One Night Stand

It was the Wednesday Night we had all finished secondary school (Year/Grade11) and this was our prom night, and the night most of us war eloping to lose our virginity at the after prom I had lost mine the year before but that was with someone I only knew for a week to think this could be a night with someone I had know for 5 years or more if it was with a friend I had known since primary or even nursery. Oh, how I was excited for the prom and the after party. These could be the last times I ever see some of the closest friends I thought to of ever made as well all go off to different colleges.

I head to my bedroom and set out all my clothes for the night Prom outfit was all Hugo Boss Trousers, shoes, T-shirt and Waist-coat, no blazer because I have swag Armani socks and boxers though. For the after prom I peek into my chiffarobe, looking for the just the right clothing for such an event. I lay out a Ralph Lauren Polo with beige chinos , so I can feel extra sexy looking like a typical lad for the ladies, not a douche bag a nerd or someone trying to hard just me dressed for a garden party. With my outfits laid out I took my after-prom outfit to my friends as we would all get changed their later got back home dabbed on some after-shave sprayed on the deodorant and left for my friends house where we would all wait for the limo.

When I got to my friends house I knew who I was going with and thought there should be a nice selection there and indeed there was. But there was one girl who stands apart from the crowd. At first, I watch her quietly. Then, I begin staring at her lustfully. Her thick blond hair is neither too long nor too short. Hes corner-of-the-mouth smile looks just a tad mischievous. Her warm hazel eyes were gazing back at me. And oooh, her bodacious body. I had known this girl for years and always know she was attractive but never thought of her as anything special until I saw her in that prom dress she was just stunning.

We headed off to the prom at around 7:30 we arrived in style with that hummer limo, I must admit I ditched my prom date when I saw my best friend Molly in the crowd we took so many photos together I had always had a little crush on her when I got into the prom many girls that I had never really looked at before looked like 10's in their prom dresses I just couldn't stop staring at one point Molly went to grab my hand and brush my dick she noticed I had a hard on and took me into the washroom, she pushed me up against the wall saying "I have wanted to do this for ages" before I could get a word out she undid my trousers and began sucking on my cock she was amazing the works of her tongue she wrapped it around like I had flavoured lube all overly cock , I ended up spending the rest of prom with here however we went to two separate parties.

At this point it was time to go get changed round my friends house and we headed off to the after prime this is where I saw the beautiful Jade again I lower the lids of my big, brown eyes and give him that look that says, "I'm yours if you'll have me." She responded the way any girl would respond when a handsome lad gives THAT look. She walks toward me, staring at me, like a lioness about to jump on its prey. Standing in front of me, I can hear her heavy breath. I began to bend down towards her so my head could reach hers, she said Hi with the cute giggle she always does but all I could think was my tongue slowly beginning to taste her lips. I gently grab her lower lip between my front teeth and tug just a bit, to bring her even closer. Our tongues meet and caress each other for just a bit. She puts hers arm around my neck and plays with my hair we leave the garden and go into one of the house bedrooms.

We made sure none was around or none else had the same idea as us just yet. We found a safe bedroom at the top of the stairs as we enter the room I shut the door and then my hand slides down and holds her firm left cheek, letting her know she gone be my girl and I'm gone be her man.
I found some wine in the room and asked if she wanted some to calm her nerves, however
"That won't be necessary," She declared as she unzipped my pants enthusiastically. She said she wanted to "taste" me so badly, She took out my manhood and begin to twirl her tongue around the tip, giving me great head. I was quite aroused I tend to pre-cum a lot, she took me deeper into her mouth, all the way DEEP THROAT to the back, gagging on me as I thrust my dick back and forth.
"That's enough!" I knew I was ready to shoot, she asked if I wanted it all to end there putting a hasty end to our night but of course I didn't I began to undress her slowly, all the while looking steadily into her passion-filled eyes, but not saying a word. I lifted her up and laid her down on the body, admiring her beautiful body. My dick was erect and her nipples were standing up, so I leant down to give each one a little nibble. Her fingers were clinging to my hair, pushing me deeper into her breasts, not letting me move away.

The pleasure is becoming quite intense and I needed to get inside her. It seemed she wanted me inside here also as she reached her hand forward and begin stroking my cock, sending me the universal signal that she was ready for me. I straddled over her ready to go missionary, however she had another idea.
"No, not like this," she said as she turned onto all fours, giving me a very nice view of her rounded ass and her juicy lips. I was happy to oblige. I slide into her dripping pussy gradually until I wasin all the way. HI began thrusting back and forth slowly and then a bit quicker. I was is slamming into he G-spot repeatedly, hoping to be causing multiple orgasms for her each time her milky cum splashing onto my cock and dripping down her thighs.
I was using all my athletic stamina on this girl I had known her for years I want her to remember me for good reasons. I drove into her so hard and so long . She began screaming for me to cum. my body tensed up. My thrusting became harder and more driven. My breathing was getting faster, and I could feel my cock getting even harder and growing in girth, against her vaginal walls. I enjoy each warm spurt coming out of my cock with f***e against the condom bubble.When I finally pulled out she began to squirt which went all too my chest and down her thighs.

We were both exhausted after that. We lay on the pillows and pull the top sheet up and over us to cover our nakedness. I went to one side of the bed and she the other to this day we only seem to say hello in the corridors.
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