Guilty Pleasures (1/2)


Takes place some time after Fantasy Girl


After Laura Vandervoort gives in to Hollywood pressure and marries her boyfriend Corey, Jan tries to move on. But moving on comes in a form he never expected…

Part I

Location: The Hague in the Netherlands

Date: Present day

Time: 12.30pm

I stood on the train making my way home from work, cup of iced mocha in hand. I was frowning, still upset over the fact that Laura Vandervoort had recently been in the papers.

Not so long ago, she had sought me out after our last encounter, and told me in no uncertain terms that she loved me and wanted to be with me. But her agents and producers had found out, and threatened to drop her and end her tv career if she didn’t maintain face with her actor boyfriend Corey Sevier. So with a heavy heart, she went back to him…and married him.

That pretty much shattered my heart into a million pieces. To have had my fantasy girl in my arms, only to lose her was the most painful thing ever. But I can’t dwell on the past, or I’ll go mad. Still, it’s taking me a long, long time to get over her, and even watching our sex tape just makes the pain even more real.

I stared blankly ahead, barely registering the presence of a fairly large man standing in front of me, his face obscured by a baseball cap. People rarely wore baseball caps in the middle of the afternoon unless they were hiding something. I couldn’t see his face, but his shoulders were slumped, and he didn’t seem too happy. Maybe he just got dumped by his girlfriend too, I thought with wry amusement.

I sighed, wondering if I’d ever fall in love again, if I’d ever meet someone as beautiful and sexy as Laura ever again…

Just then, the train jolted to a stop and I was flung forward by the f***e. I managed to brace myself with one hand, but the iced mocha in my hand flew out of the cup and splashed all over the white shirt of the man standing in front of me. He wasn’t too pleased.

“What the fuck?” he yelled, glaring down at his sodden shirt, once pristine white but now with a chocolate brown stain rapidly spreading across it. I stared in horror.

“I am so sorry,” I apologised profusely. “It was an accident, I didn’t mean it…”

“Yeah?” he said in an American accent, still clearly annoyed. “Sorry isn’t going to clean my shirt for me, pal. I was on my way to an audition. How can I show up like this?”

“Look, I’ll pay for the dry-cleaning, okay?” I said as the train doors opened and we stepped out. “Listen, I live just around the corner from here. If you come by mine, I can get your shirt cleaned and lend you one of mine. How does that sound?”

He looked at me suspiciously, taking in my slender appearance, and deciding I was pretty much harmless. “Fine,” he spat. “I just hope you have a shirt that will fit me. We’re not exactly the same size, you know.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Thanks for letting me make it up to you. My home’s this way.”


Five minutes later, I opened the door to my apartment and ushered him in. “Make yourself at home,” I said. “I’ll just go put the washing machine on.”

The man walked in, looking around furtively as he took his hat off. And that’s when I saw him properly for the first time.

Well, fuck me sideways. It was Tom Welling.

Tom Welling, of Smallville fame, was in my fucking apartment!

It must be fate that the man who plays the cousin of the lovely Laura Vandervoort just happened to be the person who I spilled my drink on! I was tempted to squee like a fangirl and ask for his autograph, but he still wasn’t happy about his shirt, so I maintained dignity.

“Here, let me have your shirt,” I said, holding out my hand for it. “The sooner I put it in the wash, the sooner the stain will wash out.”

“Sure.” Tom unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down his arms. Wow! The man has one impressive chest, all solid muscles and bronzed skin. I was surprised to find myself staring and carefully composed myself as I took the shirt from him.

After rinsing off most of the chocolate, and sticking it in the wash, I returned to the living room to find Tom studying my DVD collection. I held my breath as he picked up the 9th season box set of his very own show, Smallville.

“I’m not a fan of the all black wardrobe,” I said from behind, startling him. “But hey; you wear it well.”

“You know who I am,” he said almost accusingly.

“I didn’t realise until you took your cap off,” I said honestly. “You’re Tom Welling.”

He stared at me for a while, and then spoke. “And what’s your name?” he finally asked.

“Jan. Jan van Es,” I replied, and stuck my hand out. “Pleased to meet you.”

He looked at my hand, and then placed his own in it. “Good to meet you.”

We shook hands, and then the strangest thing happened. A strange tingle ran up my arm, starting in my palm that his hand was touching. I stared, amazed. Maybe this was the buzz people got when they met celebrities, I thought. But the strange thing was that he was looking at me oddly too, as if he’d felt the same thing.

Strange, to say the least.

Tom quickly dropped my hand, and stepped back. “Do you have any paper towels?” he asked. “I want to clean my chest, I smell of coffee and chocolate.”

“Coming right up,” I said, going into the kitchen and returning with the paper towels and a bowl of warm water. “This will help get most of it off,” I said, leaning in and wiping his chest before I realised what I was doing. Talk about invading someone’s personal space!

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“It’s okay, no harm done,” he replied. “Go on.”

Oh. That was unexpected. But I dabbed the towels in warm water and continued to wipe his chest.

“Sorry to hear about you and Jamie,” I said quietly after a while.

He sighed deeply and gave a sad smile. “Thanks. It’s been a tough couple of months since the divorce.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, why did you break up?” I asked in genuine puzzlement. “I know a lot of celebrity marriages don’t last, but I really thought you two would go the distance.”

He sat quietly for a while before answering. “I guess we just grew apart,” he said. “We wanted different things in life, which we couldn’t pursue if we were together.”

“Whatever you decide, I wish you every happiness,” I said seriously.

For the first time since he’d walked into the apartment, he smiled. “Thank you, Jan.”

“I smiled back, and the paper towel slipped from my hand into his lap. Instinctively I reached down for it, and inadvertently grabbed his crotch I as was picking it up.

He was hard.

I froze, my hand on Tom’s cock. I wasn’t sure whether to yank it away or leave it there, but I was frozen in shock. I stared at him, and he stared back at me with a sad smile.

“Guess you now know the real reason Jamie and I broke up,” he said sadly. Slowly I took my hand away from him as the truth dawned on me.

He was gay. Tom Welling was gay!

“Well, er…” I didn’t really know what to say. To be honest, I was a little bit freaked out myself, because my own cock was beginning to get hard, and that had never happened to me before, ever. Not from a man, anyway.

“I expect this will all be in the papers tomorrow,” he said, rising to his feet.

“Your sexuality is personal, and no business of anyone else’s,” I said quietly. “No one will hear of this from me, I promise you.”

Tom stared at me, and smiled again. “I believe you,” he said. “Thank you.”

We stared at each other for a while before I finally asked, “So, how did you know that you were…gay?”

“Actually I’m bi-sexual; I’m attracted to both men and women,” he said. “Jamie caught me with some men’s magazines, and couldn’t look me in the eye after that. I’ve never actually been with another man.”

My eyes widened. “Really?”

“If it got out that I was attracted to men, it could ruin my whole career,” he explained. “Life in the public eye is difficult, and I’m a very private person. I can’t afford to be with anyone, because if people found out…”

I felt sorry for him, but at the same time an idea formed in my head.

“Would you like to know what it feels like, to be with a man?” I asked.

Tom snorted. “Don’t be daft. How would I ever get the chance?”

I took a deep breath. “With me,” I said, hardly believing my own ears. “You can have sex with me.”


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very nice story. thanks for posting
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Great star so what happened this is getting very hoit thanks