Ian Somerhalder Slash Series Episode 2: The Vampir

I sat there in my house.

All week I had the strangest feeling when I would walk home from work.

That of being watched.

When I would turn around of course I would never see anyone looking at me.

I slowly thought I was going crazy.

But no way would I ever allow my friends that little (or was it big?) tidbit of information.

They already knew I was gay, why put more on their plate?

I secretly loved one male celebrity in particular.

Not that I had posters of him on my bedroom walls or keep pictures of him that I had bought on eBay.

I'm an adult, maybe if I had been younger I would have gotten some for sure.

The celebrity's name was Ian Joseph Somerhalder.

I loved that man.

I wanted to do things to him.

I sighed as I rolled over on the bed I was laying on while still dressed.

But he was with his co-star Nina Dobrev and would never ever meet with me.

Not like I kept on tweeting "please come over sometime, Ian!" to his Twitter.

C'mon on, there was this whole "Fan Code" to keep.

I so didn't want to be on his "bad fans to steer clear of" list.

I hardly tweeted him anyway.

But I did read his tweets.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I wasn't expecting any company.

It would probably be another salesman.

Or Girl Scout selling cookies.

Now if it was a Boy Scout selling cookies... that would be a whole different matter entirely.

I got up from my bed to answer it.

"Whatever you're selling, I'm not buy..." I said as I opened the door and gasped.

Ian Joseph Somerhalder was standing right there on my front porch!

"Hey, man," Ian said holding up his hands, "I swear I'm not a salesman." he said with a smile.

He asked me if I was connected to a twitter name.

My eyes went wide as saucers as I heard my twitter name being mentioned.

And it wasn't even ON twitter, no, it was mentioned by my celebrity crush!

Hot Damn!!

"Wow, yes, I am!" I said, almost wanting to hug him.

"Well, don't just stand there," he said with a grin, that Damon Salvatore grin he can do so well, "be a sport and invite me in."

"I invite you in, Ian!" I said, giddy with excitement.

If he wanted to "play" being a Vampire with me, I would happily play along.

I had no idea there was actually an invisible barrier there.

"Thank you." he said as he placed a hand on my white sweater I was wearing.

"That looks quite nice. You know, you look even better in the flesh than on your twitter profile picture." he said with a smile.

I did act right now.

I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

"I absolutely love your work!! I think you are quite hot, Ian." I said with a blush.

"Why, thank you. I think you are quite the man too."

That blush?

Intensified big time.

"Do you really think so?" I asked him.

"Why would I lie about something like that, hmm?" he asked me as he put his hand on my white sweater.

"Why don't you take it off and show me what's underneath?" I was asked.

He can do that compulsion thing for real?! Wow! I thought as I obeyed him and pulled my shirt off.

He whistled and traced his fingertips over my muscles... which activated all the bl**d coursing to another big muscle a little bit lower than my chest.

"Like I said, quite the man..." he whispered as he leaned in so we were body-to-body and kissed my lips.

I nearly combusted right there.

"Ian... there's something you should know..."

"You don't love me that much like you pretend to do, do you?" Ian asked, eyes reddening.

I didn't catch that eye color change.

"That's not it, I..."

"What then? You're gay? You aren't the only one who reads anyone's tweets, you know. I know you follow male gay pornstars." Ian told me.

"That's not it, either," I said shaking my head.

"I swear every time I go home from work I get the feeling that someone is following me, but when I turn around that person is gone and nobody is looking at me."

"Oh, that."

Yeah, that's me, Ian thought.

"Oh no, that's terrible." Ian told me as he wrapped his arms around me.

"God, I'm such an awful host, would you like something to drink?" I asked him.

Why, yes, I'd love a taste of your bl**d, lovely fan of mine, Ian thought.

"Wait..." I said, as if finally something clicked.

"What's that?" Ian asked me.

"Is it about Nina? Don't worry, I don't love her." Ian told me.

Because I d***k that bitch's bl**d and then killed her, Ian thought. Julie needs to go look for a new Elena now...

"That's not it, Ian. It's the "Oh, that." you just said to me a few seconds ago. Did you follow me?"

Crap, Ian thought.

"I was concerned about you and so I kept an eye out for you. I am telling you man, that guy was totally obsessed with you! I went by his house and saw these wall of pictures with you! At work, walking home, turning around when you looked if someone was watching you. I called the authorities and he's locked up."

I stared at him wide-eyed.

I had had a stalker?! And the love of my life had made sure he was locked up behind bars?!

I pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately.

"Thank you so much, Ian!!" I cried against him.

"The horror! Imagine what he would do to me if he came face-to-face with me!!"

"Please, baby, calm down, I'm here now. I'm never letting you go again." Ian whispered as he kissed me back.

"Please make love to me, Ian!" I begged him.

That stopped one side of the showering of kisses.

"I'm sorry, I..." I said, once more with a huge blush.

"Don't be sorry," he said as he finished with my name and took my hand.

"Where do you want it?" he asked me..

"Anywhere. Everywhere!" I told him.

I was such an emotional gay man that I nearly broke into tears right then and there.

"Why don't we just go to the living room?" he asked me.

I nodded, unable to speak anymore.

I was about to get fucked by my celebrity crush.

I led him to the couch in the living room but when we got there he pushed me onto the furniture.

My back touched the couch and I fell on top of it.

Before I could speak I was watching a striptease by Ian Joseph Somerhalder.

My cock hardened to the most painful proportions that I wanted to unzip my pants and take off my underwear to show it to him... but he growled at me with one word.


I got so scared by that growl, paralyzed with fear that I didn't move with only my hands on my pants.

"Sorry," I said, a whisper so soft it sounded like a squeak.

He bit his lip and licked his lips to hide the bl**d that would have been flowing had he not done that.

My constant "sorry" really bore him. He really grew tired of those.

He stood there, naked like a God.

I watched his cock as he moved towards me.

As I felt his hands brush mine away and start working on those pants and underwear of mine, I looked up and glanced into his eyes.

"Don't be scared," he whispered as he pulled them down my legs.

"I won't..." I told him but he placed a finger on my lips.

"Don't speak." he told me.

I nodded, keeping my lips closed as I felt his mouth around my cock.

I did tense up right then and there, but I didn't say a thing.

At one time I just couldn't hold it in any longer and I let a trapped moan escape my lips.

Then he pulled at my ass, my legs up in the air so he got a good view of my asshole.

"Are you ready for a good fucking?" Ian told me with a sexy glint in his eye.

"Y..." I want to say, but he shushed me.

"Sor..." I started, but he growled and thrusted inside me.

That wasn't the only thing that happened.

His beautiful visage changed into his vampire face and sank his fangs into my throat.

I was being fucked by my celebrity crush.

But something was wrong.

He was a Vampire.

My celebrity crush, Ian Joseph Somerhalder, was really a Vampire.

"I bet you want to know the truth huh? I'll tell you. Your stalker isn't in jail. *I* am your stalker!! I have printed out every twitpic of yourself that you ever put on Twitter... and made my own wall of obsession for you...

Tears flowed from my eyes as realization dawned on me.

I feared he was going to kill me.

"Why would I want to kill the one I love? The one I obsessively love... no, I want you to be my only one. I will kill every last one of those Twitter followers you have if they dare touch you, have their way with you. You are mine, forever and ever. Oh, and if you really want to know... I killed Nina... Poor Julie Plec will have to find a new Elena now... just when she was turned into a Vampire. Boohoo...

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Are you..." I asked but he kissed me hard, his tongue coated with my bl**d which dripped onto my lips and slowly into my mouth.

"Serious? I'm dead-serious." he told me.

"Gonna turn me?" I finished my question.

"No.." he said, never ceasing his thrusts, and then smirked. "Unless you want me too. I will teach you the ways of the Vampire every day and night."

"How can you walk in sunlight?"

He still smirked. "Haven't you glanced at my ring finger?"

"No," I squeaked.

"Choose now before my release. Choose!"

"TURN ME!!" I screamed.

The man I love was my stalker.

The man I love is going to be the one I would now be with forever.

The thought should scare me but it filled me up with excitement, with wanting, with need.

He still plowed into my asshole, while I saw his mouth go to his wrist and create a wound.

bl**d poured out and he pulled my face forward so my mouth latched on to that wound.

I deeply drank my fill until I felt his release fill me up.


Oh God, then I felt his hands snap my neck and finally I felt his cock leave my asshole.

"Let's see if you survive this, love of mine..."

The last words I ever heard before I embraced that new life with the love of my living life, now undead life...

End of Episode
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