Used Wife II

A follow on from my wife’s filthy encounter in a public toilet where she was used by several strangers.

Last month I attended a conference which was boring but the upside was that partners and wives could stay too. The company had provided the hotel accommodation and a party on the last evening with a meal and free bar.

The wife dressed to impress in a short black cocktail dress, black bra, black seamed pantyhose and black high heeled shoes. Her dress was too snug for stockings or for her to wear any panties. We sat at a large round table with the other guests who all had the wives or girlfriends with them except for one guy who appeared to be on his own and I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off my wife. I could see him almost leering at her. I thought this could be another chance to see my dirty slut of a wife be used again by a stranger. As the evening progressed my sexy bitch was feeling the affects of the wine which was slowly but surely making her tipsy. Once she has had too much to drink she is very accommodating in doing whatever I demand of her.

People started to drift away as the evening came to a close but the guy on our table was still eyeing her up and down. I introduced myself and struck up a conversation whilst my slut of a wife sat on my lap drinking even more wine. I suggested that we take our drinks back to our room where the three of us could help ourselves to the mini bar.

I had to virtually carry my wife to the lift as she was struggling to walk in her very high shoes due to the wine with the stranger called Phil in tow. We got to our room and I plonked the wife on the bed whilst Phil fixed us some more drinks from the mini bar. Phil handed out the drinks and we chatted about our jobs, homes, life experiences etc. Phil sat in a chair right opposite my wife who was sat on the edge of the bed sipping a Martini. Phil was looking straight up her dress at her long sexy nylon legs. It wasn’t long before the Martini finally tipped my wife over the alcohol edge causing her to lay back on the bed with her legs slightly open and d****d over the edge making it easier for Phil to get a good eyeful. I gave her a nudge and told her to wake up but it was no use she had passed out.

I said I have to take a leak and said to Phil to fix us two another drink. I took my time and left him alone with my d***k passed out wife. I deliberately left the bathroom door open and when I had finished I looked through the gap between the door and the frame. I saw Phil on his knees in front of my passed out wife looking straight up her dress. Excellent he has taken the bait. I walked back in to the room and before Phil could move back to his chair I asked him if he liked what he saw i.e. the view of my wife’s long nylon legs? Phil was immediately apologetic and started to get up. I said stay where you are, in fact why not part her thighs and stick your head up her short dress? Phil looked shocked that I had offered him a chance to put his head up my d***ken wife’s dress. Once I reassured him again that it was fine he wasted no time in doing just that. Both hands on her nylon thighs he parted her legs and slowly moved his head up under her dress. Why not lick her pussy through her pantyhose I said she isn’t wearing any panties. I could hear muffling coming from up under her dress and Phil’s head moving up and down. The wife did not move she was out cold. I went to my bag and grabbed the camera. I was going to record us both using this bitch and then show her the next morning.
I set up the camera then sat back with a drink watching a stranger with his head up my wife’s dress licking her shaved nylon pussy. After about five minutes Phil removed himself from under her dress, stood up and started to unzip himself. Phil said can I jerk on your wife? I said sure but don’t spunk on her, not yet. Phil took out his cock and stared down at my wife stroking all the while. He put a hand up her dress and started to rub her nylon legs. I moved on to the bed and rolled her over on to her front. I reached for the zip on the back of her dress and undid it down to her waist. Pulling her back over on to her back I eased the top of her dress down exposing her big black bra and tits. I placed her arms above her head, she didn’t even flinch she was out cold. Phil and I knelt on the bed either side of her and started to rub our cocks over her bra and tits leaving a trail of slimy pre-cum on the protruding cups. Phil even reached right over and rubbed his rock hard cock on her face. I could see he was going to cum. I said hey lets pick her up and bend her over the chair we can take turns with her nylon ass? Phil agreed and I placed a pillow on the top of the chair so it would be comfortable for the bitch as she was going to be there a while and I didn’t want her to wake up, not just yet.

We carefully laid her over the back of the chair; she looked a fucking slut with the top half of her dress down, bra and tits on show together with her lovely big round ass sticking out. I moved the camera so that I could film her being used. Right Phil I said lets take turns using her big round ass and nylon legs. I said you can not fuck her, just jerk and rub her. Phil agreed and with his cock out shoved it straight up her dress. He grabbed her hips and started to rub his cock on her nylon ass. I could see the shape of his cock through her dress going back and forth. I sat back and started jerking off watching my d***k passed out slut of a wife being humped up her dress through her pantyhose. My turn I said. Phil backs away. I grab my cock and start at her nylon calves and work my way up leg fucking her like a dog all the way up to the back of her firm thighs rubbing my cock and balls on her as I go. The tip of my cock spilling pre-cum as I hump her nylon legs. I grab the hem of her dress and pull it up exposing her fabulous round nylon ass. Phil is dying to get at her so I move over to one side. We each now have a nylon leg and her big ass to play with. With her shaven nylon pussy now fully exposed I tell Phil to finger her, push her pantyhose up her cunt, make her cum! Phil starts out slow gently easing two fingers up her cunt at the same time jerking his cock and slapping her ass with it. The bitch is out cold and has two guys fingering her and wanking off on her at the same time. Enough! Time to spunk on her I said. I told Phil that we had to cum blast her nylon ass and drench her in sperm. Get jerking lets do the slut, the bitch, the fucking cum dump. I want this fucking whore used! Phil needed no further encouraging as he had been waiting to spunk on her all night. We both stood behind her and enjoyed the view of her bent over dress pulled up pantyhose about to be creamed. Phil started grunting then spilled his spunk all over her nylon ass, a flood of white gooey mess flowed down the back of her nylon thighs. That was enough for me and I spewed large wads of hot sperm all over her other ass cheek and it too splashed down the back of her other nylon leg. The fucking bitch was covered in jizz. Phil I said why not wipe your cock clean in her hair, he did just that, wrapping her hair around his cock squeezing the last drops off spunk from his cock. He did so with a sneer. Phil said thanks for letting me use your bitch I was dying for a wank all evening. I said your welcome glad you enjoyed it, maybe next time we will carry her in to the bathroom and piss on her too?

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6 months ago
would so love to do that to her myself and more if you where up for it too
9 months ago
Great story. Would love to do that to a woman. Wish there was picks of that event if true.
9 months ago
Fantastic fun story.