Chapter 4

“So…” I murmured after about half an hour. “…ready for Round 2?”

“Just about,” Laura replied, sitting up. “What do we do this time?”

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m definitely up for some ass action,” Tom said frankly.

“I fancy a spot of rimming myself,” I agreed. “But it would be nice if we could figure out a way to service all three of us at the same time.”

Laura grinned. “Then let’s get creative,” she said. She turned onto her back and lay down on her back with her head towards the food of the bed. “Jan, you climb on top of me 69-style,” she instructed. “You’re going to lick my ass, and I’m going to suck your cock while Tom fucks you in the ass. That way we all get something.”

“Damn woman, you are so creative!” I laughed. I climbed on top of her and spread her legs so that her cute pink asshole was exposed. At the same time I opened my thighs around her head and sank my cock into her mouth.

Tom grinned. “I like this plan.” He lubed up his fingers and pressed them against my tight anus in small circles, teasing me. I pressed my tongue to Laura’s crack and rimmed the tight hole, making cute little circles at the tiny entrance. As soon as I felt Tom’s fingers push into my ass I pushed my tongue into Laura’s asshole, fucking her with tiny tongue-strokes that only went in about an inch-deep. I also sank three fingers into her wet pussy and began a slow slide back and forth.

Tom maintained shallow finger-thrusts into my ass, making the hunger burn hot within me. I pumped my hips and fucked Laura’s mouth, the angle making it easier for her to swallow me whole.

Tom added a second finger and thrust deep. I moaned and pushed my tongue all the way into Laura’s ass for a deep tongue-fuck. I was still fucking her mouth hard with my cock, and now I felt the smooth, broad tip of Tom’s dick pressing against my ass, seeking entrance.

He slowly entered me and buried himself to the hilt. Now the three of us were joined in a kinky three-way fuck; Tom was fucking my ass, Laura was sucking my cock, and I was rimming her ass with my tongue, sticking it deep into the tight hole.

Holy shit. I had Superman’s cock up my ass, and Supergirl was sucking my cock while I licked her ass and fingered her cunt. I lifted my head for a quick second.

“I love superheroes!!!” I yelled before burying my head between her legs again.

“Change places,” Tom muttered after about ten minutes. This time he laid down on the bed with his head near the end, and Laura sat on his face with her mouth on his cock while she fingered his ass. This new position put Laura’s juicy ass in the air. I rubbed my cock against Tom’s mouth, so that he was licking both me and Laura at the same time, then I slipped my cock into Laura’s pussy for some juice. Tom licked us both as I pumped into her, and Laura sank two of her fingers deep into his asshole and thrust hard.

Tom’s muffled moans filled the room. I took my cock out of Laura’s pussy and held onto her hips fast as I nudged at her asshole with its broad tip. Tom sucked her clit and as she moaned at the height of ecstasy I plunged my cock deep into her ass, making her scream loudly.

I didn’t give her time to adjust, I just pounded her hard, the way she likes it. Tom sucked on her clit more feverishly and she took his cock into her mouth and deep-throated him whilst her fingered plundered his ass.

Tom came first, yelling loudly as his cum splashed all over Laura’s face and chest. Then Laura screamed as I sank deep into her ass and spurted my hot cum deep inside her. Her orgasm hit her at the same time, her cunt dripping into Tom’s waiting mouth.


We had wild, crazy threesome sex all weekend.

At some point we had Laura kneel between my legs and suck my cock while Tom smacked her ass and fucked her from behind. Then we tied her legs to the bedpost spread-eagled and double-fisted her pussy. It drove her wild, especially when I took my hand out and managed to get all five fingers into her ass.

But my favourite was when we held Laura down and Tom fucked her pussy while I fucked her ass from behind. The two cocks pumping in and out of her body was so fucking hot to watch.

All too soon, our magical time came to an end. I watched with a heavy heart as Tom and Laura headed out the door with sad smiles on their faces.

“You always make me feel like a real woman, Jan,” Laura said tearfully as she gave me a hug. “I’ll miss you like I always do.”

“Same here,” said Tom, leaning in to kiss me. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You know you both light up my life,” I said, holding them both close. “And I know you have busy schedules, but if you ever want me or need me; I’m only a plane journey away.”

They held me tight for several minutes, and then said goodbye and left.

I sat down on my sofa and smiled to myself.

They’d be back. They always came back.

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