Title: Obey
Rating: NC17... more than that?
Summary: Claire Holt takes her slave outdoors.
Note: Inspired by the "A real man is one who submits" picture found in "My Stories Pics"

Claire Holt stopped the car and smirked as she watched her slave in the rearview mirror.

Just when she wanted to step out of the car, the rain began to fall.

"No matter." she said as she popped the trunk and retrieved an umbrella.

She opened the umbrella and held it up so she wouldn't get wet.

Then Claire opened the passenger side door.

"Out. Now."

Jan immediately obeyed her as he got out of the car.

He stood there getting wet by the rain.

A naked male slave.

"On your knees." Claire told him.

Once again he obeyed.

His Mistress retrieved a dog collar and put it on him.

"That's a good boy." Claire said as she petted his head with the hand that held the leash.

Jan looked up at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Lets go for a little walk." Claire said with a smile.

Jan nodded.

"Yeah, you like that don't you, my lovely slave." Claire said as she rubbed his chin.

Dressed in a black jacket with black gloves and very short jeans with a pair of stiletto heels, Claire Holt walked forward, but her slave stayed firmly there.

"Jan!" Claire yelled as she pulled on the leash.

He yelped as he was pulled forward.

She sighed.

"What am I going to do with you, you piece of shit?" she asked.

Jan yelped again at the tone of her voice.

Was she going to get rid of him?

He quickly crawled toward her, hand by hand and feet by feet.

"That's better..." she said, but wasn't going to give him a pet on his head this time.

Jan heard it but didn't say a thing.

He just kept crawling, head bowed, his cock swinging here and there with every crawl.

It went on like that for a bit.


Jan immediately obeyed.

He hated being pulled forward by the leash.

"Jan. Look at me." Claire ordered.

He looked straight up.

She grinned as she took hold of the zipper of her jacket and unzipped it, showing her naked upper body underneath.

She also took her black glasses off, so Jan was seeing her eyes again.

Then she noticed the rain had stopped and so she sat down on the top of the bench in the park.

Her long legs on the bench, invitingly beckoning Jan forth.

But he didn't dare disobey her.

"Jan, go ahead." Claire said as she held the umbrella over her head.

The leash fell from her hands and laid down on the bench.

Jan crawled forward to get close to use his hands to unzip her very short jeans and reveal her lower body underneath.

"Pull them down, slave." Claire Holt ordered with a hint of pleasure in her voice. "Pull it down my legs."

His fingers hooked beneath her very short jeans and pulled them down.

"Ohhh yes, your owner is so very horny... please lick me there." she ordered him.

Jan's face got closer while his hands were down on the ground and neared her pussy and licked her gently there.

"Ahhh yeah!" Claire moaned out loud.

"More!" she pleaded, bucking wildly against her slave's tongue.

Jan wanted to pleasure her so much further by occupying her breasts, those tits that bounced so enticingly that they taunted him to touch them, but he didn't dare do anything his mistress hadn't ordered.

He probably couldn't take another pull on the leash like that, or a whipping she had given him last week with her whip.

Ohhhh, his cock got so hard thinking about taking her titties in his hands while he was licking her pussy.

That need was close to consuming him, but he still licked her pussy as obediently as he could.

He didn't dare let her down.

"Oh God baby, on your back, right now! Not another second later!!" Claire yelled out.

Jan pulled back and lay down on his back, his cock rockhard.

She mounted him the moment he hit the ground.

"OH YES!!" His Mistress cried out.

She pinned his arms down as she rode him.

He lay completely still and quiet, staring up at her as she did so.

Claire even towered over him as his eyes watched the movements of her tits.

Sweat trickled over him.

Heartbeat increased.

She just had to suggest this to put me in a corner like this, Jan thought as he still followed those jiggling tits of hers.

He tore his gaze from them and back up to a smirking Mistress.

"You want to touch them don't you, you horny slave? Go ahead, play with them, squeeze them!"

His hands shot up from the ground to feel them in his grasp.

His fingers rubbed her nipples before he trapped them and squeezed them hard.

"OH BABY!!!" Claire cried out as she increased her riding.

She placed her hands on his chest, not having meant to do it, but her nails sank into his skin.

Jan yelped out in pain as he continued to squeeze her breasts.

"Oh baby, I'm close... cum with me, my slave! Always the two of us, like the very first time we met." Claire told her slave, totally ignorant of what she had done.

He wanted to cry out his pain but he didn't dare to.

He'd done that once and had gotten a slap in return.

Jan yelped as his orgasm came closer and closer, like it could burst through anytime and fill up his Mistress's pussy.

Claire placed her arms on his shoulders and looked down.

Only then did she comprehend what she had done, that moment when their orgasms hit at exactly the same time.

"Oh My God, Jan, I'm so sorry!" she said as she withdrew her nails from his skin, the moment their release had subsided.

"You may strike your Mistress for not realizing that I hurt you." Claire said as she got off Jan.

Jan looked at her and shook his head.

"You may speak, Jan." she said with a smile.

"I could never strike you, Mistress Claire Holt, you know how I feel about you." Jan told her.

She wrapped her arms around him and shared a passionate french kiss.

"I know. Now let me get dressed so we can get back home."

Jan smiled as he lay down on the ground like a dog to watch his Mistress cover up that delicious body of hers by taking her very short jeans and slide them over her legs and zip her jacket back up and of course to slide her black glasses back on.

"Get up, hon," Claire said as she took the leash in her hand again and the open umbrella in the other.

"It's time to go back home." she said as she walked back to her car with her dog slave Jan in front of her, once again crawling on hands and knees.

Claire returned the now closed umbrella to the trunk of her car, got her 'dog' inside the car and drove back home.

The End.
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