After The Party

Title: After The Party
Rating: NC17
Summary: after the party three people sl**p in a double bed. The girlfriend, boyfriend and a girl friend of the boyfriend's girlfriend.
Note: Greatly inspired when I read a confessional in the latest issue of the dutch Passie Magazine. In this story we see Claire Holt's POV.

"Man! That was a great party! Wasn't it, you guys? I'm so wasted!" Claire said as she watched her best friend and her boyfriend get into bed.

Jan had opted for the naked view while Laura had opted for stripping until her bra and panties.

"It sure was, Claire, me too, soooo wasted." Laura said as she turned to her boyfriend.

"Goodnight, baby," she said and kissed him hard on his lips.

"You too, sweetie." Jan replied and kissed her.

"Guys! What about me?" Claire asked as she stood there.

"We're still newly moved in... and we don't have a guestroom. You can sl**p on the couch though." Jan told her with his sl**py eyes as he looked at Claire.

"No way! I'm not sl**ping on the couch."

"Let her sl**p here with us in the bed, Jan. It's alright." Laura said with a yawn.

"Okay, come on, Claire, you heard the lady." Jan said as he turned off the light of the lamp on the nightstand.

Claire got undressed all the way and slid right next to Jan so it was Laura's boyfriend who was in the middle, and to each side lay one girl.

The girlfriend and her best friend.

She couldn't help thinking about it, now that she was laying next to Jan and his attractive body.

But she didn't dare touch him.

And still her heartbeat raced through her body.

Or maybe it was because of the alcohol she had consumed.

Just the thought of him being so close to her made her incredibly horny.

So horny that her hand trailed between her legs and she started to finger her pussy without making a sound.

A few minutes later she felt a hand on her breast.

That one trailed down between her legs as well and began to do the fingering for her.

It had to be Jan who had to be still awake.

Has he watched me finger myself?! she thought with a jolt that went through her body.

Grinning, she reached with her free hand under the covers... and found his hard cock.

Jan was about to make a sound when Claire attacked his lips.

He brushed a finger over her clit, only to stop Claire when she was about to make a sound while she gently stroked his big cock in her hand.

Their tongues met as they pleasured one another.

Heated passionate french kisses without making a sound.

Claire Rhiannon Holt hadn't believed that she had such a wild night with Laura Vandervoort's man when Laura was right next to them in bed.

She felt really bad, she even wondered if she should tell her best friend about it.

The End.
54% (17/14)
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