Intruder - Laura Vandervoort (6/8)

Chapter 6

Jan left his hand inside Laura as her breathing returned to normal. When she was fully back down to earth, he slid it out of her with a loud schlomp and lifted it up to inspect it closely.

His hand was warm and practically still throbbing from her intense orgasm. Little rivulets of her cum slid thickly down his wrist, and he caught the descending drops with his tongue, savouring her salty, musky flavor.

He glanced up and saw her staring at him. Smiling, he lay along side her and pressed his fingers into her mouth.

“Share,” he said huskily. “Share with me.”

Laura hesitated for just a moment, then her small pink tongue poked out and licked his hand, sliding between his fingers.

“That’s it.” He did the same, and together they licked his hand clean of her pussy juices. He lowered his hand and brought his lips to her mouth, and for the first time this evening their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Laura moaned and thrust her tongue into his mouth, and he sucked on it eagerly, relishing the pussy-flavoured kiss. After a long while he lifted his head and came up for air.

“You’ve been a good girl, Laura,” he said. “For that, you get rewarded.”

Slowly he stood up and went to the head of the bed. Her eyes lit up in relief as he reached to untie her leg restraints.

Suddenly he stopped. “Do you promise to behave?” he asked sternly.

She nodded vigorously. “I promise.”

“Good.” Jan untied her leg restraints and finally uncuffed her. She moved her tired arms and rubbed at her sore, aching wrists.

“Here, let me help.” Jan sat beside her and rubbed her wrists easing the ache for her.

Suddenly, Laura elbowed him in the ribs without warning and jumped off the bed. She ran to the door and turned the handle, but it didn’t budge. She tugged and tugged at it frantically, but it didn’t open for her.

“It’s locked, Laura,” he said, rubbing his injured side as he stood up. “I’m not so silly as to uncuff you in an open room.”

Laura collapsed against the door and slid to the floor, sobbing. “Let me go, Jan,” she cried. “Please, just let me go…”

He crouched down to her behind her and swept her hair away from her face. “Sorry, sweetheart. I’m afraid that’s two major offences you’ve committed against me. First you break into my house and insult me, and now you physically assault me and then try to escape. That wasn’t very wise.”

“I just want to go home,” she sobbed.

“And you will…eventually. There’s still so much more I want us to do together.” He slid his hands down her arms and suddenly pulled her wrists backwards.

“What the -?” she said, startled at the feel of cold steel on her wrists.

“I’m afraid the cuffs have to go back on, Laura. I just can’t trust you with your hands free.” He snapped the locks on the handcuffs and hauled her to her feet, then directed her towards the bed. He gave her a little push and she went over onto the bed on her stomach.

Struggling with her hands behind her back, Laura tried to roll over but he stopped her.

“No. I want you like that, on your belly.” Jan walked over to her and grabbed two handfuls of her ass, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh eagerly. Then he grasped her hips and lifted them so that her ass was high in the air while her knees and shoulders were pressed into the bed.

As soon as he saw her ass and cunt from that angle, Jan’s cock stiffened to almost painful proportions. Laura Vandervoort was deliciously sexy and hot. Her asscheeks were pink and cutely rounded, her pussy lush and sweet, and from the look of her puckered asshole, she had never been fucked up there.

Well, there was a first time for everything, he surmised.

“Why did you try to run from me?” he demanded.

Laura sniffed and said nothing.

Jan raised his hand and delivered a stinging slap to her ass, making her yelp. “Answer me!”

Still she remained silent. Jan landed another smack to her other asscheek, hard enough to leave a red handprint.

“Ow!” Laura moaned, clenching her butt muscles as she flinched.

Jan’s arousal became tinged with excitement and his dick got harder and harder. He rained smack after smack on her ass, spanking her till the cheeks were red and throbbing and she sobbed and cried from the pain. He was pleased to see that she was also getting wet, as hot cream began to drip from her moistened pussy.

“I see you’re ready for more action, Laura,” he said smugly. “Don’t worry – I’ll make sure you get it. Lots of it.”

“Please don’t spank me anymore!” she pleaded. “It hurts so much!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s see if I can make it all better.” He lowered his head and pressed soft, gentle kisses to her throbbing red skin. Beneath his lips he felt her muscles relax, and he continued to kiss her gently as the pain receded.

Gradually he inched his lips sideways, moving closer and closer to the centre of her buttocks. When he got there, Jan extended his tongue and licked her tight crack.

Laura jumped, startled, and Jan chuckled against her ass. “I guess Corey-boy’s never been down here, huh?” he said. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” He flicked his tongue up and down her asshole, and Laura squirmed and writhed with clear enjoyment.

Jan spread her asscheeks wide with his hands and pressed the tip of his tongue into her asshole. Laura moaned loudly, despite the fact that he couldn’t penetrate her as far as he’d wanted to, because she was so tight and unlubricated.

He slipped a finger into her moist cunt and brought it to her crack, spreading her juices around the hole. He leaned in and licked her clean, then repeated the process over and over. After a while, he dipped his finger into her pussy and began to work the slick digit into her anus.

She tensed up against his finger. “Jan, no!” she protested. “Please stop. Don’t do that, no-one’s ever done that to me before. Not even Corey!”

So he was right; she was an ass virgin. “There’s a first time for everything, Laura,” he said as he managed to get the tip of his finger inside her ass. “Now relax, otherwise it’ll hurt more than it should.”

“I don’t like it, Jan!” she wailed.

“You will,” he replied. He stuck his finger in her pussy again and slipped it into her crack, his finger going about halfway in.

“You need to relax, Laura,” he insisted as he wiggled his finger inside her tight hole. “It’s going to happen, so you might as well make sure it feels good, don’t you think?”

Laura gulped and gasped as his slick finger went all the way inside her. He thrust forwards and backwards, finger-fucking her ass, and also worked it round and round in circular motions. He pulled it out of her and moistened not one, but two fingers with the juice from her pussy, and presented both fingers at her pink, puckered hole. It was a tight fit, but Jan managed to slowly press the two fingers into her, and began scissoring them, stretching her asshole, preparing her for further intimacies.

Laura’s moans changed in pitch, going from painful to pleasurable. Just as she had adjusted to his two fingers, he pulled them out of her.

“Oh no, not three,” she begged, her voice fearful.

“Not just yet.” Jan spread her cheeks wide again and tested the puckered hole with the tip of his tongue. This time he penetrated her more easily, and once he slid inside he began tongue-fucking her ass with stabbing thrusts. With each thrust he went further and further in until she was taking in the full length of his tongue.

This time, her moans were all from pleasure. Jan could feel her anal muscles clamping his tongue, a sure sign that she was ready to cum again. Keeping his tongue in her ass, he stuck three fingers into her pussy and began to thrust slowly.

Laura’s body began to hum and shudder from the pleasure of the double penetration. Between getting finger-fucked in her pussy and tongue-fucked up the ass, Jan also reached up her body with his other hand and teased her nipple. He kept all his movements slow and deliberate to build her pleasure up to a peak.

All too soon she was begging for more of the sweet pressure.

“Fuck me harder, Jan,” she pleaded throatily. “Fuck me harder.”

Jan was so hard and so turned on that precum was leaking from his cock in copious quantities. He jammed his whole hand into her pussy and thrust hard, at the same time pinching her nipple tight and ramming her ass as hard as he could with his tongue.

“Omigod…aah…ahh…AHH…AAAHHHHH!!!” she screamed as her orgasm slammed into her. Her pussy spasmed around his hand and her ass clenched his tongue in ripples as she came with reckless abandon. Jan didn’t stop but kept up the sweet torture, and her orgasm went on and on for several long minutes. She yelled and moaned and tugged against the cuffs that held her as the pleasure threatened to consume her.

After a while, he took his tongue out of her crack and withdrew his fist from her pussy. Laura’s legs wobbled and she lay down flat on the bed, utterly exhausted.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Jan said, hoisting her hips back up into the air. “After all that pleasure I gave you, you want to leave me like this?” He knelt behind her on the bed and nudged her thigh with his erection.

“I cant…I can’t take anymore, Jan,” she wheezed, still out-of-breath.

“That’s what you think, Laura,” Jan rasped. “I know better.” And he plunged his enormous cock into her slick pussy.


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