Betty's life (incomplete)

You're Betty Boops, 19 years old white brunette with a very hot body. The first thing all men looking at when they meet you is your impressive melons(38DD). It's summer time now, your mom is away on a business trip and your stepdad is outside town with his stupid friends, who always trying to flirt with you, staring at your full chest. So, you're alone at your parents house, and it's time to have some summer fun. But it's a bit complicated in a meaning of having fun, because you have a boyfriend, Toby. Somebody may say that he is a bit of geek, who likes playing computer games and skating, but he is so nice to you, it's been 3 month you're together. You can't say it clear, but you think you love him, despite the fact you're not sure about that...
It's sunday's morning today, and you've decided to do a little shopping in nearest mall. The only problem now is how to get there. You can go by bus, but it's too long and it's very hot today, so you don't want to be covered in sweat. You look through window and see that there is CJ in the street, kissing with some black girl you don't know. CJ is a black skinny dude, who moved into the house near yours not a long time ago. You never thought that he would come so strong onto you since you first met in neighbourhood, you always thought that guys like him like those black bitches with big black asses from these weird pornosites. You often hear fucking sounds during night time from his van, as he parks it right in front of your house. You hear girl's voices screaming "YES! YES! CJ! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER! YEAH THRUST YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK DEEP INSIDE MY TWAT!" You can't fall asl**p because of that, but you always get so horny because of their screams, you even thought once to get dressed and ask if you can join in...But this thoughts dissapeared as fast as you cum after masturbating with your 10 inch dildo deep inside your pussy lips. You've never tried a black sausage, just saw it in the internet. Actually, you always get exited by imaging yourself sucking and fucking a huge black cock, but these are only your wet dreams...
Back to the present time, you get a quick shower, a little make up. You've decided to wear high heels, tight white jeans and a blue tank top. The jeans are so tight that somebody might see your g-string through it. It is gonna be a very hot day, so you think it's a good idea not to wear any bra. Last look into a mirror - and you look great: curvy black hair, massive knockers, nice big butt..."Damn girl, you are hot stuff!"-you think to yourself. With a smile on your face, you close the door of your house after you and move straight to CJ. You can see how black girl suck on his tongue, and he seems to be liking this very much... They notice you after a few seconds.
-"Bye,CJ! It was incredible..."-black girl says into CJ's ear and you can see how she slides her tongue slightly in there.
-"Bye,babe! Call me, when you need my shlong again.."
When the black girl leaves, you decide not to waste any time.
-"Oh, Betty-babe! You look great today! Just roll out of bed?"
-"Well, yeah! CJ, I wanted to ask you for something..."
-"Betty! Betty! If you want to suck on ma big co..."
-"Stop it, CJ! It was not exactly what I wanted to ask you..."-you say with laugh. You know he is after you, but you never thought him offer you this sort of thing.
-"C'mon, babe! I'm just k**ding. What do you want?"-CJ asks getting in his driver seat and starting engine.
-"Can you give me a lift to the center mall, so I can do a bit of shopping?"-you say as you step up to the car window and lean down so he can have a view down your tanktop.
-"Oh my GOD, Beth! Are those real?"-he asks with a whistle.
-"Damn you, CJ! Will you help me out or what?"
-"Sure, sure, babe! Get in!"
-"Thanks, CJ. And leave this dirty talkings to yourself, I'm with Toby now, remember?"-a thought of you bobbing your head up and down on CJ's cock makes you a little horny, so your nipples are visible now through a thin cotton of your blue tanktop.
-"Sure,Betty-babe! Buckle up."-you see as he gets a little bag out of his pocket and he looks at you-"Wanna smoke?"
-"WHAT?! You know, I'm not smoking..."
-"No, babe. It's not a simple is weed"-he says lowering his voice-"Wanna try some grass?"
-"Umh...CJ, I don't know..."-you say and chew on your lower lip.

-"Okay! Sounds like fun!"-you answer making up you mind.
You always wanted to try something like that and grass is not a kind of heavy d**gs, so, why not?
-"That's ma girl! Beth, you gonna like it, yeah!"-he says laughing.-"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yeah, that's it, Betty-babe. C'mon, take it and smoke as much as you can!"
Five minutes later...
-"...and then I found myself sitting on her face with my balls deep inside her mouth! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Can you imagine that? Ha-ha-ha-ha!"
-"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Damn you, CJ! I can't stop laughing! Stop it! Stop it! Ha-ha-ha-ha! So she sucked on your balls sack right after you've just met each other??"
-"Hell, yeah! Beth, I'm telling you - teabagging is the shit men can't resist, it feels so incredibly awesome! You must try it! Ha-ha-ha, woo-hooo!"
-"Damn, ?J...this d**g-shit is so strong, real"-you take a deep breath-"Hey,CJ! And how you think I'm going to try teabagging? I don't have any balls, ha-ha-ha!"
-"No,babe! While giving a blow-job to your man, of course! Balls need a very 'special' attention. Have you ever sucked on real man's COCK?"-he asks with a very big grin, showing you his yellow teeth.
WOW! You can't believe you are talking about this sort of things. You are trying to stay in a real world, but this weed was too strong, your mind is like in a fog.
-"Of course, I have!"-you shout proudly.-"Wanna test my skills, CJ?"-you can't believe you're saying that.
-"Hell, yeah, Betty-babe! I was waiting for this shit since I saw you!"-he can't believe this is happening - a white stunning girl with over-sized melons is going to suck his cock right here, in his van, free of charge.-"Get in the back of my fuck-car! Ha-ha-ha, Betty-babe! You're one horny slut when you d**g-fueled! For sure!"
You feel some of the fun escaping this deal, but you comply.You're getting butterflies in your stomach. But what about Toby? Ah, fuck him, he will never know about this blowjob, this is only a one-time thing.
CJ stops his van behind the mall and volumes up the music - it's is some gangsta shit rap with many words such as 'Bitch', 'Gag on ma dick', 'Work that booty' and others...He jumps in the backseat of his van, unzipping his jeans.
-"C'mon,Beth! I've got a python here to take care of! Ha-ha-ha!"
You lower your tank top, exposing your impressive 38DD-cups, so your top is on your waist now.
-"OH WOW! These are some very massive juggs you got , white titty-bitch! Crawl over here, Betty-bitch!"
You are getting sick of him calling you 'white bitch' but it also makes you as horn as never before.
-"Think you can handle it?"-and with this words he withdrews his donkey cock. It's almost 12 inches monster with a piercing in the head! It looks like a gold ring with a big diamond right on the tip of his black sausage...
-"Shiny!!"-you yell at his monster. You're getting very nervous by the fact that you're going to put THIS thing into your mouth, but it was your mistake to offer such a deal and there is no way back.
-"C'mon, gurl! Show me what you've got!"
You get in between his hairy legs and reach down to his cock and wrap your index finger and thumb around it.You lower your hot mouth over his monster dick, licking the tip with piercing with your long tongue.
-"Oh, fucking, yeah! That's it bitch, that's it...OH FUCK!"-he screams, as you slightly bite his balls.
-"Stop calling me 'bitch', CJ! I'm not that kind of a girl..."
-"Sure, sure babe! Just remember what we just talked about balls. They need some special treatment, yo know what I mean?"
You got the idea, he wanted his big buffalo balls to be licked and sucked properly. You get your tongue down to them, licking them up and down, up and down.
*SMOCK**SLURP*"Mmmmppphhh..."-Despite yourself you moan around his golf balls.-"So tasty..mmmm..."
-"Yes, yes, yes, Beth! I...OH!..I took you to the mall and you better kiss my balls, ha-ha-ha! Give them your best french-kiss, kiss them like you kiss Toby, ha-ha-ha!"
You can't stand his dirty talking anymore, but you also can't get his black balls out of your mouth, they fill so good in there, and you are so booze...
His balls jump of your mouth with a nice *chpok* sound, and CJ was now slaping your face with his 12-inch shlong.
-"Yeah, you're good cocksucker, little Betty, probably the best..."
-"Oh thank you, CJ!"- you say with a smile like it was the best compliment you ever received, stroking his shaft with your left hand.
-"Yo know what..."-he lifts his legs up to the roof of his van, so now you can see his black shaved ass-hole.-"There is one place that might use your cleaning skills."
-"CJ, what the he..."
-"C'mon, Betty, c'mon! Lick my ass, lick my nice shit-hole!"-you can feel his long hand pushing against the back of your head right to his ass.
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3 years ago
want some more betty
3 years ago
come on tell us what happened!!
3 years ago
great story...I'll be back for the completion...
3 years ago
woow....very hot story...its turn me on so much
3 years ago
...I'm hard as a rock....hope this tells u alot ;)
3 years ago
great story ;) .. u should finish it soon
3 years ago
very hot so far keep up the good work
3 years ago
finish it......she needs to get in their with her tongue and then use 2 fingers while se suck on them balls and rub him off with other hand
3 years ago
dis shit was awesome i had to masturbate 4 fucking times