However in fetish circles she is known as strap on Sam ,as she has a penchant for using a strap on, apart from, thrashing whipping naughty girls / boys. She loves young collage boys, her specialities are young collage girls / sissy boys.

In your case it will be a straight out sexual correction. She has asked that she take you straight out. But Miss Jacks and my self have decided that you be attended to softened up before she starts. Lady Samantha., has agreed to this but it must be done under her direction.

Be rest assured this time your balls will be drained bone dry shrink to the size of raisons ,your cock will also shrink accordingly will resemble a womans’s clit.

Believe me this is not a joke or a game you are to be physically castrated, once done it is not reversible . You will never be the same again.

You in fact will become a young girl sissy, even your voice will change. Then you will be the property/owned by Lady Samantha.

She is a sadist, you will be whipped, caned, strapped. birched, paddled , fucked, ****d tortured .at her pleasure.

As I said your 10" cock will shrink to quarter of an inch or less your thick plump balls will disappear.

This of course being the final result of ancient formulas dating back to roman times, that has been/ will be injected into your balls.

( Incidently these secret formulas favored/ used by early Roman tyrants/ caesars. Such as Tiberius, Caliqula, Galba. Nero, In their many orgies.) ( Cost Lady Samantha over one million American dollars to obtain..)

. Agripper the wife of Claudious.. Whom she poisoned.

Used these formulas frequently on her young slave boys delighting as they changed from boys to giggling girls. Of course injecting it into their balls was a lot more painful then.

As they used very thin hollow bones a small goats skin bag served for sucking the fluid out of the bowls,

Then when the sharp end of the thin hollow bone was inserted into the boys balls. The small goats skin bag was squeezed forcibly injecting the fluid into the boys balls.

Of course they screamed constantly. In many instances. Agripper insisted in injecting the boys herself.

Ok.. I answered casually, thinking to myself what a load of absolute rubbish.

Book out of your Bed / breakfast, pack your bag, order an early breakfast, be out side at eight thirty a car will pick you up at 8.30 am.

I was up early next day showered put on clean school uniform ,had an early breakfast Booked out, was out side before 8.30. Sure enough a large black Mercedes Benz car pulled up.

I immediately recognized the police detective Jan Holm Miss Jacks .Margaret the doctor was driving.. Get in the back said the police woman.

So I seated myself in the back with Jan holm the police woman who had on a dark grey business suit with a very short skirt.

Without a word she unzipped my trousers, began to play with my hard cock.

Also I could not but help smell the strong female smell in the car indicating that they were all in a state of sexual arousal.

As car stopped in a line traffic at some lights. Jan holm said pull your pants down past you knees now those knickers.

She now again began wanking my cock. She was obviously very experienced, I squirmed tried to push her hand way.

Somehow I managed to not lose control, but I believe she herself had an orgasm as she suddenly flushed I saw the whites of her eyes for a second, could also smell it
She at the same time stopped wanking my cock..

After what seemed like a couple of hours driving we arrived at a Hugh estate driving to the rear of a large house.

Out ordered the police woman .Rest assured in here they know how to deal with freaks like you.

I was taken in the rear of this building then along a corridor then down some stairs to what was a large basement.

The place had the same sexual smell as the other place but in this case stronger telling me a lot of sexual action took place in this basement.

I noticed similar equipment as in the other correction room, Whips canes straps dildos of all shapes sizes.
Too much to take in all at once, but enough to tell me this was a torture room.
Also a screened off area at the far end of the room.

Instinctively I had put my bag down in a corner of the room.

Now for the first time I got a good look at the three woman. It took my breath away each had on the shortest tightest skirts I had ever seen on top of this.

All were wearing black nylons / black very high heels. They had false eye lashes with heavy eye make up.

I was staring with my mouth open.

It was Miss Jacks who was the first to speak .get your trousers socks shoes off, place them on that chair, that’s it.

Now get your knickers down. This I did noticing them all smirk knowingly, as my cock was sticking out up rock hard.

Smiling Miss Jacks said have you ever felt the velvet touch then heat of a womans cunt.?

I said no Miss as felt my cock stiffen even more.

You soon will replied Miss Jacks..

Firstly we must wait for lady Samantha Before it starts with a little softening up.
Just then I heard a door open close from somewhere at the rear of the basement.

Followed by echoing footsteps on the smooth concrete floor.
When she was in view Lady Samantha surpassed all that I had imagined her to be.

She was tall athletic appeared to be of almost surrealistic beauty she had green eyes dark hair with a hint of red..

A beautiful face with high cheek bones.
She was wearing long black riding boots skin tight jodhpurs,
a black tailored riding jacket under this she had on a high necked white blouse.

Looking at me she just pointed saying get on that low table over there. Sit on the end of it as if a low seat. No keep your school shirt and tie on.

I did as instructed.
As Lady Samantha turned to Miss Jacks saying, Jackie dear would you be so good as to bring me number four leg spreader hanging over there with the others.

Yes that’s the one please see that its applied,

Good its spread his legs nicely.

We can now start with a little warming up, or softening up as you call it said, Lady Samantha as she seemingly addressed know one in particular.

Ladies she continued place your chairs directly in front facing the miscreant. A little nearer about four feet distance. each stand by a chair.

Turning to face me Samantha said you are going to get your balls sucked , each lady will suck your balls for exactly 15 minuets, bringing the total time to 45 minuets.

I hope for your sake you hold out since you claim you can hold for at least 50 minuets.
Please begin Jan Samantha now instructed as she set her watch

Jan Holm, dropped down in front of me between my well spread legs. Immediately she started sucking on my left ball. This was a new feeling and experience for me it was a little pain full but as I adjusted the sensations I experienced made me gasp.

Sitting watching my balls sucked by this police woman in her business suit the large mirrors on the wall reflecting her lovely legs and the other women watching. I groaned a little then managed to get control of myself.

The fifteen minuets seemed to last for ever then a small bleep from Samantha’s watch as she said Margaret please continue.

Margaret straight away took both my balls into her mouth. Again I gasped involuntary saying please Miss then a couple of oh ohs before relaxing into it.

Just at that time a young girl appeared with short brunette hair wearing a maids uniform. Her skirt was short black .She was pushing a trolley with tea refreshments on it.

Are Kate there you are Samantha said on seeing her.
We have just started a warm up on this collage boy.
.At the moment he is getting his balls sucked, he has taken about twenty minuets so far. Interesting is it not the male anatomy. Most would not last two minuets five at the most.

This one is a freak of nature, I hope is capable of taking 45/ 50 minuets of this .He had better do so or I shall give him a good whipping.
Now we shall have tea thank you Kate.
I watched as Kate left the room my cock was now throbbing.

Suddenly Samantha was addressing me what would you like tea coffee orange juice water.

As if the most natural thing although getting my balls well sucked.

I answered tea, with milk no sugar thank you.

It was Miss Jacks who passed me a cup of tea saying here you are.
So I sat there squirming. drinking tea as hot beautiful was sucking my balls.

As Samantha now with a cup of tea in her hand engaged me in conversation.
I can see its having effect now she said you are flushing up and your cock is really hard.
But you need to pay more attention.

Look at Margaret’s nice legs her short green skirt can you smell her perfume. Do you like what you see.?

You desperately want to spunk don’t you, so much that it hurts. Tell me that it hurts you naughty boy. ?

Yes Miss I said it hurts but I fear the whipping I would get if I lose control.

Good smiled Samantha you are at least beginning to learn basics

.Do you like my riding outfit she smiled.?

Yes I said its very nice.

Why do you think I am wearing it she said.?

I don’t know Miss I answered.

Just then her watch bleeped. Miss Jack please continue the administration.

Miss Jacks now started sucking my left ball but it was the use of her lips / tongue, that got to me.

I gasped oh Oh Please Miss I managed to hold back but I was in agony and groaning more so as I kept looking at Miss Jacks seamed black stockings short skirt.

Yes that’s what we want to see said Samantha as I shaking took anther drink of my tea.

Samantha addressing me directly said, ,( now, how does feel if you let it go I will string you up , give you a whipping with one of my single tail whips, bare bottom back thighs.)

Oh Miss it really hurts now. I will hold please don’t whip me.

Well we will see said Samantha.

Now where were we oh yes you don’t know why I am wearing my favorite riding outfit.
Ok I will answer that.
Riding out fits are meant for riding . When your balls have been well sucked are swollen/with your cock throbbing we are going for a ride on my horse.

But I don’t see a horse I spluttered.

You stupid boy it’s a wooden horse behind those screens.
I did not answer as I had flopped back on the table grinding my teeth as Miss jacks sucked in both of my balls.

Fortunately the bleep of Samantha’s watch saved me from losing control in the nick of time.

I now watched as they removed the leg restraint.

Time for the horse Samantha. almost whispered

Turning walking towards the screens at the other end of the basement.

I followed Samantha. In front Margaret Miss Jacks, behind me Jan holm

The effect of the hard prolonged ball sucking. The sight of their short skirts legs, was really getting to me.
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