Betty's life (Chapter 2)

Your full lips are closer and closer to CJ's shithole. You can even smell it. It smelled like CJ just had a p*o.
-"Yes, yes, yes...That's it, gurl, that's it! Make me happy, bitch!"-CJ yelled pushing your head even stronger, so your lips touched his anus and your nose was smelling his sweaty balls now.
*There's no way out.*- You think to yourself. You, Betty Boops, the most beautiful white girl in college, with a hot pair of tits and nice big booty, are going to lick some black d**g dealer's ass, who lives nextdoor in you neighbourhood, just for a simple ride to the mall...Hell yeah!
-"C'mon, white boobies!"-His pleasure was overwhelming.
With one quick move you unleash your long hot tongue and make a first lick...A first asslick in your life.
-"Holly Ffffuck!"
-"Mmmphhh..."-you moan as you lick deeper CJ's shithole.
Due to the lack of CJ's self-hygiene, it was salty, shitty and...tasty. You can't believe what are you doing now, but the weed was to strong and you are too excited to stop it now.
-"Tongue-fuck me with this slutty long tongue of yours! Do it now!"-CJ can't control himself anymore. And you can't control yourself too. You forget about Toby, about your reputation, about going are concentrated on eating out skinny black ass right now.
-"Mmmmm..."- You move your head back and forward with your strong long tongue out, tongue-fucking CJ's arse.
-"Shit, babe! Ha! Oh, wow! Don't stop it, bitch, don't stop it!"
While you do this, CJ was playing with your tits, juggling, fondling and m*****ing them. Your nipples are erected and standing now.
-"Fuck me with that big standing nipple of yours!"- CJ cried.
You spit on your right breast and stert inserting your erect nipple in and out Cj's shithole.
-"CJ, I don't think that everything I did today was right, so um..."
-"Just shut up, okay? Shut the fuck up, Beth! And don't even think to stop our fun! If you stop, I'm gonna shoot you right here! Now give me those fucking baloons! Fuck, I'm so horny!"-with these words he drops his legs down and grabs your impressive funbags.
-"I'm gonna fuck the shit out these melons!"-His cock dissapears in a deep valley of your tit-flesh, you can only lick pierced head of his prick as it appears.
-"Yeah, FUCK! I was watching you jogging in the evenings, Betty, especially I was watching THOSE things jumping up and down as you run! FUCK! I could only dream of fucking those beauties!"-CJ says, thrusting his monster faster and faster between your milky boobs.
He was close, you can feel it.
-"Here it cumzzz, beatch! WOO-HOO!"-and a hot spurt of cum erupted and hit you right in your chin, and a big wave of sperm covered your breasts, flowing down to your belly.
-"Fuck, CJ! That was messy!"-you shout.
-"F-F-FUCK!"-CJ screams as you suck the head of his sausage dry-"Wow, Betty...Just wow...That was awesome! Sorry me for doing and saying all this nasty stuff to you, but it worths it, right?"-CJ winks to you and smiles with all his yellow teeth.
-"CJ, that was hot...Probably too hot for me...You know, your pierced cock and a tittyfuck...and...and an asslick...I..."-you embarrasse.
-"No,no,no, Beth! Don't say a word! Everything was cool, we both wanted it, right? Right? Right or not?"-he winks and smiles again.
You're getting sick of him, but comply.
-"Yeah, right."-you smile back.
-"That's ma gurl!"-CJ was m*****ing your chin with his palm, and pointed his index finger right in front your full lips. You let him slide his finger inside your hot mouth, and you suck on it for a little bit.
-"Mmm..."-you feel yourself so slutty. Especially now, with his long thick finger in your mouth.
-"Good girl!"-He gets it out of your mouth and gives you a towel, so you can clean up the mess from you tits.-"The tits are awesome, Beth."
-"I wouldn't mind going second round with them...They are perfect, gurl!"
-"No, no, no! I have to go now! Maybe sometime later?"-you smile, showing CJ your perfect white teeth.
*What are you doing girl?*-you scold yourself.
-"Alright, Betty-babe! I'll be waiting! You know where you can find me, right? I live nextdoor, ha-ha-ha!"
You lift up your tanktop, as CJ put his python back into his jeans.
-"Thank, CJ! For a ride, I guess..."
-"Always welcum!"-CJ smacks your ass through your white tight jeans ass you turn your back at him, ready to exit his fuck-van.
-"Ouch, CJ! You're so rude, you know that?"
-"Sorry, sorry, Babe! But it's just like a "Bye-bye" gesture for the girls who are fond of my big prick"-Cj smiles.-"Now get the hell out of my van, ha-ha-ha!"
you open the door and bent to make your way out of his car.
-"God damn you, CJ!"-You scream, as the door closes right in front of your face and you can hear CJ laughing.
*Stupid nigger motherfucker!*-you think to yourself as the black van leaves the parking.
You mention a few droplets of cum on your blue tank top.
-"Fuck..."-you whisper as you see your best friend Nikita approaching...

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3 years ago
damn girl you really know how to make my dick I just hope you're really 18!!!!!11
3 years ago
good ending keep writing 5/10
3 years ago
hope there's more.
3 years ago
great story keep it up