Intruder - Laura Vandervoort (7/8)

Chapter 7

Fuck, yes. Fuck, yes. FUCK, YESSSSS!!!

Jan van Es had certainly died and gone to heaven. He was inside Laura Vandervoort. His cock was buried deep in her cunt, and she was screaming his name in pleasure.

He had always known it would be like this, but had never thought it would feel this good, this pure, this perfect. He’d imagined it, dreamed of it, fantasized about it, even written stories about it, but the reality of it put all his late night Laura fantasies to shame.

He grabbed hold of her hips and began to fuck her with hard, ramming thrusts.


Laura gasped and panted beneath Jan. He was a smallish guy, but his dick was huge, and even his fist hadn’t prepared her enough for his thick, beefy cock. She grunted as he rode her rough, his heavy balls slapping against her clit with every thrust, stimulating her all over again.

His broad shaft filled her, stretching her pussy wide, her cunt throbbing and burning as he pounded into her repeatedly. He fucked her so hard her head banged against the headboard with every thrust. Her shoulders were hurting from her arms being cuffed behind her back, and her knees were shaking so bad she could barely support herself.

This was wrong, she told herself. This was all so wrong. She should be thinking of Corey. But all thoughts of her boyfriend had long since fled from her mind, and deep down inside, something whispered that this was all so right. Out of all the homes in The Hague she could have climbed into, she’d climbed into the window of Jan van Es for a reason…and that this was that very reason.

Who was Jan van Es? How had he known how to tap into every dirty thought and sexual fantasy she had never ever permitted herself? She’d never allowed her sexual side to develop beyond what was considered normal. But in one night, Jan had torn down all her boundaries. Everything had changed.

So she succumbed and gave herself up to the dirty, bad, wrongness of it all. And once she’d surrendered, it all became right. So wrong, yet so right.

She felt her breasts being squeezed and her nipples stung as Jan pinched them tight, and her pleasure overflowed once more.


Jan felt Laura’s pussy pulsing around his cock as she came, yelling his name in a loud cry. He speeded up his thrusts in earnest. His balls drew up against his body and his entire frame stiffened as he approached the inevitable.

This is it, he thought wildly. This is the moment I have lived for…the moment I cum inside Laura Vandervoort. It’s happening. It’s happening!

Her head thudded faster against the headboard as he rammed into her one, two three times, and stars exploded behind his eyes as cum burst from him and flooded her cunt.

“Oh, YES!” he screamed. “Fucking Laura Vandervoort, YEEEESSSSS!!!”

His orgasm was never-ending. It went on and on and on, and in the midst of all the pleasure he had one more thing to do. He pulled his spurting cock out of her pussy and placed it against the tight, pink crack of her ass, his cum splashing against her cheeks.

Laura immediately stiffened with fear. “No,” she said, struggling against the handcuffs. “Jan, no! Don’t -!”

With a grunt, he rammed his cock f***efully into her tight ass.


“Nnnnoooooo!!!!” she screamed as he invaded her, filling her painfully.

Tears sprang to her eyes and she sobbed as he disregarded her cries and plunged into her again and again. Her ass burned and stung as he f***ed his way through, and she cried out in pain with every thrust. He shoved in deeper and deeper, and she sobbed louder each time until he filled her so completely his balls were right up against her ass.

He fucked her ass hard, and in the midst of all the pain she dimly wondered how he had managed to stay erect after having just cum so frantically. She could still feel him dripping out of her cunt. Unfortunately, his anal invasion was more pain than pleasure, and she winced and groaned, biting her lip as he grunted and rutted above her.

She wished her hands were free, so she could at least try to counteract the pain by rubbing her clit. Maybe he would do it for her…

“Touch my pussy, Jan,” she pleaded. “Rub my clit…please…”

He obliged her, lowering one hand and teasing her swollen nub until the pain and the pleasure combined within her and she found the perfect balance.

“Yes!” she said with excitement, as his hand brought her pleasure and his cock rammed painfully into her ass. “Yes, yes, YES!!!”

And her body spasmed as another orgasm ripped its way through her. Above her she heard Jan roar and felt a burst of liquid heat inside as his cock jerked and flooded her bowels with hot cum. They shuddered and screamed as they came together, barrels of pleasure rolling endlessly over them at a perfect, perfect moment.


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3 years ago
no he owns her now
4 years ago
Lucky lusty Laura won! ;-)P