Guilty Pleasures (2/2)


Part II

Tom stared at me as if I’d gone mad.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re not gay,” he pointed out.

“You’re not the only one who’s curious,” I replied.

“It’s tempting, but…”

“Hey, I already assured you that nothing you’ve said in this room goes out of this room,” I reminded him. “That goes for anything else as well.”

“Can I trust you?” he asked, wavering.

I nodded. “You can trust me, Tom.”

He smiled then, that trademark wide smile of his. “Thank you, Jan,” he said. “You have no idea how much this means to me.

“So er…what do you want to do first,” I asked, sounding a whole lot bolder than I actually felt.

“This.” Tom leaned down towards me and pressed his lips to mine.


I was getting kissed by a man. And not just any man: Tom Welling.

It felt strange, those juicy lips of his against mine; but at the same time I was hugely excited. My cock hardened, and he pulled me towards him so that I felt his hard prick against my own. He moaned and pushed his tongue into my mouth, and then we were French kissing. It was so fucking hot, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Eventually he lifted his head from mine, breathing hard. “That was good,” he whispered. I want to touch you, now. Can I do that?”

I nodded, still dazed from the kiss as he lifted my t-shirt over my head and lowered his mouth to my nipples. I felt his tongue against my bud, and bl**d rushed to my cock so fast it made me dizzy.

“You like that?” he said against my chest as he grasped my cock in his hand and squeezed.

“It feels good,” I said breathlessly. “Really good…but can I feel your mouth on me even lower?”

Tom looked up at me and smiled. “You want me to suck your cock, Jan?”

I nodded, feeling buzzy with anticipation.

“I’ve never sucked a man’s cock before, but I really want to do this with you,” he said as he got to his knees in front of me.

Staring down at the beautiful Tom Welling unbuckling my belt, it felt like a dream. He was in my apartment, about to suck me off, and I almost blew my load there and then.

He unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor, and then pulled my boxers down. My huge throbbing cock sprang out, thick and long, right in front of Tom’s lips. He licked said lips and smiled.

“I was wrong about you, Jan,” he said as he took me in his hand. “We are about the same size where it matters.” And he pulled my dick down towards his mouth and licked it.


Stars burst behind my eyes as I stood naked, watching Tom Welling lick the head of my cock. He flicked at the slit in the tip, watching in fascination as precum spilled out of me, and he licked all the drops into his mouth.

“I love doing this with you,” he whispered against my cock, and then sucked me into his mouth.

I groaned and grabbed his head, thrusting into his mouth. Suddenly he gagged and drew back. “Hey!” he complained. “Newbie here!”

“Sorry,” I apologised. “You just got me so hot so fast…I’ll try and be gentle.”

“It’s alright.” Tom opened his mouth and sucked my prick again, and my eyes rolled back in my head as he gradually took me in deeper and deeper. His mouth stretched wide around my cock and he clenched his fingers into my ass and moved his head back and forth.

Now that he was deep-throating me, I held his head and began to gently thrust, picking up pace gradually until I was fucking Tom’s mouth. He seemed to like it because he moaned around my cock and clenched my ass harder, and suddenly I couldn’t hold it anymore. Hot cum burst from me and filled his mouth, and I could see him swallowing my juices down.

After a while my orgasm subsided and Tom got to his feet, smiling. “So how was that?” he asked.

“Wow,” I said, amazed. “That was your first time giving head? You’re a natural.”

“Thanks, he said. “I, uh…I was wondering if, uh…”

“You want me to suck your cock, too?” I asked, smiling as he blushed. “I’d love to suck you off, Tom.”

“You would?” he said, his eyes bright.

I nodded. “Oh yeah. Take the rest of your clothes off, and sit on the edge of the bed.”


Tom took off his pants and boxers, and I could see his huge, straining cock, flushed a deep red angry colour. He sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt between his legs.

“Let me know if I do anything you don’t like,” I said as I rubbed his hairy thighs. “I’m new to this as well, you know.”

“Okay,” he nodded. “I can’t wait to feel your mouth on me.”

“No more waiting, then.” I lowered my head to his weeping cock and licked at the thick tip. Tom groaned and begged for more, so I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked on it. He fisted his hands in my hair and shoved his cock all the way into my mouth, and I could feel his dick going down my throat. He started to thrust, and it was the most amazing thing, that cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. I moved my head back and forth over and over, and when I thought he might cum I lifted my mouth from him completely.

“You shit!” he cried. “What did you do that for?”

“So that I can do this.” I opened his legs wider and lowered my head between them, sucking his rough balls into my mouth and rolling them around my tongue.

“Fuck!” he cried. “That’s so fucking hot!”

Warm drops of precum dripped onto my face as I sucked his balls. Feeling bold, I used my hands to push his thighs even further apart and slid my finger along his buttcrack. He stiffened.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he cried.

I smiled, remembering how Laura had reacted the first time I’d fingered her asshole. “Just relax, Tom. You’ll like this.” I stroked my finger up and down the crack, and he tensed every time my finger brushed his hole.

I sucked on his cock again, and that distracted him a little from what my hand was doing. He said up and held my head, fucking my mouth while I carefully reached for the petroleum jelly that I keep beside my bed for when I watch the Laura video. Carefully I lubed up my finger and returned it to his hole, pressing against it lightly.

But Tom tensed up again. “I’m really not liking that,” he said in alarm. “Maybe I’m not gay, after all. I’m sorry I used you.” He made to rise, but I pressed a hand against his belly and pushed him gently onto the bed.

“Let me try one more thing, and if you don’t like it, then you can walk out of here, okay?” I said.

He looked unconvinced, but decided to give it a shot. “Okay.”

“Do you trust me, Tom?” I asked. He nodded.

“Good. Now, hook your arms behind your knees and pull your legs as far back as you can.”

A dubious look crossed his face, but he did as I asked. Pulling his legs back like that meant his cock and balls were lying forward against his belly while his pink crack was fully exposed between his ass cheeks, and I knew he must be feeling silly and embarrassed to show his ass to another man like this.

But I knelt between his legs and pushed his legs further back still, then thrust a cushion underneath his hips so that his asshole was level with my mouth. I could see the tight hole clenching, just waiting for me to play with it.

Tom’s green eyes went wide as he saw me licking my lips. “Are you gonna…?”

I nodded with an evil grin. “Yes, Tom, I am.” I lowered my mouth to his ass and stroked my tongue from his ass all the way to his balls. Tom howled in pleasure, and I did it again, pausing to circle the tight crease before continuing up to the base of his cock. I licked and licked, each time paying more attention to the pink hole, lapping lustily. Tom was almost weeping with pleasure, and his cock was weeping with pleasure as well, so I scooped up some of his precum and put the creamy moisture on the tip of my tongue, then pressed it into the tight crack. The hole widened under the light pressure of my tongue, and I managed to push my tongue in about an inch.

“Oh fuck,” he sobbed. “That’s so good, Jan…so good…”

I withdrew my tongue and pushed in again, my tongue going in a bit further. The ring of muscle in his ass began to relax, and I prised my tongue further in managing to push it all way so that my nose was pressed against his balls. Then I began to thrust, fucking his ass with my tongue, in and out, tasting what he was like on the inside.

Tom was howling and groaning with pleasure. He fisted his hands in my hair and guided my movements roughly. His cock was ramrod straight, and it wasn’t long before he ejaculated and his come shot into my hair and trickled in hot, salty rivulets down my face. His ass contracted around my tongue in ripples as his orgasm went on and on. Almost imperceptibly I withdrew my tongue and inserted my lubed finger and began thrusting, and Tom’s pulsing cock began to get hard again. I slipped another finger into his ass, scissoring them to stretch him open. There were no protests from him this time, only harsh groans as I finger-fucked his ass roughly, adding in a third finger so that his hole was stretched to the limits. I needed to make it as wide as possible for my huge cock, so I twisted my fingers round as they fucked him, opening and closing them.

“More,” he sobbed. “I need more.”

He was definitely going to get more, because my cock was hard again and still dripping cum from the last time. With my fingers still in his ass I got to my feet and stood at the edge of the bed.

“Are you ready to be fucked by a man, Tom Welling?” I asked, my hand thrusting savagely in his hole.

“Yes,” he pleaded. “Fuck me, Jan. Fuck me hard.”


I finally pulled my fingers out of him and swiped it through the copious amounts of cum all over his belly, and lubed my cock up with it. Then I lubricated Tom’s ass again, to be sure he was extra slippery; I didn’t want to do him any damage with my huge shaft.

When I was satisfied, I placed the tip of my cock at his ass and slowly pushed into the hole. I sank into him, his ass tighter than anything I’ve ever been in – and that includes Laura’s ass and cunt holes. I grabbed Tom’s hairy legs and held them far apart, and began to fuck him in earnest, hard and rough like he’d asked me to.

“Yes!” he shouted. “So fucking good, oh yes!!!” I leaned forward and released one of his legs, taking his cock in my hand and fisting him, pumping it as I also pumped into his ass. His cock jerked savagely and ribbons of cum went splat into my face. I opened my mouth and some of the spurts went straight into it, others splashing into my eyes and forehead and chin. My balls tightened up against my body as my own orgasm rose to the surface, and I shot my cum into Tom’s hot ass, flooding his insides with my juices.

Finally the storm calmed and I collapsed on top of him, both of us breathing hard. We lay there panting for several minutes before I raised my head and looked down at him.

“So,” I grinned. “What’s the verdict? Was it better than fucking a woman?”

“Tons better,” he insisted. “I’ve never come so hard in my life. I don’t know how to thank you, Jan. You’ve liberated me.”

I smiled. “Well, promise to let me off for ruining your shirt, and we have a deal,” I said.

He grinned and pulled my face down to his for a kiss. “Forgiven and forgotten,” he said. “Now shut up and let me kiss you.”


The End.

Coming soon: Ultimate Fantasy, with Jan, Tom Welling and Laura Vandervoort.

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3 years ago
very good story and well written. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
That was so good i jacked off three times and i'm still hard has a rock thanks