of men!!! What I wouldn't give to suck their cocks at the same time or keep those hard organs in each of my hands and stroke them to orgasm... "Captains Tom Welling and Justin Hartley... coffee? Tea?" I asked.

Tom pushed a button and got up from behind the control board, Justin got up too. "Guys! What are you doing?! You have to..." I started to say, shocked to the core that both captains abandoned their station and started toward me. "Chill, dude. Automatic pilot." Justin said with a devilish grin. I looked to Tom Welling for confirmation and got the same devilish grin, accompanied with a nod. Then everything happened so fast. They lowered their pants and showed their hard cocks. "How about you treat our cocks?" Tom asked as he placed his hands on my shoulders and kissed my lips. I felt Justin's hands unzip my pants and bring forth my cock as I felt his own prod against my ass. My hand had cupped Tom's erection and was stroking it while our tongues clashed, and oh god, I felt Tom's hand around my cock as well, while I felt lips kiss the crook of my neck. I knew they belonged to Justin. I was in the middle of a hot sandwich threesome! Well, starting sandwich threesome, mind you. My other hand went to Justin's raging hardon and jerked him off. I felt Justin's strong muscular arms open the buttons of my steward's uniform and felt them glide down my own muscular chest... and then his cock that I was jerking off and his lips in my neck were gone.

I felt so empty, okay, PART of me felt empty, because there still was Tom. "Justin, why...?" I asked in heat, but he just patted my head. "On your knees and suck us off." he ordered me. I had never been ordered to do something something so sexy and hot before. So I obeyed instantly. My knees touched the floor of the cockpit as I set my eyes on two of the hardest cocks I had ever seen. "They're so big." I whispered as I took both in my hands and jerked them off, getting them ready before I would take them into my mouth at once. "The bigger to fill your mouth." They both said, like they were the Big Bad Wolves and I was Little Red Riding Hood who didn't encounter not one, but two hungry Wolves in Grandma's bed. They got closer so their cocks almost touched and I licked along their thick heads. The sounds that filled my ears from the two captains had my bl**d rushing to my own cock, becoming the hardest my cock had ever achieved. "Ahh yeah, fuck yeah, so fucking good... hmmm, damn, can you suck! I knew it wasn't a bad idea to put you on the flight list... nnnnnnnhhh, oh yeah!" The oh yeah sounded when I took them both into my mouth and my tongue swirled around their lengths, sucking greedily and hungrily.

I sucked them until they were close to cum. Then they pulled away again. Not one, but both of them at the same time. I had never felt emptier. "Get up." They ordered, but I didn't obey. I felt both hands slap my ass cheeks and with a jolt I raised my body to their level. It happened so fast! Justin thrusted inside me from behind, one hand on my stomach as the other pinched one of my nipples. I felt his first hand make torturing circles around my stomach and touch my bellybutton, warmth filled my body as he fucked my asshole, his tongue and lips nipping at my neck. I had cried out at the invasion of his hard slick, recently sucked cock into my asshole. I had closed my eyes when he had thrusted into me, and when I opened them again, I saw Tom leaning back to the control panel. I had such a perfect glimpse of his perfect ass cheeks! I WANTED TO THRUST INTO HIS ASSHOLE! I felt myself being jerked off, but it wasn't by my hand. It was Justin's! The one that had previously been making circles around my bellybutton and been rubbing my bellybutton! "Tasty asshole, don't you think?" he whispered in my ear and licked my earlobe. I couldn't stop moaning. "Shall we walk over to him so you can fuck his asshole?" Justin continued in that same whisper, as he pinched my nipple again, for emphasis. I groaned. Somehow I had cleverly hidden my answer in my groan, because we were moving toward Tom's asshole. I wrapped my arms around Tom and thrusted my cock into him. He cried out, but I stopped him by placing two fingers into his mouth so he could suck on them. And he sure did suck them!

After awhile, we all untangled ourselves and then I saw my chance. I tackled Justin to the ground and slid my hand around his cock and my own. Justin caught the look in my eye as he knew what I was doing and joined me into jacking off our cocks until we both came. Our cum splashed onto our bodies. We turned around and focused our attention on helping our friend to cum. I sucked off his cock a bit more as Justin tickled Tom's balls, yes even squeezed them, to get him to cum faster. A squirt of cum erupted not so long after that and touched the back of my throat. Satisfied, I licked my lips clean of his cum and reached for him to pull him down with us to the floor.

Justin was to the left of me while Tom was to the right of me. They leaned against me. "I love you guys." I said with a grin that was matched by both of them. "We love you too."


Stay Tuned for Episode 3: "Phonebooth"
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Will assume that was Not on Spirit Airlines.....
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Different but very hot!
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Hot. Please continue.