Takes place some time after Guilty Pleasures.

Previous stories in the series:

Intruder; Fantasy Girl; Guilty Pleasures


When Laura Vandervoort returns to the Smallville Set in Vancouver to film the episode Supergirl, she catches up with her on-screen cousin and they end up comparing notes. They discover they, er…share…a whole lot more in common than they originally thought.


Ultimate Fantasy

Part I

Location: The Smallville Set, Vancouver, Canada

Date: during filming of Ep 10.03, Supergirl

Time: 12.30pm

Author’s Note: The first part is told from Tom’s POV


“I gotta admit, things have been a whole lot quieter around here since you left,” I said to Laura Vandervoort as we sat having lunch between takes. “It got even worse when Allie left. I really wish she would have stayed for the full final season, but I can’t blame her for wanting to try other things.”

“You poor thing,” Laura cooed, ruffling my hair affectionately as she munched on a tomato. “Sucks for you that you got stuck with Miss High-and-Mighty as your leading lady.”

I smiled at her. I admire Laura a great deal; she always tells it like it is, and ever since joining the Smallville cast we’ve had a great relationship. It’s like having another little s****r to dote on.

That’s not to say I haven’t had the occasional boner for my ‘s****r;’ after all, when you’re doing a scene with a hot blonde and she’s prancing around in front of you in nothing but a string bikini, the old cock’s bound to want to crow. But for the most part, she’s my little s*s. We can talk about anything.

“So how’s married life treating you?” I asked her.

She snorted. “Corey? Ha. He can’t fuck his way out of a paper bag. Big mistake I made, marrying that loser.”

I frowned. “I don’t understand. I thought you two were solid.”

“The only thing that’s solid is my bank account,” she sighed. “The truth is, the entire marriage is a sham.”

“But why?” I asked, perplexed.

“Why else do we get married in this business?” she asked. “I found someone else, but the producers weren’t having it, and said Corey was a better match for me because he would boost my profile. It’s a shame that’s all he’s able to boost.”

“Gee, that’s too bad,” I said sympathetically.

She shrugged and reached for a banana from the fruit tray. “It is. I really liked this guy.”

“What was he like?” I asked.

Laura’s eyes went all dreamy as she peeled and slid the banana into her mouth. “The best fuck of my life,” she said nostalgically. “He taught be how to be a real woman.”

“Ooh, sounds like fun!” I joked.

“I’m serious!” she insisted. “He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and he knows how to use it.” She leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “He even fucked me up the ass.”

Her words conjured up raw, sexy images of Laura with her juicy little ass in the air, getting rammed by a huge cock. Only in my little fantasy, it was my cock that was pounding in and out of her, whilst another hard cock slammed into my own ass over and over and over again.

Ah, Jan…how I missed him. There had been a few discreet liaisons with guys since him, but it wasn’t the same because, quite frankly, no-one else could measure up. Literally and figuratively.

“Did you like it?” I asked her hoarsely. “Getting butt-fucked, I mean.”

“It’s the hottest thing ever,” she said, sucking the banana suggestively. “Shame you’ll never get to experience it, though.”

I leaned forward to stare into her twinkling blue eyes. “And if I told you that I already have experienced it?”

Those blue eyes widened in surprise. “No way!” she whispered. “Are you…gay?”

“Bi,” I said, finally glad to have someone to talk to it about. “I found out a while back; met this dude in Europe, he showed me a real good time, and he was discreet about it, as well.”

“European dudes are the best,” Laura said, her eyes dreamy again. “My dude’s European, too.”

“I had no idea sucking cock could be so juicy, either,” I whispered, making her giggle.

“You sucked dick, too? Man, you really got around. Are you sure you still know your way around a pussy?”

“Why, are you offering yours up to me on a silver platter?” I laughed.

Her eyes widened. “I never really thought about it before, but…” her pupils darkened with lust. “Why not?”

I stared at her, my eyes almost popping out of my head. She was right; I’d never really thought about it, not seriously. But now that the seed had been planted…

Why not?

Just then the director’s voice boomed through the megaphone. “Okay – five minutes, everyone! Laura, Tom – two minutes in hair and make-up each, then you’re up.”

She got to her feet and leaned toward my ear. “The Meridian Hotel, seven o’clock,” she whispered. “Suite 1203.” Then she winked at me and sashayed off, her cute butt swaying in that sexy little superskirt.

I swallowed and took deep breaths to control my raging boner. Laura Vandervoort and I were going to have sex tonight.

What a blast that was going to be!


The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough for me. Laura had finished filming her scenes and left the set hours ago. Unfortunately for me, Erica fucking Durance kept fluffing her lines, and we had to do about twenty takes on one stupid scene. But she eventually got it right, at least to the satisfaction of the director. Or maybe he just wanted to go home.

“Okay everybody, that’s a wrap!” he finally yelled.

At LAST. I thanked the crew as I always did and went straight to my trailer to freshen up for my sex date with Laura. I felt oddly nervous, like I was going to hit on my hot cousin, or something!

I got changed, and just as I was about to leave, I saw an envelope on my table with my name on it. I opened it and emptied the contents onto my palm; it was a hotel keycard, with the number 1203 on it.

My heart began to pound with excitement. Within minutes, I was out of the trailer and in my car, speeding down the road in the direction of the Meridian.

I got there in record time, and managed to dodge all the paparrazi on the way. The last thing I wanted was to get Laura in trouble; she was still married, after all. The journey up in the elevator seemed to take ages, but eventually we arrived on the 12th floor.

I walked down the hall till I got to Suite 1203. With shaky fingers I used the keycard she’d left me to let myself in, and closed and locked the door behind me.

“There you are,” I heard her say from within in a sexy voice. “I thought you’d never get here.”

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