Steven R. McQueen Slash Series: Episode 1

Episode 1: The Woodsman

Series: Steven R. McQueen Slash Series
Summary: I find myself at the mercy of a very attractive man chopping wood... and get wood of my own.

It was a beautiful day out so I decided to take a walk out in the woods.

I always loved coming there and just be by myself, 'share', or keep my secrets to myself.

I'm not special, certainly don't possess any magical skills or anything.

The only real secret would have to be my sexuality.

I love men.

Something about those attractive bodies makes me so hot and bothered inside, and then it never is long until I am hard.

Right now I just don't want to think about it.

C'mon, I'm not like that 24/7!!

Yeah, I have hot sexual dreams.

I'm only human.

I sit down against a tree and inhale the pine scent from the trees before I close my eyes.

Yet when I do that, of course I think about a hot man.

Of course I get hard.

At first I think I hear someone chopping wood nearby, but I quickly decide that it is happening in the dream.

A dream sequence that goes like this:

I hear that sound and I follow it.

There I see a man in a white tank top chopping wood.

My eyes don't just watch how he chops the wood, no, they watch his arms.

The first thought that crosses my mind when I is how can he get so muscular like that?

My lips want to voice my thoughts, but they don't open and bring on the sound.

The man stops and turns around, spots me.

I don't see any sweat.

Maybe he just started? I wonder, but then I see the blocks of wood beside him.

When our eyes meet, he drops the axe...

I watch the journey of his hands to his shirt.

The man tears his shirt and reveals his naked chest!!

Again I can't say a thing as I watch him move toward me.

It's not a horror scenario, but a part of me wants to wake up.

It's right after when he grabs me and kisses me that I do.

"Ahhh!!!" I groan out as my eyes fly open, they dart from tree to tree to see if I can spot someone.

Then I hear it.

The sound of chopping wood.

Oh fuck yeah, please let the person be as attractive as this man! I think as I get up to my feet and dash toward the sound.

When I'm there, the wood is cut by the man and our eyes meet... just like in the dream!

He just stares at me.

"Hi there," I say, suddenly scared. "I didn't mean to intrude. Continue, if you want."

He frowns as he continues to look at me.

"Who are you?" he asks me.

I tell him my name and anticipate him telling me his name in return.

But he doesn't.

"What are you doing here?" is asked next instead of an introduction.

"Does it bother you? It's such a beautiful day out and I love the woods, so I came out here, heard you chopping wood and decided to follow the sound." I told him.

The man continue to look at me and then slowly needed.

"My name is Steven McQueen."

Ah, that's a nice name.

"Nice to meet you, Steven."

And then that question popped up in my head... and out of my mouth, rolled down my tongue, before I could stop myself.

"How did you get so muscular?"

Steven did his staring again and then pulled his tank top over his head.

A move that really made me harden even more.

"Wouldn't you like to know." he told me with a grin.

Then he was racing toward me, and I really felt fearful for my life, but I had faith...

Yeah, faith in a dream I had not a mere few minutes earlier.

Steven reached me and pushed me against a tree...

His lips were on mine and his front rubbed against me.

"St..." I wanted to say his name but he had his mouth on me again.

"Chopping wood as long as I have is hard work, y'know..." Steven whispered against me.

He ceased his action of writhing against me and his hand was in its place.

"Help a woodsman out?" he whispered against my lips.

I hardened even more, I swear it wanted to burst from my pants!

That's right, for such a nice day I wasn't wearing any briefs.

I couldn't believe how easy it was, Steven pressing my buttons the right way like this.

A true dream come true.

As soon as those words had spilled from his delicious tongue - which I was heavily frenchkissing back - my hand trailed down as well.

Our fingers traced the outline of our erections.

"Getting all excited, huh?" I couldn't help but whisper.

"Yeah," he said with a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

"Want to see the cock a muscled man like me sports?"

I had never been asked that in my whole life since I was gay.

"Please show me." I huskily told him.

"More." Steven smirked.

"Please, Steven, show me your cock." I said.

"Get on your knees." he said, followed by my name.


Within seconds he had his hand at the back of my head and I was on my knees.

"Yeah, that right..." Steven said as I looked up at him as he burrowed my head against his pants.

"Open it. Think of it as a present." he ordered me.


Of course I knew damn well how, but I wanted to hear him say it to me.

"Use your teeth."

"Okay... but I've never..."

"Had sex before?" he asked me.

It felt like he was berating me for never having had sex.

Hah, did he really think this was the first time?

"Used my teeth to unzip a man's fly before." I said as I gritted my teeth in frustration for actually thinking he was berating me like that.

My teeth found the zipper and I pulled it down.

And his hand touched the back of my head again.

"Can you feel the hardness, huh?" Steven asked me.

"Mmm," I replied.

"Lick it with your tongue,"

It darted out from my lips and I tasted how it felt like to feel the cock that was about to get sucked being so hard there, just mere seconds away from my mouth.

It felt good.

It felt hot.

Without being commanded I do that, I yanked his briefs down and freed his erection.

"Oh God!!" I exclaimed.

"That's right, and it's all hard for you..." he started.

I was about to reach it with my tongue but Steven took a step back.

"Although... do you think you deserve it?"

What the fuck?!

"Why wouldn't I deserve it?" I shouted.

That was rich! This man, promising me all these things and teasing me like crazy!

How dare he?

I slipped my hands around his waist and kissed him passionately, feeling his hand around his cock as I did that.

He didn't say anything, just went with the moment and continued to kiss me back, until his kisses traveled up to one of my ears.

"Show me your cock." he whispered with the finality of feeling his tongue there.

As I reclaimed his mouth, my hands began to take care of the buttons on my pants.

"Wow, I hadn't expected that, for sure."

Was it the fact that I wasn't any briefs or the size?

"Now gimme." I told him.

He smirked.

Clearly he still thought he had control, but I knew he didn't.

Until it was too late.

With strength that seemed to indicate that he wasn't human, he turned me around so I was facing a tree.

And then...

He had thrusted inside me... right from the start.

I hadn't even touched his cock yet!!

At the touch of connection I had been about to shout out, but Steven slid a hand around my mouth and even dared to slip a finger between my lips to make sure nobody heard us.

"Why don't you suck on that first?" he whispered as I felt him undo the buttons of my shirt.

He moved all over the place, his free hand rubbing my partially naked chest, his other hand that had the finger between my lips and which I was currently sucking on touched my cheeks.

Even rubbing those he could still entice me!!

Wow, I never had that with any of my other guys I've been with.

And let's not forget his godly cock that ravaged my ass with his thrusts, backward and forward.

It felt like my body was being stabbed by a knife.

But this time the killer wasn't in the mood to kill the victim, no, he was in the mood to totally annihilate the victim.

Every thrust felt like a nick of my skin.

But I knew better that this was pleasure.

"How's it feel?" Steven asked as he pinched a nipple.

I didn't say a word, because I was still sucking his finger.

He slipped it out from my lips and actually slapped my ass cheek with that left hand of his.

"It feels soooooo good, Steven!!! Please don't stop!!!"

"You like being fucked this way, don't you?"

"Yes, I love it!! I love you!!"

But we only just met, was the sentence that rang through my head right after I said that.

"You are a little inexperienced gay man, aren't you?"


I couldn't believe this.

That question? How dare he? I had been about to answer the question with denial, but he pinched my nipple so hard it left a burn.

"What was that?"

I fell for him hard then.

"Yes, I..." I began to sob as tears sprang to my eyes.

"I am inexperienced. I don't know a thing about sex!" I was a blubbering mess.

Now he doesn't want to have a thing to do with me after this! I just know it!!

What he said next totally surprised me.

"But I will teach you... everything so you can become just as skilled as I am."

All this while still stabbing me with his big hard cock between my ass cheeks.

Only then did I feel his hand change direction.

To the one throbbing point in my entire being.

Well, two actually.

My heart and my cock.

He squeezed my cock tight in his hand as he continued touching me intimately.

He held it all until I left a big glob on the tree.

I never got to take that cock between my lips that day... but I did get to many, many times after this encounter.

End of Episode 1
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