Fantasy Girl - Laura Vandervoort


Sequel to INTRUDER

Synopsis: It’s exactly a year after Jan’s erotic encounter with Laura Vandervoort in his flat. He thought he’d never see her again. He was wrong.

Rated NC-17. Adults only.

***WARNING! ***

This story is very erotic. It contains very graphic descriptions of fisting, oral sex, anal sex and rimming, along with elements of bondage and the use of sex toys. So pretty much all the freaky stuff you can think of.

If dirty!bad!freaky!twisted!kinky!wrong!sex is not your thing, do not go any further. You have been warned.



Location: The Hague in the Netherlands

Date: Present day

Time: 11.57pm

Chapter 1

It had been a busy day at the office; Fridays always were. Last minute orders always flooded in when there were only ten minutes left of the working day, and it always kept me back at work for several hours after my official closing time. But I don’t mind. I’m a helpful guy, and I like going the extra mile for people. I just wish they appreciated it more; appreciated me more.

Sighing wearily, I let myself into my flat and undress, heading straight for the shower. As I stand under the jets of streaming water, I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander to the most gorgeous blonde on the planet; one with almond eyes, lush lips and a killer body.

Immediately my cock begins to stiffen. I can’t help it; Laura Vandervoort’s been my fantasy girl as soon as I saw her in those red hotpants on the Smallville poster. It doesn’t help matters that today’s the first anniversary of the day that I actually got to have wild, crazy sex with her in this very apartment. By some weird twist of fate, she’d been in the Netherlands preparing for a movie, and had climbed into my apartment on a dare. However, I’d caught her, and she promised to do anything I asked if I didn’t tell the police.

So I made her strip, and took delight in everything her body had to offer. And I mean EVERYTHING. Mouth, breasts, pussy, ass…I fucked every hole she had, and she’d creamed hot cum all over me, even though she’d pretended she didn’t like it.

I knew I had to fuck her completely, because I would probably never get the chance again. Unbeknownst to her, I’d filmed the entire thing, and the video kept me busy on lonely nights. But a video was a poor substitute for the real warm body, even if it was me fucking her in the video.

I held my dick in my fist and pumped hard, imagining Laura’s full lips wrapped around the head of my cock. bl**d rushes through my veins, and it doesn’t take long before I cum, splashing hot jizz all over the bathroom tiles. I catch my breath, then rinse my body off and turn out the lights in the shower.

Sighing deeply, I wear a pair of black briefs and climb into bed. I hadn’t been able to get Laura out of my mind. I mean, sure, I’d invited a couple of girls back to the apartment – all blonde-haired and blue-eyed – and even got them to let me call them Laura while I fucked them. But there was no-one like the real Laura Vandervoort, and there never would be for me.

I wished I could let her go; but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as they say.

I reach out and shut off the side lamp, then snuggle comfortably on my back. My lashes drift shut, and I fall into a deep sl**p.


In the midst of my sl**p, I sense a presence. Quickly I open my eyes, only to find them in utter darkness. There was a cloth over them; I’d been blindfolded.

Alarmed, I immediately try to rise from my bed, only to find myself yanked back by chains and handcuffs.

What the fuck?

“What is this?” I yelled. “Who’s there? I can hear you breathing! Show yourself, damn you!”

“Hello, Jan.”

I stopped, my heart lurching.

It was her.

“Laura?” I whispered, unable to believe what I was hearing.

“In the flesh,” she replied sultrily.

She was back.

Laura Vandervoort was in my room.

Holy fuck.

My Fanfasy Girl was back!


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3 years ago
you are so screwed
4 years ago
Curious how much mercy she will have with you all chained up and with roles reversed!
Look forward to next installments! ;-)P