Chris Evans 2-Story Special

Main Title: Chris Evans 2-Story Special.

Title: Elevator Love
Rating: NC17
Summary: two males get cozy in the elevator.

It was a hot Sunday and I had just returned from grabbing a cup o' joe at my Starbucks across the street.

Since it was the weekend I had slept in till late.

Now I was getting ready to go back to my apartment and do whatever was the first thing that would come to mind.

So far I hadn't made any plans.

I would see to it as soon as the elevator would get up on my floor.

As I pressed the elevator button, a deep hidden fantasy of mine rose to the surface, no holds barred, no taboos.

You see, I was gay.

I loved watching men fuck.

Now I have never ever seen it up, close and personal though.

I fantasized about how this hot man in the elevator would take me.

Is fantasizing still fantasizing when you are not touching yourself while thinking about that scenario?

Anywhoo, it all flashed before my eyes until the elevator reached the ground floor and opened its doors.

And as luck would have it, a hot man was indeed there.

But that would never happen. That's why they are called fantasies in the first place, I thought as I walked in and frowned.

I knew everyone in the apartment building... and this man I didn't know.

"Excuse me," I asked as I pushed in the button for my floor. "I don't mean to pry, but did you just move in here?"

The man smiled at me.

I couldn't help but find his smile attractive.

Heck, his face too!

No doubt he's hiding some fine material down there as well, I thought.

"No worries, you're not prying. That's right, I just moved in here." the man said.

"Chris Evans, nice to meet you."

I shook his hand and felt a spark run through me while I told him my name.

What I didn't see is that Chris had pressed a secret button on the control panel.

Owning this building sure comes in handy, Chris thought.

Then we suddenly stopped.

"Fuck!" I cursed out loud.

Then blushed.

"Sorry, in all my time of living here the elevator never has had any problems and now this happens."

"Yeah, it sucks when they malfunction. God, my last apartment building I had? Fricking elevator never worked." Chris said as he moved closer... and brushed his hand against a very private place.

Invading much? I thought as I felt him there.

Oh and don't forget daring much?

I admit, Chris was hot, but would I do that right after I had met someone new?

I don't think so.

But still our eyes met.

And then I did it.

I leaned in and kissed him on his lips.

It was a soft pecker there, but still.

"Whoa!" Chris said as he pushed me away from him so my back hit the wall.

"Hey, you're the one who planted a hand down there!" I told him like it was.

The nerve!

"Yeah," Chris said with a grin as he said my name, "that was to cop a feel."

I felt his body against mine.


I was hardening in my pants.

"It's getting harder, isn't it?" Chris whispered in my ear.

Goosebumps attacked my skin as I heard that soft voice tickle my eardrums.

So light, so hot... so sexy.

"Yes, oh fuck, yes."

He smirked.

"I knew you were like me." Chris told me as he just went there and unzipped my pants.

But the next thing surprised him.

"What, you hate underwear?" he asked as he fished my cock out of my pants.

"Yeah, I hate wearing them, Chris." I told him.

"Wow... and here I thought I was the only one!" Chris grinned.

Dear God, the resemblance of my fantasy was uncanny.

"Well, are you going to go down on me or what?"

I gasped.

I had just asked him that.

I NEVER was this daring.

Did Chris somehow give me enough spunk to actually ask that of him?

But he just grinned and unbuttoned my white shirt.

"Not yet." he told me.

Why was I the only one who showed some skin and he didn't?!

"You've got to take some incentive and show some skin too, Chris, or else it isn't funny."

"Well, I've given you all the opportunities that you could have unbuttoned me or unzipped me, haven't I?"

He then proceeded with his pulling down my pants.

Before I knew it I was on the floor with bare butt cheeks and a throbbing aching cock on full display, my shirt underneath me.

Oh, the stains, I'm never going to get that shirt cleaned up, I thought with horror.

"Stroke yourself for me." he commanded, ending with my name.

I didn't object for a second.

Wrapped my hand around it and started stroking as I looked up at him.

Even made moaning sounds for him with his name within them.

Finally I saw him undressing before me.

I wasn't quite far off when I thought about his body and what else he was hiding underneath his clothes.

"You're a God, Chris!" I blurted out.

"Why thank you, you're not so bad yourself. So..." he said as he took my cock in his hand. "I think your bad boy has earned himself a nice sucking, don't you agree?"

"Only if I get to suck yours at the same time." I daringly said to him.

He laughed.

"Honey, that is the intention." Chris said to me.

I watched him place his shirt on the floor right to where my cock was and then he was on that shirt, his mouth close to my cock and that big cock of his so close to my mouth, I wanted to take him in right then and there!

Maybe I also wanted Chris to take in as well, as in living with him at my place.

The thought vanished and nothing else mattered as we sucked eachother off to climax.

We have been lovers since then.

The End

Title: Room Service
Rating: NC17
Summary: A rich boy gets well Served.

I loved my Daddy.

Got me the most expensive suite of the hotel that he owned.

I had always thought that he blamed me for my mother's death right after she had given birth to me, but I was wrong.

My father does love me.

I was the one with a long phone bill and credit card bill yet he always took care of it for me.

I had my sex lines and my hookups with men who I had talked to and arranged to meet them here at my place.

I had my gay sex DVDs that I always ordered online.

Even the man downstairs at the lobby loves me.

Everyone loves me.

But I had no idea about the new bellman my Daddy had hired... until today.

I had ordered room service up to the suite while I took a quick shower.

I smirked; that shower had been many a time the location where I had sex with my male friends.

I wouldn't be ashamed to admit that I even welcomed male e****ts in my asshole or their cocks in my mouth.

The water rained down my attractive body as I remembered the many cocks I've ever had the pleasure of sucking and witnessing their full climax on my body.

Then there was a knock on my door and even a bell that rang.

Daddy had installed that bell especially for me.

"Shit, can't even take a shower for a couple of minutes without getting disturbed." I cursed softly as I walked out of it and wrapped a towel around my body before I answered the door.

But as I did so, the towel slipped from my body and the bellman was award an up close and personal view of my hard erect cock.

"Room Service." The bellman said as he tried to say it with a straight uninterested in my cock face.

"Do come in..."

I frowned. I didn't know this man.

"Are you new?" I asked him.

"Yes, Chris Evans. this is my first day." he said as he wheeled the cart inside.

I closed the door and watched him.

He had a nice ass.

I smirked as I neared him.

"Thank you, Chris. Would you like to make a little more bang for your buck?" I asked him while my hand rested on his neck.

"Always." He replied to me.

Good, I thought.

"Get on your knees and suck me off."

He frowned.

"I don't..." he started, but I pulled him down to have his face touch my hard cock.

"You don't do that, well, I'm a very special kind of person. If you don't cater to my every whim, I'll have Daddy fire you and you will be out looking for a new job. Is that what you want, Chris Evans?" I asked him as I looked down at him.

He stared at me as if he was contemplating his options and then at my cock for a second before he sank his lips around it.

I immediately grabbed his hair and yanked it hard as I groaned.

"Oh yeah Chris!" I moaned out.

That went on for a bit until I lessened my iron grip on him and let him go.

He immediately had taken that as a 'he is satisfied' gesture and his mouth left my cock.

"Do you want to be fucked too, Sir?" he asked me.

I grinned. "You learn quick, Evans, I have to hand it to you."

I turned around to grab some fruit off the food cart and popped it into my mouth when I felt him behind me.

"Ahhh!" I cried out as I felt his cock fill my ass.

"Is this what you want, Sir?" he asked as he grabbed a few pieces of fruit and squeezed it all over my body as he fucked me hard.

"Yeah!!! Oh Yeah!!! You're very... nhhh... resourceful. I've never had food against my body before... I'll have my Daddy praise you."

A hand sticky with butter found my cock.

What better than to have a bit of lubricant around it?

"Oh yeah, stroke my cock with your buttered fingers!! Mmmmm!!!" I cried out loud.

"You fuck me so well, Chris!! Have you done this before?" I asked him.

"Can't say I have, Sir. I've seen them look at me like they want to jump me before but I never gave them a chance."

"Good Chris. I would be inflamed with jealousy if you had. Do you want to be mine? Because I want you to." I told him as he had his other hand coated with whipped cream and now smeared my chest with it.

"So you'll quit with all these sexy male e****ts coming 'round here to fill your asshole with their cum and shoot their cum in your mouth? All that for me?"

I froze.

How the fuck did he know?

"Did Daddy tell you?"

"No, the other bellmen did."

"I'll have them fired after this is over."

"Awww, all because of that? Think of all the threesomes or orgies we could have with them." Chris whispered in my ear as he pulled the curtain aside and welcomed me to images of us having sex with them.

He also began to fuck me harder.

"Stop it!" I cried out.


"YES!" I answered him.

He did so.

I dragged him into the shower with me and gave him head there.

My hand stroked myself to climax as I welcomed his seed inside my mouth.

"Oh God, you're a keeper, Chris Evans." I said as I embraced him after our shower and was reaching for a towel to dry us off.

"Oh, that's always good. What about my extra bang for my buck?"

"After you are dressed, I will pay you, my dear." I said with a grin.

I kept true to my word.

"Well, I'll see you around, Chris Evans."

"Same to you, Sir. You enjoy your food now, what's left of it."

As I dug into my food, I couldn't help thinking about how this bellman had corrupted me.

With all those images of all the other bellmen with us as we had sex.

I could hardly wait.

The End
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