This chapter is told from Jan’s POV

Chapter 3

It had been another busy day at work for me, but I welcomed busy days. It meant working late, and working late meant taking my mind off the lonely nights.

As soon as I got home I undressed and took a shower, then poured myself a drink as I tugged my robe on. For a second I considered watching my Laura Vandervoort sex tape, but then I decided against it. I was trying to get over her, and living our amazing experience over and over wouldn’t help me do that. I thought about my Tom Welling sex tape, but decided to have an early night instead.

So I switched on the TV and idly watched the news as I nursed a glass of scotch. It was close to 11pm when I heard the doorbell ring.

I frowned. No-one came knocking for me at this time of night. I prayed it wasn’t a f****y emergency.

Carefully I opened the door and came face to face with…

“Surprise!” chanted Laura and Tom, grinning in my doorway like fools.

“Laura! Tom!” I exclaimed as I opened the door wide. “What a surprise! Come on in!”

They walked into my apartment, and I closed the door behind them. “Great to see you two again, guys. What brings you back to The Hague?”

Laura grinned saucily and flopped down onto my bed. “Well…you, actually.”

“Me?” I gasped. “I don’t understand…?”

“Relax Jan, she’s told me everything,” Tom said, coming to stand beside me. “And I told her everything about us.”

“So…neither of you thinks it’s weird?” I asked carefully. “That I had sex with you both?”

“Weird?” Laura said, sitting up. “Heck, no. We want to fuck you again – only this time, together.”


I couldn’t believe my ears. “Together?” I echoed. “As in, a threesome?”

“You heard the lady,” Tom drawled. “That’s what she means. So, how about it, sport? What do you say we get our dicks in that tight pussy?”

“Hey!” she protested, but I could see that she was getting turned on at the thought of taking both our cocks into her body at the same time. Heck, we were all getting hot at that thought.

“I’m definitely up for it,” I said in a low voice.

“I can see that,” Laura said, eyeing the tent-shape caused by my erect cock under my robe. “Tom, do you see what I see?”

“Sure do,” he said, licking his lips and sitting beside Laura. “How about we help you with that, Jan?”

My heart pounded fiercely as Tom and Laura loosened my robe and pushed it off my shoulders. It landed on the floor in a heap, and my cock jutted straight up towards their faces.

“I’ve missed this bad boy,” Laura purred, wrapping her small hand around the base of my cock.

“So have I,” agreed Tom. He leaned forward and sucked the tip of my cock into his mouth, making me shudder.

“Hey, I called dibs on the cocksucking!” Laura complained, gripping me hard.

“Don’t be selfish, we can share,” he replied, and my knees went weak as Tom and Laura licked and stroked and French-kissed each other with my cock between their mouths.

“Fuck, I’m so hard,” Tom said raggedly, standing up. “I need some attention. Laura, can you handle us both?”

She licked her lips as Tom unzipped his pants and his erection sprang free. “Let me have ‘em.”

I grinned and fisted my hand in her hair, pulling her head back. She opened her mouth wide and Tom shoved his cock in; I pressed mine in more gently. Her mouth was stretched really wide and it was a tight fit in there with both cocks, but eventually we were both thrusting carefully. As soon as she’d gotten used to the fullness we thrust harder, pushing in deep. Tom’s cock slid against mine, hot and slick, and we turned to kiss each other as we fucked Laura’s mouth really hard.

“I’m gonna cum,” Tom rasped, grabbing Laura’s hair with his fist. She moaned, and I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm brewed.

“Me too,” I whispered. “Let’s come together…”

“On Three,” Tom instructed. “One…two…”

“Three!” I yelled, and pulled my cock out of Laura’s mouth just as my cum shot out of me. Tom buried his dick in deep and shot his load into her mouth, while my hot cum spurted all over her eyes and face.

“Oh, fuck,” Tom growled, watching as we both jizzed in and on Laura, holding her head tightly in place. “Fuck…!”

Our come dripped from her mouth and face, all white and milky. Tom withdrew his dick from her mouth, and she wiped her face and gave us a hard stare.

“Typical men,” she growled. “Selfish.”

“Hmm…” I mused. “Come to think of it, we didn’t take care of Laura’s needs. Should we do that now?”

“I don’t see why not,” Tom agreed. “Lie back, Laura. Let’s treat you like a slutty queen.”


Laura smiled and her blue eyes twinkled mischievously. “That’s more like it.”

We stripped off all her clothes until she was stark naked, and she lay back on the bed as Tom also removed the rest of his clothes. “Where do you want to start, boys?” she purred.

Tom and I looked at each other. “There’s a lot to choose from,” I said. “But I say we start at the top and work our way down.”

Tom nodded. “Good plan.”

We lay down beside her on the bed on either side of her.

“Kiss me, Laura,” I demanded. She turned her face to me and our lips met in a scorching kiss. I slipped my tongue into her mouth where the taste of Tom’s cum and my cum still lingered. Then I lifted my head and she turned her face to the other side to kiss Tom, wrapping her tongue around his.

When Tom lifted his head I leaned forward and slipped my tongue into Laura’s mouth. Tom did the same, and the three of us shared a passionate, cum-tasting kiss that made my head swim.

We finally came up for air and simultaneously reached for a breast each. We squeezed and kneaded the soft flesh, pinching her nipples tight until she cried out, then we leaned down and soothed the tight buds with our wet tongues.

“Shit, that’s good,” she moaned, sliding her hands into our hair and holding us close. “Suck my tits…suck them…”

We did as she asked, sucking her nipples hard until she almost screamed with desire.

“Now my pussy,” she ordered breathlessly. “I want you both to fuck me with your tongues.”

Tom and I glanced at each other and nodded. We slid down her body and grabbed a leg each, splaying them wide so that there would be room for both our heads. We then leaned down towards her dripping pink pussy and flicked our tongues on her engorged clit, lapping eagerly at her cunt juices.

“Fuck!” she swore, sobbing with ecstasy. “Oh, shit, oh fuck, oh FUCK!!!”

I moved my mouth a little lower and thrust my tongue into her hot cunt, while Tom sucked her clit into his mouth. Together we licked and sucked Laura’s pussy until she shivered and shook and came with reckless abandon. Her pussy juices squirted and ran into our mouths and we swallowed it all, licking her pussy clean.

Finally her screams died down and we all collapsed onto the bed, in a sweaty, naked heap.


To be continued…
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